Mike Morhaime Interview @ The Daily Beast

A quick interview with DiabloWikiMike Morhaime that starts off seemingly via Twitter (judging by the length of the answers) but that opens up as it progresses. Not much about D3 in it, but here’s a quote:

What’s Blizzard’s secret? Why is Diablo III selling so well?
There are a lot of fans of the Diablo series out there … The response has really exceeded our expectations.

How involved were you on the creative end?
I was involved in the initial discussions on whether we should even make the game. I played a lot of it prior to release and provided feedback, but I really want to give credit to the team.

So there was a point when the record-breaking game might not even have gotten made?
We had to build off a small corps of developers. At that time, World of Warcraft was really taking off. So we had to make some decisions about whether we could provide the proper attention to the Diablo franchise.

What’s your favorite part of the franchise?
I really love the combat in Diablo. You have to work to stay alive. I like the twitch-based action–and of course, playing with my friends.

What’s your favorite part of the franchise? Mine used to be Tyrael nagging me about showing up too late to stop one of the Prime Evils from doing something or other, but in Diablo III the Prime Evils have taken over that task themselves, usually via hologram. I sure hope that in D3X we’ll get constant nagging video messages from Imperius, or Adria, or maybe the ghost of Deckard Cain.

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19 thoughts on “Mike Morhaime Interview @ The Daily Beast

  1. “but in Diablo III the Prime Evils have taken over that task themselves, usually via hologram”
    I lol’d, nice work Flux.

    Anyway I’ll get in here before we all troll Morhaime’s interview to death. Sometimes I think the interviewers fanboy-out, and spend a whole article hi-fiving the guys who made one of their favorite franchises, when there are actually a couple of glaring issues with the game at the moment that could be discussed.

    the daily beast: How totally awesome is Daiblo 3!?
    Morhaime: It’s s0000o totally awesome.

  2. Haha, I like the “nagging” holograms. Otherwise I find it easy to forget who it is that I’m actually facing.

    • I would disagree on the “like” part, but I think the last sentence of your comment is very much the reason for that feature in the game. WoW players have told me much the same design was applied to that game in recent years, with constant in-game reminders of who the big boss is, leading up to the eventual battle.

      • It worked differently in WoW though. In the Wrath of the Lich King you’d often see the main villian pop up during quests, but it would be more like the Skeleton King in appearance and story telling. Nothing like the act 3 and 4 crazyness of D3. In the last WoW expansion I’d say we don’t really see as much of the villian at all anymore. You mostly see what he caused. In the next expansion there will be even less of a center of attention.

        I don’t see many ideas from WoW in D3, maybe that’s even a shame for some things. Some critisism is (finally) also gravitating towards that: that WoW isn’t just suck – and it got some things right. It really looks to me like the D3 team spend 4 years polishing act 1 – and just thought “fuck it – lets ship” after that.

        As a side note… Am I the only one who thinks “I wish you would piss off and turn into Diablo already” every time Leah opens her stupid mouth?

  3. The prime evils really should read up on the popular media “don’t do this if you are evil and want to survive guide.” Act all invincible and still take the time to continuously taunt the hero is a big no-no.

  4. I really love the combat in Diablo. You have to work to stay alive. I like the twitch-based action–and of course, playing with my friends.

    Unless ofc you live in AUS where you can’t really play twitch based as THE FUCKING LAG KILLS YOU 50% of the time cause you can’t react to anything the mobs do.  Only way to play is a pre planned kite shooting shit offscreen FUN FUN.

    Does Azzure still believe in the magical latency algorithm?  You guys should really refute that blog he did cause it makes ya all look like morons.

    • You’re not alone. I’m getting the same **** here on the U.S. East Coast. 300-2000ms on average. I don’t get it. WOW never had these lag issues for me and you’d think since it’s the same company there wouldn’t be these problems.

      • im playing fine on US servers here from Europe, with 200’ish ping.
        Dont blame Blizzard for your shitty ISP

  5. Id like to know how the game went through all the blizz team and got the OK about the storytelling, nagging, and voice acting.

  6. Man, what’s with all the sourness around here? The game has it’s issues but the only one that seems broken and can’t be fixed the online-only requirement. Itemization will be fixed, xpacs will add content, storyline can be skipped. Heck, if they ever relented and allowed (not happening I know) then this game would be awesome down the line.
    Personally, I’ve been playing diablo 1/2 since back in college and I think D3 when all is said and done will be better than either of them. Give it time people.

  7. “I sure hope that in D3X we’ll get constant nagging video messages ..”
    When you’re in Act 4 of D3, and you’re clearing out the pathways of Heaven, there’s some no name angel who says something like, “How dare you trespass this Holy Place!” 
    I always wondered if he was talking to the invading demons or to me 
    Like, even though I’m there to help, he still has to get uppity about me being there

    • Well Look at Izual. He’s all, “you’re here to save us from demons but I’m going to kill you anyway!”


  8. I love how they made a ‘twitch-based game’ whereby the most critical thing that affects that aspect of the game happens to be latency lol.

  9. Who cares about that Morhaime has to say these days, just fix the issues so you can actually make the game have some longevity. At this rate, they will be lucky if people last 6 months then leave.

  10. My favorite part of the franchise was being 12 or 13 and playing Diablo 1 for the first time, followed closely by being around 18-19 and playing D2 for the first time. Diablo 3 unfortunately can’t make me 12 or 18 again… now that I have “responsibilities” and time flies by at an almost audible speed, I can’t enjoy the games the same way. Hopefully D4 will send electrical signals to my brain to trick me into thinking I’m 12 again.

  11. Nowadays this type of interview are pointless. This guys will say that their games are great not even playing them.

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