A quick interview with DiabloWikiMike Morhaime that starts off seemingly via Twitter (judging by the length of the answers) but that opens up as it progresses. Not much about D3 in it, but here’s a quote:

    What’s Blizzard’s secret? Why is Diablo III selling so well?
    There are a lot of fans of the Diablo series out there … The response has really exceeded our expectations.

    How involved were you on the creative end?
    I was involved in the initial discussions on whether we should even make the game. I played a lot of it prior to release and provided feedback, but I really want to give credit to the team.

    So there was a point when the record-breaking game might not even have gotten made?
    We had to build off a small corps of developers. At that time, World of Warcraft was really taking off. So we had to make some decisions about whether we could provide the proper attention to the Diablo franchise.

    What’s your favorite part of the franchise?
    I really love the combat in Diablo. You have to work to stay alive. I like the twitch-based action–and of course, playing with my friends.

    What’s your favorite part of the franchise? Mine used to be Tyrael nagging me about showing up too late to stop one of the Prime Evils from doing something or other, but in Diablo III the Prime Evils have taken over that task themselves, usually via hologram. I sure hope that in D3X we’ll get constant nagging video messages from Imperius, or Adria, or maybe the ghost of Deckard Cain.

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