Mike Morhaime Addresses Diablo players

mike morhaime diablo 3 updateEarly this morning DiabloWikiMike Morhaime wrote up a lengthy reply to all DiabloWikiDiablo players. In it he covers the success of the game and mistakes in the first few weeks. He also recognizes mistakes made since launch, and outlines intentions for the game moving forward.

With the forums over run with vitriol, CM’s MIA, and Jay Wilson dropping off the face of the earth, it was nice to see an update on a game we know has a lot of potential.

Dear Diablo Players, Now that Diablo III has been out for two months, I would like to take a step back and discuss the launch, the feedback from the community, and talk about what the future holds for the game.

We’ve had an enormous amount of feedback since the launch. I speak for everyone at Blizzard when I say that we appreciate the passion and affection many of you have for the Diablo series. We truly believe “Every Voice Matters,” so I want to thank you for sharing your experiences in an effort to help us improve the game. Your support makes it possible for us to continue doing what we do, and we never take that for granted.

The launch week of Diablo III was memorable for many reasons — some positive, and some not so positive. We were thrilled that Diablo III had the biggest PC-game launch ever, surpassing the lifetime sales of Cataclysm (the previous record holder for biggest PC-game launch) in a matter of weeks. We’ve been floored by the response.


The full post after the bump

However, the launch had many challenges as well. It has always been difficult to forecast how many players we will have. With World of Warcraft, it was a challenge to handle the immediate demand when we launched back in 2004, and that was just in North America. We eventually expanded to other regions and reached nearly 5 million players by the end of the first year, and there were a lot of growing pains with that. However, we’ve never gone from 0 to more than 6 million players across multiple continents within a few days with a brand-new game. For Diablo III, we looked at historical sales for Blizzard games and other top-selling PC games and watched preorder numbers. We even upped our estimates to ensure we had additional capacity, or so we thought. In the end, it just wasn’t enough, and that is something we will work hard to conquer for future releases.

In response to the immediate and overwhelming demand for the game, the team worked around the clock to support all regions, increase capacity, ship additional hardware to our datacenters, and troubleshoot and fix bugs as they sprang up. While things have by and large been running smoothly for several weeks now, various game-related issues have come up that we have either already responded to or are continuing to investigate (such as the latency issue some of you are experiencing) and make adjustments for. Rather than address every subject individually, I’ll just say that even as we work to address or resolve current issues, it’s always possible that further issues will crop up. We hope that our actions in the past have demonstrated that above all else, we’re committed to delivering an awesome game experience, and we hope you’ll have faith that we will continue to keep that commitment and respond to any new or outstanding issues quickly.

We are not satisfied with breaking launch records; we want people to continue playing and enjoying Blizzard games for a very long time.

The Diablo III team has made an epic, entertaining, and beautiful gaming experience. That being said, we know that it isn’t perfect. Our teams are working hard to improve the game balance, build on our design, and listen to what players are saying to make it the best game it can be.

You’ve seen some of that work already in DiabloWikiPatch 1.0.3, and you’ll see additional improvements with patch 1.0.4. On the game balance front, this update will contain changes designed to further deliver on the team’s goal of promoting “build diversity,” with buffs to many rarely used, underpowered class abilities. Another topic we’ve seen actively discussed is the fact that better, more distinct Legendary items are needed. We agree. Patch 1.0.4 will also include new and improved Legendary items that are more interesting, more powerful, and more epic in ways you probably won’t be expecting.

We’re also working on a number of interface updates, including social improvements that will allow players to more easily view their friends’ achievements, more quickly join games, and more efficiently communicate with each other. In addition, we’ll be making updates to the auction house in the future to provide players with better information through tooltips and notices, offer improved search functionality, and more.

Regarding the real-money auction house, our primary goal for including this in the game was to provide convenience and peace of mind for those players who might otherwise turn to third-party services to buy items. Black market trading sites can put accounts at risk and create many customer service challenges. We felt that the players themselves also deserved the opportunity to benefit from the extra loot they found, as opposed to having all of the benefit go to the black market/illegal trading organizations. We know the auction house isn’t perfect, but with your help and feedback, we’ll be able to continue making it a better experience for those who choose to use it. On the flipside, we are also committed to ensuring you have a great experience with Diablo III without feeling like the auction house is mandatory, which was never our intention. Thank you for all the feedback about that.

One other common topic we’ve seen in the forums is the always-connected experience, and the perception that the online requirement is nothing but an ineffective form of copy protection that has already been cracked. While we’ve never said that this requirement guarantees that there will be no cheating or game cracks, it does help us battle those problems (we have not found any fully functional cracks). More important to us is that the online requirement is critical for the long-term integrity of the game experience. I fully understand the desire to play Diablo III offline; however, Diablo III was designed from the beginning to be an online game that can be enjoyed with friends, and the always-online requirement is the best way for us to support that design. The effectiveness of the online elements — including the friends list and cross-game communication; co-op matchmaking; persistent characters that you can use by yourself, with others, and in PvP; and some of our customer support, service, and security components — is tied directly to the online nature of the game. These and other online-enabled features are essential to our design for Diablo III. That said, there are still improvements we believe we can make to expand the online experience and make co-op play even more rewarding, and this will remain one of our priorities moving forward. Overall, while there are some downsides to the online-only approach, I still believe this was the best long-term decision for the game.

I know many of you are also looking forward to patch 1.1, our PvP update, which will provide new experiences and give you a whole new way to apply the skills you’ve picked up while battling demons. This patch will also build on the social and auction house changes I mentioned above, and the team will continue to fix bugs and further tune game balance as well.

We’re also working on a gameplay system that will provide players who have max-level, high-powered characters new goals to strive for as an alternative to the “item hunt.” We’re not ready to get into specifics just yet, but I can say that we’re actively taking your feedback into account as we plan out the future of the game.

As always, we appreciate your candor and passion. Your constructive feedback and thoughts are valuable — they will continue to help us be a better company. I just want to reiterate that while we can’t claim to have ever shipped a perfect game, we are committed to supporting our games relentlessly and making improvements where we can. Thank you for your support.

Mike Morhaime

What could the legendaries have on them that would exceed your imagination? What ideas do they have in store for max level characters?Do we still need to argue over the online only requirement? Let us know your thoughts on Mike’s response in the comments below!

Update: And if that wasn’t too much reading someone has posted a translation in the general forum – a ‘What Mike Real Meant‘ translation of his update – if you struggle with humour then avoid reading it. ~ Elly

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    202 thoughts on “Mike Morhaime Addresses Diablo players

        • Maybe not drop rates in general, but chances of finding a legendary and/or set items could use some buffing. I think most would agree, looking at their stacks of set and legendary items (0/5 for me personally on 150 hours of gameplay)

          • I have about 150 hours of game time and had 3 legendaries and 3 set items drop for me. Luck of the draw.

            • I started playing D2 recently again and had 3 sets and 3 uniques by act 3 of normal difficulty :/

            • 150 hours, 1 nagel ring, one pox fauldis, and one orange monk helm (cant remember its name.) I know in D2 that I very rarely made it through act 1 and 2 without having several unique and set items to trade for the ones that I needed.

          • Ive had around 10-15 legendaries and 2 set pieces drop after maybe 160h playing (not logged on so not sure…) and it seems quite fine for me, if they would just buff the legendaries that need it. Wasn’t that fun to find azurewrath tbh 😮

            • The only time I’ve felt that the drop rates were fine was when I found 2 legendaries in 3 hours. That was a good day.

              The 8 other legendaries that took me an additional 197+ hours to find, on the other hand…

            • Somewhere in the neighborhood of 350 hours, 4 craptastic legendaries and 0 sets. Yes, I play too much and the drop rates suck.

          • I have dropped something like 5-6 legendary and 2 green(set) items so far.

            Seems pretty ok. The bad thing is they all were crap, although I sold some natalya boots easily.

        • Ehhh, legendary drop rates are pretty low! I have one character who is in Inferno, 1 mid-Nightmare, and one starting Nightmare. In total I have only found 4 legendary items and 2 of them were just this week. No set items or recipes ever. I think rares should be a little less common though.

          Also, legendarys are almost all awful so that makes the drop rate even more ridiculous.

        • I disagree the drop rates are terrible. When you are better off stacking gold find and just buying off the ah, there is a problem in my opinion.

        • Yeah? 150+ hours, 0 set items, 3 legendary items, 1 crappy blacksmith recipe for a rare 4 property shoulders, 0 jeweler recipes.

          At the moment it doesn’t exactly matter as most of these items are trash, but when the only item you are actually looking for is a yellow with a good roll the game gets boring extremely quickly in a dungeon crawler based around finding cool loot.

      • They said they want to have players less dependent on the AH, so that could be it.

        • This. It’s a single player with Co op choice. Finding more set parts motivates you to start a character to wear the parts. Better replay value, enhances longevity of the game which needs a boost as the post outlined.

      • No drop rates, but he did remind us four or five times about the epic, sales-record, incredibly amazing smashed all-time launch records.

        Forgot to apologize about getting rid of everyone at Bliz that had any experience in the ARPG genre, too.

        Did I mention the launch? It was HUGE!

      • Mike is mah man. We go back together. He used to sell tide. Now we kicking it big in game industry.

        On topic f u and you rates, shit will drop when Mike wants to drop some shit.

    1. When all shit hits the fan, michael morhaime comes out of woodwork to “assure” players

    2. I think it is nice to receive a letter like this. It was much needed.

      Also, I got a new Legendary that is surely not expected:
      Mike´s Legendary Buffing Post to Fans
      2-Hands really heavy Long Sword
      +10-20 unresolved bugs still in the works
      +2-3 more months for PvP
      +50 more features that would appear in expansion now on a regular patch (since we screwed up)
      +10.000 more servers since we had millions of pre-sales but couldn´t react
      Prevents players from quitting the game (Disables EXIT GAME FEATURE)

    3. Good to hear from Mike. Unfortunately my life has gone from waiting for D3 to be released to waiting for patch 1.04. Bunch of sadists!

      @Mavlow – I don’t think mike was trying to get “in the weeds” with a letter addressed to all of the players.

      • you better break that cycle sooner than later and just enjoy what you have now, otherwise you’ll be waiting for 1.0.4, then 1.1, then xpack, then D4 and so on, never happy…

      • Why wait? Despite its flaws, D3 has way more fun combat than any other ARPG out there.

        • Agreed. I really like it and I play almost daily. In fact, I like it so much, I have been called a white knight.

          What I am really getting as is that I believe it could be better, and that the proverbial “D2 baby” was thrown out with the bath water.

          • Test is easy.

            Play SC or HC : start from scratch. Don’t use the AH and get gear by drops or do crafting.

            You’ll find upgrades every few hours.

            Playing like this in HC and by redoing content, you’ll see that even redoing the same quest for 10 times in a row, you’ll find good drops that can replace things you wear.

            The problem is that people just want to blow through the game instead of leveling in a slow and fun way..

            No need to buy anything.

            D3 has decent drop rates if you don’t use the AH.

            Simple: do the test and start from scratch.

            • I agree… I got 1 of each char’s

              Barb: Lvl 60 – start of inferno act 2
              Wiz: Lvl 60 – end of hell act 4
              Monk: Lvl 60 – end of inferno act 1
              WD: Lvl 60 – start of inferno act 1
              DH: Lvl 59 – end of hell act 3

              Never used GAH nor RMAH (except when i bought some stacks of tomes of Jewelcrafting and Blacksmithing.. when game had just launched, what a waste of gold lol)

              I find upgrades often, but would like to see a bit more sets and legendaries drop i must admit (0 sets and 4 legendaries in roughly 150 hours)

            • …Except the content of the game itself is actually an obstacle to starting a new character, notwithstanding the aforementioned. Re-rolling toons is about as much fun as a charcoal suppository.

    4. Even if it is just corporate speak (something I understand FAR too well), vague communication is better than none at all in my book. I didn’t think changes to legendaries would hit in 1.0.4, so that is good news to me. Also very interested to see what skill changes they make. Of course there will be the normal nerf/buff whining by alot of people, but such is the nature of progress…

      • thats what jumped out to me also. i thought they said legendary changes were gonna be in the 1.1 patch so to get them early would be great

      • Bad news to me. >.>
        I was trying to get screenshots of every legendary item (while they’re cheap and useless). So close, too. 🙁

        I have a thread stickied in the general forum if anyone wants to help out. I need almost all of the high-end sets. I have only completed tal rasha’s.

          • I think he means a screenshot on the character. You know what they could do is implement a CTRL+Click function which displays a non-purchased item on your character as it works in WoW. It would certainly make RR’s task a lot easier.

            • It would also be a great feature in general. It was awesome in WoW and I would love to see it in D3. Expansion, perhaps?

        • dont worry they said that the items that already exist are not going to change so you should be able to get loads at silly low prices… (Unless they found a way of improving every items stats without re-rolling the item)

      • He mentioned the social aspect and playing with friends, but nothing about improving that portion of the gameplay. As it is right now, there is no reason to play with a friend unless it is too easy for both of you to solo. Grouping increases the HPs of the enemy so hugely that two players unloading on a champ pack will never kill as quickly as they could individually.

        The changes mentioned in 1.0.4 sound nice, but he touted 1.0.3 as a success when in fact you see many players complaining about how the game has only become worse. Not just from repair costs, but from quality of loot drops and other issues.

        • Actually this is not correct. Doubling the players from 1 to 2 does less than double the HP of the mobs, so 2 players can kill mobs more quickly than 1 player with the added benefit that players’ builds can complement each other for even faster/safer killing.

          • In inferno the monsters have 115% or 140% (don’t remember exactly) more health per player

        • Yes he did; “…make co-op play even more rewarding…”. I hope they do add some benefits to co-op play. But even now, with the higher-than-double HP, a tank character with a ranged character can probably kill monsters faster than either alone.

    5. What does the last bit mean I wonder?

      ….gameplay system that will provide players…new goals to strive for as an alternative to the “item hunt.”

      More achievements or something more elaborate than that?

      • Something more elaborate than achievements, probably a new system of some kind. Sure hope it’s not daily quests.

      • Probably 5-man raids or something… It’s not like they know how to put any unique systems in the game… 😛

      • Ideally it’s something to do that isn’t just RNG dependent. Even something simple, like a “chanllenge” or “horde mode” that awarded high amounts of gold for surviving for a long time would have dramatic impacts on the game playability and economy.

    6. Does that mean that the legendary buff was moved from patch 1.1 to 1.04, or am I misinterpreting that?

    7. I feel like this is the typical post that I’ve grown used to seeing from Mike on the WoW state of the game. This time, I’ve lost interest. It’s unfortunate because I was a huge fan of Diablo, and I just have no interest to play with the “state of the game”. Maybe that’ll change, I certainly hope so.

      • This is how I feel as well.

        In fact, D3 is currently not installed on my computer. SSD space is quite limited. I hope they give me a reason to whip out the CE again and re-install the game.

        Not gonna get my hopes up again though.

      • +1

        The best way I can describe my feelings for the game is that I’m just bored enough by it not to play anymore. That didn’t happen with d2 for several years.

        Perhaps it’s because I’ve aged, or perhaps it’s because I CANNOT get past 3rd quest on act 3, even tho I’ve got, what I would say, killer gear. But then again, every piece comes from the AH, so where’s the fun anyway?

        • Dude, there are videos on Youtube of people completing that quest with relatively cheap gear.

    8. I’m taking a “believe it when I see it approach” to this entire thing. Extraordinary claims, extraordinary evidence, carl sagan, a billion billion etc.

      • This is just a typical exec response to fans when things go very bad. Especially after they acquired more servers because of the launch and now all of those servers are empty 🙂

        I said a long time ago, there would be fastest-selling pc game records but in the same time much hate from the communtiy because of the poor item system and customization. They can’t fix customization and implement “real builds” with patches.

        After 1.0.4, Blizzard will get very desperate to release 1.1 and PvP.

        IMO, D3’s failure is normal and very expected. Cause and effect.

    9. they better fix the bugs and make some nice endgame stuff instead of those stupit pvp s hit

      • No matter how much you come on here to cry and whine that people like pvp and hardcore, you can’t change the fact that PVP IS THE GAME for a lot of people.

        • yeah, pvp as much as hc.
          for a lot of ppl, and you should better respect that, poliosi.

          if you want to bit*h and moan then about them not delivering a complete game with fundamentally questionable gameplay design decisions.
          in which claim i would 100% support you.

        • And no matter how much you support pvp you have to remember that for a lot of people, it is a gimmick.

          • Whatever you say, dude.
            People continue playing CoD for years on end because it’s a gimmick. And LoL. And any other PVP game. Right. Gotcha.

            • Primarily, D3 is a PvE (item driven) game.

              No one is saying you cannot enjoy PvP, however PvP will not change PvE and hence will not fix D3’s primary problems. Thus, it could be seen as a distraction or a gimmick.


            • Sure, dude, you could go that route if you were making the wildly insane assumption that PVP is supposed to fix PVE? Whatever that means.

            • I was more insinuating that of those that play D3 (a PvE game), a lot are not interested in PvP at all and you cannot just dismiss that portion just as you cannot dismiss those in favor of PvP.

              I played up the ranks of PvP in RIFT, but I am not really interested in PvP in D3 because of underlying problems with the items. Since items are farmed in PvE, PvP seems like a bandaid solution (at this stage) to take heat off PvE for a while – I hope this clears things up a bit.

              In my OP I was speaking specifically about D3 and not other RPG’s or PvP titles, which I thought was more or less obvious given that this is a thread about Diablo 3.

    10. I wish they’d show us one cool new legendary so we aren’t built up to a letdown in 1.04. I’m personally working on Gem patterns, leveling other classes to 60 and stockpiling for 1.04

    11. Fixing legendary items alone won’t really fix anything because drop rates suck. Drop rates for legendaries/set items need to go up substantially. I never had a single set item drop in over 120+ hours of playing. That is unacceptable for a Diablo game.

      The game is also too linear with very little randomization. This leaves very little incentive to play the short game continuously.

      • Drop rates are fine, I’ve found 6 legendary / set items in my 150 hours of time. I found two of those legendaries whilst leveling.

        • I’ve gotten about 20 legendaries to drop. Not a single set item. No set item patterns. That makes set items worthless for leveling just like in D2.

          And I’ve put in over 300 hours.

          Drop rates are not fine.

          • Set items were actually one of the things I liked the most about D2, mostly because Blizzard IMHO managed to find a good balance between their power and drop rates. Sure, you pretty much never managed to complete full sets while leveling up, but thanks to partial set bonuses you didn’t really have to, and since many of of those partial set bonuses scaled with character level you could hang on to them for quite some time. They were what they (and legendaries) should’ve been in D3 – an alternative item type that you encounter while leveling up.

          • Agreed. When talking about set / legendary items, it’s indeed not fine.

            Rare item drop rates are “fine.” One problem though is rare item quality is not “fine.” That is to say, rare items are too often utter trash, and instead of it being a measure of “is this item better than that one.” It’s more of a “this item is 250 dps ilvl 63 wtf?”

            So drop rates for rares, are technically fine. Maybe even a little high.

            But I’m also with you on legendaries. They are NOT fine. They are utter garbage. Add on the randomness of legendaries (yay for a +DH skill on my stormshield!) and you have a recipe for frustration.

            I have gotten 1 set item. Natalya’s worthless hand xbow. ugh.

        • 6 items in 150 hours ? 😆

          25 hours per item is not fine

          that means if I can only play 3 hours a day, I have to play an entire week between each item
          we aren’t talking about high level runes, we’re talking about legendaries and set items
          they should drop more often

          • I hope Blizz doesn’t go overboard with legendaries. If they drop like flies AND are very powerful, the item hunt is not going to improve.

            • Agreed; it would be like D2 where everyone would be looking for said legendaries, and getting them fairly easily, and the game would die out in 2 years.

        • I’ve found zero Legendary and zero Set items in 150 hours of play. However, even if I were to have found the six you did, that is still a number that is entirely too low–especially when compared to Diablo 2. In Diablo 2, players are rewarded at least one unique/set item from pretty much all boss battles, not to mention the 3ish (if not more) that drop per act on the first play through. Did you even play Diablo 2?

          • I would like to hear some D3 dev talk honestly about unique/set drop rates. Why they set them so amazingly low.

            It would almost make sense if those items were indeed fantastic and overpowered, so when you found one you were just amazed and blown away and it changed how your character played. In that case you could see why they had to be so scarce and hard to find, plus if they were common they’d flood the AH and drive down the prices of good rare items to nothing. (Which has kind of happened anyway, with the massive quantities of rares that drop with NV stacked up.)

            But instead we’ve got unfindable uniques and sets, and they’re 95% junk when you find them anyway! It makes me wonder if the fan reaction to those itesm would be better or worse if they were common. Would we all be even more bitter that their stats sucked if we were finding one every hour or two of play time, instead of every 50 hours?

            • AH design point of view, double the drop rates and they lose all value.

              Drop rates are good right now. When they make each legendary useful, higher drop rate would make people to ignore all rares. It would be D2 all again..

            • You are making a ton of assumptions. You are assuming that a legendary would easily be the best in every slot for every class for every build.
              You are also assuming that each legendary will be useful and there won’t be any “bad” legendaries. That legendaries can’t have bad rolls. You’re just flat-out wrong.

              If legendaries are boosted and are actually usable, the market will remain much as it is now for rares. There’ll just be a small shift.

      • Yeah, the stats are only a small part of the problem with D3’s itemization. Still, they have to start somewhere and it’s better that they buff the stats early and fix the drop rates later than the other way around. There’s not much fun in finding legendary/set items when you know they’re about to become obsolete due to a future non-retroactive stat buff.

        • IMO the stats are at the heart of the problem with D3 itemization.

          The fact is they did a horrible job balancing them, and they made them way too limited, and made the way items choose stats far too random. In other words, there are far too many ways to get useless loot because of the way the stat system works. For example: + health globe, +life regen +lightning resist +Gold pickup radius +Thorns

          When in reality any item without +Primary stat +Resist all is (almost) de-facto worthless.

          Fixing it so that a larger poriton of the items have desireable stats on them would shift how players and the market works. Instead of people looking for the super rare item with +res all +primary +crit +vit, they could instead focus on the ranges of those various stats, letting the quality of the mods on the item dictate the price, rather than just letting the fact that it has the right mods make it de-facto worth a lot.

          Anyway that’s part of what I think. I agree more needs fixed, but the item system at its core is broken. Particularly if inferno is meant to be the metagame.

      • That’s the problem. Drop rates for individual players are super low, but if you go and search for a legendary in the AH it’s common to see dozens of pages filled with that item. As it is now (with the super low drop rates), the AH is going to get flooded with the new (powerful) legendaries in patch 1.0.4, prices are going to be low and prices for comparable similar rares are also going to go down in value.

        With everyone being connected through the AH, droprates actually feel too high right now. I don’t know how they want to achieve that: satisfy users by giving them better drops and keeping items valuable at the same time. Dilemma?

        • As I see it, the relative value of items is a complete non-issue. That only matters to Blizzard (revenue) and players who sell items. What really matters is the items’ relative power and the effect they have on character progression.

          Currently, the quality of items needed to beat the game is so high, and the drop rates for those items so low, that players feel like they have to use the AH in order to progress. Mike clearly states that this was never Blizzard’s intention, which implies that they’ll either improve item drops/crafting or lower the progression requirements. Whether or not that ends up devaluing items doesn’t really matter to most people. It’s far more frustrating to not be able to gear up on your own than it is to not find the items you’re able to sell. The less important the AH is, the better.

          Also, no, the current drop rates are absolutely not too high. Speaking as someone who’s never used the AH: the challenge shouldn’t be to *find* legendaries and sets, it should be to find legendaries and sets with good rolls and random affixes. The closer D3 is to D2 in this regard, the better.

          • I agree 100% with you. Particularly on your last point.

            I would add, though, that another value of legendary items that you can’t really quantify is that it is just exciting to get one to drop. It was exciting every time in D2 and they, in comparison, dropped like candy. It was rewarding, and it felt good as a player. We don’t have that now.

            Now one drops and you’re like “what the fuck is that thing on the ground?”.

            • i am only going to say so much: RR is completely right here.
              i, with as little as 60 hrs spend on D3, have to say: drops are shit. easy as that.
              havent found much that was up to the difficulty curve i am exposed to by myself.

              we desperately need awesome uniques – pardon me – LEGENDARYS and set items to make us continue playing.

              anybody remembers how possible it was to solo hell/hell with a pure dex/ias/cb/goldstrike ama? (yes, i am simplifying here) nothing special needed besides mid lvl items and a few mid/low lvl uniques.

              D3? not so much. i am stuck in hell/hell – and with no items that can fix the mess that is my character, there is little reason to pick up the game again. yes, i am 60 an i did grind hell, hell.
              cant blame all on items though, a LOT of the skills are useless besides cookie cutter build combos.

            • Risingred: I agree you, it is like being in Vegas playing slots and people get the same adrenaline when they spin close to win, but not just quite and that keeps them addicted.

              What comes to D2, it has useful items, even the lower level ones. Only few items were totally worthless. In D3 we don’t have that at the moment. It isn’t enough just to hunt near perfect affix rolls, when people know there is high chance legendaries to be crap anyway. This is same with high or low drop rate, just like with rares right now, but AH won’t be totally saturated.

              The best solution imo that has been proposed several time is to have fixed basic affix for each class depending item for eg if it meant to be Barbarian weapon or caster armor. Due design fails, all parts pretty much need amount of base stats and AR/higher armor values like 600. Then depending iLev have fixed ranges. If highest legendary is iLev62 have second highest or in some case highest ranges fixed depending stat.

              So you would know that legendary is always good, but would need close perfect rolls to be great but not still beat the best rares. This would every time bring some satisfaction when finding legendary and at least make some money.

              When you add special bonuses that legendaries have over rares, it makes them easily better than 99.98% iLev62/63 rares what you would find ever. When people count 1+1 they focus only legendaries just like in d2 even rares were quite often the best in slot.

          • “Speaking as someone who’s never used the AH: the challenge shouldn’t be to *find* legendaries and sets, it should be to find legendaries and sets with good rolls and random affixes.”

            This cannot be stressed enough.

    12. Bring back the socket quest type rewards. Tired of dumb 810 gold and crappy 55 rares and crappy blue drops as quest rewards. I personally had 3 legendaries drop for me in 2 consecutive A2 Inferno playthroughs last week, yet they all weren’t worthy of use even though they were all 62ilvl… Wish they could have made it retroactive. I don’t see anyone wanting to keep older versions of them. There are also not enough endgame Legendaries available. Wish class specific items always had that classes desired stat and that random affixes weren’t so random on certain set/legendaries.

      • Old level 60 req legendaries will sell for much much more once 1.04 is out, even though they’ll be even more worthless than before. Because you’ll be able to break them down into fb for the new legendary items.

      • I agree the Quest rewards could use some variety. Right now it’s
        1. Loot from whatever quest boss you killed
        2. Exp for the quest
        3. Gold for the quest

        Even if they ONLY made some characters say stuff like “Thank you, thanks to your help I was able to conjure these items for you” or something it would feel a bit more personal.

        But there’s also a fine line between quest reward variaty and usefulness. Right now you pretty much get all the stuff that’s usefull without too much imbalance. A quest of type “Name your item” would probably be met with criticism that it’s useless, even though it’s kinda cool from a customization perspective.

        Giving a socket quest would not fit into their whole “unlimited respec” philosophy because once you used the socket on an item, you’d feel bad if u found a better item. People would just save these services until they find a perfect item. If the socketing was a service, it would lead to a tedious cycle of always socketing a newly found item. It could work with a high cost though, or some similar system, like the very high level gems.

    13. I love how Mike says about massive flame and fire on forums “Your constructive feedback and thoughts”. Fingers crossed Mike, don’t screw this up.

      • There has been quite a bit. There were some really stellar forum threads with great suggestions in-between the flaming, white knightery, and general bnet trash.

    14. Little too late. They killed the Goose that laid the golden egg. I won’t get too into it, but they expected the community to swallow the new design limits with a smile, and it didn’t happen. Queue the backpedaling.

      “However, Diablo III was designed from the beginning to be an online game that can be enjoyed with friends.”

      Then why was CO-OP inferno and MF setup to completely discourage ever playing with your friends? Was that part of the design too?

      • Yeah, The developers made some really confusing decisions when making the game. I will never understand it…. They love punishing the player, then they wonder why it’s not fun to co-op.

        Not only is MF averaged, but the enemies are so much harder to kill. If you group up with another player thats weaker than you, it is even worse… Feels like your carrying them through the game, and wasting your time even more than you would have in single player. (Considering drop rates that are so horrid, your wasting your time always when playing D3) 🙁

        • Totally agree with you here. I can chain pull inferno leets in SP no problem.

          In MP I spend my time baby sitting while I get PM’ed compliments from tombstones.

    15. “We’re also working on a gameplay system that will provide players who have max-level, high-powered characters new goals to strive for as an alternative to the ‘item hunt.'”

      This is good (in theory), the game needs a “goal” that cannot be bought in the AH. I remain optimistic and hopeful for this new system but am keeping my expectations low.

      • Indeeed this stood out to me as well. It’s great to hear that this is on the drawing board for improvements and I’m curious to see what they actually whipped up in the month or so to create this extra bit of “end game” for players that have already “beat” the game. Ofcourse if they succeed on creating better sets and legendaries for D3 as that was a big part of D2’s end game as well then that could also help out a bit more with D3’s item hunt/ end game. Anyways glad to see something by Mike Morhaime, he is one of the original Blizzard people and even though he’s a CEO I feel like he’s still a dedicated gamer and does intend to set things right. But what I would really like to see him do is step in there and say “This shit looks like it was made for kids why did you all fuck this up make this shit scary” and so whichever higher up said “make the game look pretty” can go sit in the corner and bring the original Diablo atmosphere back – not this corny shallow childish game/story we have which to me would be great if they brought in the real horror and paranoia that D2 had.

    16. Above that all, they can’t patch some things that hold for years in D2, like imitation of dangerous huge and raw world where you feel alone (random environments), or mood (D1-D2 music) or those protoss motherships in act4… They could fix the animations though, it would be cool if DH or Zoo Keeper for example wouldn’t move like pinocchio.

    17. Oh well… I was never a fan of “online-only” approach but I can see it’s merit. I was never a fan of paying taxes either – it’s just something we have to live with. I was quite excited when I red, way before launch, that Blizzard has some new, miraculous system to make a latency problem irrelevant. Reality check – it’s not working or was never implemented. With my crappy internet connection I have the average ping rates of 1300 – 2000 ms. Yes, that’s one or two seconds between my click and my characters action. Of course it’s not Blizzards fault that I can’t afford a better provider but it still sucks that I can’t play one of my favourite games.

      • Don’t feel bad, you’re not missing much.

        Diablo 3 is a farcry from what D1 / D2 were.
        Imho, Torchlight 2 feels more like a Diablo game.

        • I respectfully disagree. I think the game itself is great. IMHO it retains a feel and atmosphere of the previous two almost perfectly. Of course it’s still “work-in-progress” much like D2 was before LoD expansion. It’s just all the corporate crap that’s annoying.
          I’m by no means Diablo buff. I’ve never killed Baal on nightmare. I don’t think I’ve put more than a few hundred hours in D2. But it still is one of my favourite games. Shortly before launch, just for kicks, I installed D1 to get a little nostalgia fix. And you know what? It looks and plays terrible. I still love it but we’re not in the nineties anymore…
          I firmly believe that Diablo 3 WILL become a great game. We just have to give it time to grow. But that’s just me.

    18. Mike is nowhere near close to eating enough crow. D3 is a really sad game, we all know it.

      • +1 token.

        Anyone who calls themselves a serious Diablo fan, cannot honestly say Diablo 3 is a great game. Especially when compared to previous installments….

          • Diablo 2 was a much better Diablo game, because:

            1. It was darker (A2 in particular) and did NOT have skeletons casting colourful projectiles.
            2. It did NOT punish non-experienced players who assigned skill and attribute points incorrectly.
            3. You could NOT duplicate items or use map hacks on closed battle.net.
            4. You could NOT lose characters for not logging in for 3 months.
            5. Act 4 was much MUCH longer than in D3.
            6. It was easier to buy items on eBay than on AH.
            7. You could join a public 8-player game where everyone stuck together, which provided for a nice, cooperative full party.
            8. You did NOT have to farm the end boss repeatedly for loot, you could farm anywhere.
            9. Diablo did NOT look like an oversized dog-frog when he was running.
            10. It allowed you to use Thawing, Stamina and Poison potions, some of the most useful items in the game.

            • Almost all your points are incorrect! Are you sure you have played D2 long enough to judge???

            • Your list is retarded. It’s okay if people don’t agree with you, you know that, right?

              Do you know what the list would look like for Diablo III? Exactly.

    19. He clearly doesn’t understand the extent of the fail he’s got on his hands. Where’s the stat overhaul? Where’s the monster modifier overhaul? I don’t really expect him to fix the plot of the game but it would show some good faith to overhaul that as well. The game is utterly broken as it is. They need to go back to the drawing board. Not just add a few tweaks. Luckily I already returned my copy, but I’m open to buying it again if they start over.

    20. As usual, the players are complaining, so let’s tell them what they want to hear. The RMAH was ALWAYS going to be necessary seeing that the drop rates are crap (100+hours and not one legendary or set has dropped). The always online IS a form of copy protection.

      But…let’s continue adding “social” features to the game *rolls eyes

    21. I imagine they’ll be rolling out Titan fairly soon, since they can’t milk the Starcraft, or Diablo names anymore after the disasters that were SC2 and D3.

      • “the disasters that were SC2 and D3”
        I’m speechless…man, where do people like you come from!

        • Some people base the success of a game on things other than how much money it makes. Take away the fact that they both made a lot of money, and that they both have a lot of people still playing for some reason(s?), and everything else is a disaster. Mangled lores, horrible storlines, piss poor voice acting and dialogue, dated graphics, archaic systems, pathetic support features, the list is virtually endless.

          • absolute nonsense. I’ll forego D3 discussion since it’s still a new game and there’s enough doscussion already.

            But SC2? There’s a reason why it’s the most popular eSport RTS. Have you played that game? Do you realise how much depth there is in itin multiplayer? Or did you play 5 games in bronze league and give up? The solo campaign has some of the best missions ever in an RTS, breaking the long-accepted paradigm of “build a base, build an army, annihilate the enemy”.

            You cannot dismiss a game for its artistic style (your comment on “dated graphics”). This has AWLAYS been a trademark of Blizz games – they were NOT technological marvels, they were never intended to be such. They focused on developing their unique artistic style and they succeeded.

            Same with voice acting – this is very much your personal opinion. I don’t exaclty know what you expect from these games – Hitchcock horrors or soemthing? They’re fine for what they are – telling stories accessible to a wide audience. They’re not overly childish yet not completely serious.

            Bar all, you said yourself “they both have a lot of people still playing” and that is ultimately proof that they are great and successful GAMES. Games are meant to be fun first and formost, and pretty much all off Blizz games have an extreme fun factor. This coming from a guy who puts a lot of value on good graphics and aspects other than fun alone (otherwise I’d own a Wii).

            • SC2 isn’t a huge esport now based on its own merits, it inherited a scene. The community wants to put a good face on it for the most part, but there is massive dissatisfaction with blizzard’s handling of SC2. They are getter better very very slowly. People now are looking to the expansion to fix all the problems. Sound familiar?

            • Token:

              I specifically said SC2 is the largest RTS eSport game, I know there are bigger non-RTS ones.

              “The community wants to put a good face on it for the most part, but there is massive dissatisfaction with blizzard’s handling of SC2. ”
              You make the “problem” look larger than it really is. Of course many people will have issues with SC2 and point out imbalances etc, but this is nothing unusual and often not a problem. You basically make it sound like PROFESSIONAL players don’t really like the game or think it’s good but play it 8+h/day to put good face on it. Is that what you mean by the “community”? Or do you mean other ppl, who’ew not pros, whining about units being imblanaced and unfair, without even knowing how they can be utilised effectively?

              I don’t want to make it sound like only PRO-gamers have a say in the game, but in case of SC2 most of the whining comes down to “My race always loses!” or “Unit X is imbalanced”, and if the tournament scene or statistics prove them wrong (often the case) then they are NOT right in their complaints. Just not that long ago, ppl were complaining that PvT is imbalanced in P’s favour, whereas stats showed there’s about 50/50 win ratio in the matchup. Anyway, I’m starting to go too much off-topic.

              Any issues non-related to gameplay or balancing, like story, voice-acting etc are very subjective and I don’t see how they’re a step backwards compared to Blizzard’s older games. They are different, but not necessarily worse.

            • I would say story for SC2 is worse than SC1. Aside from that though, SC2 has successfully killed SC1, now that even OSL is switching over (and that’s with KeSPA). I cannot see how any of this can be considered anything other than a great success. The dissatisfaction that comes with SC2 was mainly LAN. Most balance issues were fixed, and the community replaced much of the Blizzard maps with their own. (and *gasp* Blizzard actually put some of those on ladder)

              I guess the biggest failure of SC2 is that Blizzard only earned $100 from me for the Collector’s Edition, while GomTV earned over $300.

              Progamers hating SC2? There’s Idra, and he isn’t exactly performing lately, but I think that’s about it.

    22. Ahahaha, when CEO make statement like this about game it means they really lost lot of players/customers so now it’s time to fall on knees and beg for mercy 😉

    23. People keep saying drop rates drop rates, but Blizzard will do what they did in previous patches. They’ll increase the drop rate but lower the quality of what is dropped. I don’t want to find 2 legendary/set pieces an hour only to have utter trash rolls on them like I currently find with 99.99% of rares.

      Fix the item system. Make it so people can progress without blinking at the AH in a *reasonable* amount of time. IE: someone should complete the game with their first character from start til end of Inferno in 100 hours or less, with no AH usage. That is reasonable for a $60 title.

      For a game that is about items, noone sure is excited about drops. I’d rather only get 1-2 rares a run instead of 50-60, but have them always be useful at this point.

    24. Hm, interesting. This sweeping swipe of an update no longer mentions that the PvP-patch v1.1 was scheduled for a release very close to launch, sooooo much sooner than the end of the year, as was previously stated. Well, let’s wait and see.

      Also, the way their end-game content promise/statement is worded, Blizzard seems to be a bit far from reality in terms of handing that in later but still in time, before players *cough* start *cough* abandoning the game over a ‘not so positive’ experience, as they like to call it. =)

      One cannot help but wonder how many months of patching even the post-release content would eventually require, should they decide to rush in just the bare minimum systems in order to not break their promises while actually focusing on their other upcoming game releases at the same time.

      • Honestly they need to fix stuff like items before even thinking about releasing PVP.

        PVP would be a disastrous bomb if they released it with the current item system. I would go so far as to say that at high levels, it probably wouldn’t be even very fun, because it would be based completely on gear. This gear doesn’t augment your skill as a player, it replaces it.

        • Gear replacing player skill is one my biggest gripes currently, and PvP isn’t even in the game yet. Why is that if we have the gear to repeatedly run through Act 1 without dying, paying little to no attention to what we are doing, that with said gear and some caution and tactics we cannot play in Act 2 without getting owned by everything that looks our way? The same can be asked about progressing from Acts 2 to 3, and 3 to 4.

          Being forced to repeatedly farm an Act you have out-geared until you find upgrades that pass a gear-check for the next Act is completely stupid. In other words, if an Act is so easy that I can play it while asleep at the wheel, the subsequent Act should be playable if I’m awake and paying attention. Being awake, paying attention, and getting WTF owned at every turn when the prior Act is a complete joke… is bologna.

        • That is true.

          My point is, however, that people have basically played the game, find nothing more to do (no pvp, no prestige item hunt, boring achievement rewards, no fun in top-difficulty advancement) and seem to quit en masse. And that’s not only those people who buy and play a dozen games per month, beat them and take on another wild mix the next months; it’s players that eagerly awaited D3’s release for years, preordered the CE the minute is became available and stood ready to storm the servers at launch, hoping to perfect their characters over the coming months and years.

          At the same time, Blizzard themselves have to admit failures over failures in most ornate language, but seem to not be troubled about it at all or even in a hurry to fix any major issues. As they stated themselves a few weeks back: D3 is supposed to be a boxed finished product, not an MMO game supposed to be patched with essential system updates and developed further towards a finished state over years after its release.

          • Personally, I think they did not expect people to play as much as they did. What other game on this planet have people logging for 500 hours 2 months post launch? If people were to play ~1/2 as much and progress ~1/2 the rate, their fixes might have been completely in time.

    25. This might be a bit of a bad idea.

      But since we’re trying to get to work together 2 things that never will (better individual drops VS number of items hitting the Auction House), how about they give us a switch we can flip that dramatically increase drop rates but renders every item drop “account bound”?

      This way you have a choice of farming strictly for yourself with great droprates (no impact on the economy) or farming with far worse drop rates but where you can sell stuff on the Auction House / Trade.

      And since a lot (most) people will play with the switch turned on, even the drop rates with the switch turned off could become much higher while still maintaining the rate at which items enter the economy now.

      • Nice idea, but it would get a little convoluted due to the blacksmith. You could turn on the better drop rates, then breakdown all the legendaries you find into FB and sell that. Unless you made the crafting materials gained from account bound items ALSO account bound, but now you’re talking about two stacks of each crafting mat and it could get cumbersome.

        • Yes, you’re totally right about the crafting mats. Maybe account bound items could salvage into tier-1 or something. Of course that makes it so someone playing in high-drop mode can’t craft higher level items, but seeing how those are made from item drops and are tradable, maybe it’s not such a terrible thing.

    26. The Diablo III team has made an epic, entertaining, and beautiful gaming experience.


      The Diablo III team has made an epic, entertaining, and beautiful FAIL that Blizzard ever made.

      • That sold a record-breaking amount of copies and, more importantly, garnered 8+ scores from the majority of reviewers.

        • +5$ to your bank account michal.

          Go to said review sites, and look at their Diablo updates.

          They all feel that Inferno isn’t fun, and that the game is an endless grind focused around the AH. IGN, Gamespot, 1up, etc. The list goes on and on.

          Their initial reviews revolved around normal / nightmare / and maybe a bit of hell. That’s why so many “second opinions” have been negative….

          Look at all the facts…. Not just the ones you want to.

          • I do exactly that – look at all the facts, not just the problems. The facts are the scores are 8+, no matter what they think of Inferno.

            I have my complaints about D3. What bothers me is when people call it a complete disaster based on a few issues with the END game. The game should not be judged solely on problems that show up after 50+ hours of playing (because that is probably the amount of time it’ll take an avarage, non-rushing person to get into inferno) or the first week of server issues. This is what I’m trying to say. You’re supposed to judge the game objectively, taking into account all difficulty levels, especially the first play-through on Normal, which is probably a general time a non-fan will spend on the game.

            • Only have complaints about the end game? You must not have been paying attention. Like, at all.

            • oh, I paid attention, trust me. And the non-endgame problems would never make me call the game a failure.

        • “That sold a record-breaking amount of copies”
          Only reason it was so financially successful was because Blizzard played on nostalgia and created such a hype for this game based on the legacy of Diablo 2, so don’t think Diablo 3 sold so much because its such an awesome game. People loved D1 and D2 and that is what sold Diablo 3, take away the Brand name, “DIABLO” and this was nothing but a game destined to be a financial failure.

        • Yep, D3 aparrently sold well and quickly. That was before customers realized what was in store for them, though.

          What will be interesting to see, is how the whole issue will lash back on Blizzard’s reputation as a former premium game developer and if/how it will reflect in future game/expansion sales.

    27. So in about 80 comments skimmed, all I see is wHAaaaaa.

      What end game progression systems should be added? I’d love to see something that cannot be traded or bought. What about extra xp levels like fame in torchlight? Get points every level to place toward magic and gold find. 99 levels for 99% mf boost inherent.

      Systems to promote alt play? New quest rewards you can use to improve items, make items, or otherwise enhance power of your max level chars.

    28. Basically the game failed because the game was built around a RMAH model so they can make money off gold farmers. They forgot to make a great game first then worry about business model afterwards.

      • yup. It’s the same scenario as with D2, where they kept making patches 10 years later, simply to get all the ca$h from…oh, wait…

          • huh? The key people that you mean and to whom you attribute the complete success of D2 left around 2003. Whoever supported the game afterwards was not your Blizzrd North, but whatever staff was left at today’s cash-loving Blizzard.

            Oh yeah, and don’t forget to mention how the follow up stuff they created completely crashed all Blizzard games, especially Hellgate, created by D2’s grandmaster Bill (I’d like to note that I have nothing against those people and actually liked Hellgate).

            • Stop trolling man. They left in 2005, which means all the “big” patches was made by them. D3 is made by amateurs, they have nothing to do in the gaming industry.

            • Michal, before you get carried away, I’d suggest you don’t take any comments to heart. I also advise against wasting your time arguing, Very infrequently will you find someone who is actually willing to listen to a different opinion.

              Many people commenting here are too passionate to be able to see the bigger picture (or any other picture for that matter). It is, after all, their passion and the smallest details can mean a whole lot.

              If you enjoy the game, that is a good thing.

            • I hear you xduncanx, you’re right, the arguing can have no end and I’ve already wasted enough time.

              My intention was never to troll, just to express a different point of view and perhaps have some discussion in light of all the hate maybe with a bit of sarcasm here and there.

              End of ends, I like the game a lot despite some issues that I agree with – my right. If others don’t like it, that’s fine too – their right.

    29. Game is full of bugs just like D2 was, but they were easier to fix on D2.
      Hacks are there, may you like it or not. Its a fact…AGAIN!
      The gameplay is pretty boring afterawhile.

      Classes arent equal, some are OP vs others.
      The launch was a JOKE, set and legendary items are also a JOKE.

      There’s so much to fix and does Blizz have stomach for it? I think not. The whole game seems to dislike everything that previous games were building on. Too bad 😐

      • Bugs? Very few and certainly not game breaking like blue screens etc…

        Hacks are not a fact, in fact the security has been pretty good. Not one roll back on the US and EU servers. Not one. The only proven glitch was 6 weeks ago on an asian server and it was solved in 6 hours time with a roll back and a massive ban.

        Hardcore play is always tense. In fact too tense most of the time..

        Classes play VERY differently and still a lot of options are open, so playing different classes is quite nice.

        So in the end, I don’t see the crap you talk about at all.

        On the contrary’ the diablo 3 engine is performing very well and sweeps anything of the floor in comparable on line games in fluidity, responsiveness and handling server interactions.

        So the trolls are running out of arguments I see,…and

        Blizzard already said they change the legendary stats in patch 1.04

        The launch was the biggest in on line history and in he last 6 weeks we only have scheduled maintenance. Surely these few hours of downtime at launch is now being viewed as OLD history.

        Diablo 3 is shaping up to be a GREAT game. Sorry to burts your hate bubble.

        Any session spoofing rumours ? LoL i had to laugh so hard back then.

        The haters are running out of arguments. I wonder what their next complaint will be ? Probably the fact Jay Wilson has red socks.

          • You’re thanking one of the most reasonless, blind fanboy white knights ever to exist for Blizzard.

            Think about that.

            • ? I don’t know his history on these forums, but I just agree with his post above, which doesn’t actually seem reasonless. Pretty much all the points he made there are valid, do you not agree? If not, would you care to negate any of them? Maybe “Bugs? Very few and certainly not game breaking like blue screens etc…” ?
              Or “Hacks are not a fact, in fact the security has been pretty good.”?

    30. Play Hardcore and ignore the AH to buy things.

      Most challenging game in the history of video gaming. Simple.

      Why? Extreme good engine and extreme challenge.

      Tip: level a “shadow” avatar of the same class and specs, so if you would loose your HC, you still got the SC one.

      if you find the content become too hard, redo the dungeons up to your level or try to craft.

      Fun for thousands of hours if you play all classes this way.

      • Most challenging game in the history of video gaming.


        Hah. Haha. Now I know that you are just straight trolling.

        • It is a bold statement, I agree, he probably shouldn’t have written it like that.

          But would you not agree that beating inferno in HC without using AH poses quite a difficult challenge?

          Aren’t you the guy who played naked runs (might be confusing you with someone else)?

    31. Too little, too late. I’d rather see them be completely transparent about the changes they want to make so that they could get our input beforehand because I have no faith that they know how to make the game fun without it. They’ve shown that their ‘behind closed doors’ balancing and tweaking is not working, and now they’re doing it some more while we are frustrated with their product. The only things we have are promises that the game will be fun again without any real statistics to chew on while we wait.

      I’m sorry, but I’ll say it again: Too little, too late.

      • Do I see a panic mode from the haters already ?

        Game is fun for the vast majority of us.

        Sorry if you think you are a better designer. But you’re not. Simple as that.

        • no, you’re seeing panic from Blizzard evidenced by the fact that Mike Morhaime has to to address the issues and reassure everyone that the game is being fixed

          but of course in your mind, there is nothing to fix

    32. Im at the point where I could care less for whoever talks or what they say, I want to see results not a long promise on how \the next patch gonna fix it\, I for one know the history of these on blizzards part.

    33. you know what I think…. I think they are deliberately saving all the good stuff for an expansion, because after all the BS Diablo 3 players have gone through, a boycott of an expansion from a significant player base is not far fetched.

      Maybe they will ship the expansion with all the issues fixed and an offline mode, integrated in a way that would require Diablo 3 online authentication or something, so that even those who were not going to buy it will be forced to buy both of the games.

      Either that or Mike is actually a lunatic.

      • I just don’t think offline mode will ever happen. It did not happen after MarineKing vs Parting, it probably will not happen after Error 37. Yes, that was with thousands of people chanting “We want LAN!” right in front of his face in person when MKP disconnected. I mean, I certainly hope that there will be offline play in SC2 and D3, but I won’t bet on it.

    34. Great news. I haven’t played in 3+ weeks, to me, D3 has not been released yet. I’m holding out for patches plus an expansion to hopefully add a minimal level of depth.

      Great to hear that improving itemization and end game experience is at the top of their list.

    35. Does thrall get a bonus of like ten bucks if he REALLY works hard for two hours? Or is the $5/hr thing a hard rule?

      • See the cross over between this forum and the official forum of D3 with this reaction/statement ?

        Every time a fan of the game says something positive on the official fourms — the trolls now come out and claim a 5 dollar reward for pro D3 posters. Copy /paste.

        I think your example pretty much sums it up: you troll these boards, you troll the official boards, you made 1/10 on metacritic with the usual alts.

        The hate has nothing to do with the in game or mechanics.

        The hate is just directed at the success of Blizzard games.

        Why ? Because the general hate against this game doesn’t make sense. It is too diverse, too trolly, too extreme to even be believable.

        From the few hours of downtime at launch, to the so called (non existing) session spoofing, to the so called Blizzard security breaching, to the so called “too hard no – “too easy” comments.

        You see the problem with this kind of comments is that they troll it TOO much. You guys try too hard…

        The game got trolled and they coordinate, thinking they can stop its success through garbage forum talk.

        Must be a real bummer to see those sales charts of Diablo 3 even 9 weeks after launch for these guys.

        —-> Advice to the haters: by proving too much, you prove nothing at all.

        • holy shit i cant i believe this guy exists. can you even keep a straight face while fabricating this ? even catholic church VS Galileo had a more conclusive coherent train of thought and reasoning than anything you said in this comment section. it’s mind blowing.

    36. I’m a 36 year old gamer, who’s seen a lot of debacles. This debacle is epic. And, according to this note, it will continue to be an epic fail. I’m not sure they have learned anything and I think they are blowing smoke up our collected arses. Not all of us have low IQ’s, and not all of us are oblivious to this massive failure in gaming history. You want to keep us, listen to us and make it right. Otherwise, Torchlight 2, Guild Wars 2, and ANY other game, here we come, and bye bye Diablo 3 *del folder*.

      • I disagree. Torchlight is an amateurish product compared to D3. YOu can download it, no problem and see it.

        And the only epic fail is someone who – at 36 – thinks he can judge a game overall on personal opinion.

        Every time D3 is retuned you’ll see the haters come out of their caves more agressively. (and promote other games).

        Hyping other games (which are not even launched yet) is the act of a teenager.
        So using words like arses even makes me think you write like a 13 year old.

        BTW your insult of accusing fans of the game as having low IQ’s is pretty much disgusting.

        It sounds you not only hate the game but even the people who love to play it.

        Typical for a Blizzard hater.

        • The truth is, there are flaws in this game and is the reason for so much back lash – just because teenagers/trolls are having a picnic with it doesn’t mean there are not constructive criticisms out there and if you are so blind to denounce every negative criticism of the game as trolling then you sir are a fool or a fucking troll yourself OR you are so delusional in your fan boy world that because the game is perfect in your eyes your brain cannot absorb in what the legitimate criticisms are. The end game is lacking which blizzard admitted nonchalantly and that the item hunt is not sufficient enough. The items are lacking which they admit also and other complains that this game has strayed too far from Diablo 1 /2 as far as atmosphere goes. Anyways I anticipate your fan boy reply although I could care less knowing what to expect.

        • “And the only epic fail is someone who – at 36 – thinks he can judge a game overall on personal opinion.”

          Nope, the only epic fail is how this statement is pants-on-head retarded. On what else games should be judged? Isn’t personal opinion the most important thing to make judgement upon a game?

          Oh wait, it’s Thrall, no point discussing anything with you… BTW, why are you still here? I thought you got Butthurt and left this site?

    37. Let me count…

      Lidless Wall.
      IK Belt.
      Blackbeard’s Breeches.

      3 of those are actually good but still, 7 legendaries and sets in… what? 400 hours? 500? I haven’t checked…

      I’ve bought at least that many though, if not more.

    38. Its not panic, it’s a statement reaffirming their commitment to fix what they already said they would fix. Legendary weapons are bad. Legendary item mods are boring. Yes, they are being fixed. Classes are being balanced. The item problems I see as a big screw up. Class balancing is something that is only natural given the sheer number of skills and permutations. I don’t think I will ever understand where the most vocal complainers are coming from. It’s a videogame – get some perspective.

      I have a great time playing. If I get frustrated, I go backward a bit and farm some more. D3 has a much longer progressive challenge that D2 lacked.

      D3 has most of the pieces that d2 has (and more new ones), they are just organized differently.

    39. I made a tanking barb that was able to stand in front oh Hell diablo the entire fight and not take damage. No champion combo in hell could scratch him. I get to inferno and hit the wall. I have weeks of grinding the same content over and over ahead of me! What fun! Isn’t this a fun game? Hey wait… If i don’t want to grind for 300+ hours, I can just go pay real money for the items I need! $200 here, $75 there…no problem! $500-$1000 later and I can actually play inferno Diablo! What fun! Good job Blizzard. Bravo

      • whoa whoa, hold on there buddy. Back it up a bit.
        I’ve been in inferno for around 40hours and can now handle act2 … ok. I’ve only about 2mil on the AH and $0 on RMAH. I’ve got about 10mil in my stash and $40 in my pocket and still a lot of challenging gaming to get through to the end of the game.

        Seriously, If you don’t like the game…. you know what to do. (NB: don’t kill yourself)

        • “I’ve been in inferno for around 40hours and can now handle act2 … ok.”

          What are you rolling, Mary Jane?

          I’m sorry, but I call BS. I am on x-million gold upgrades and I still can’t do Inferno Act II “ok”.

          • Well, first, i’m a wizard and it’s no walk in the park but my build lends itself to reasonable survivability. (meteor with critical mass, tele, mirror images, force armor). I struggle/ cant beat fast monsters w/ fast affix + (almost anything) but other than that i usually don’t hit enrage timers (real mark of success right?).

            On the AH good deals pop up reasonably often, though less now than 2 weeks ago. Anyway, no BS (others could testify to that) though maybe a little lucky. I just didn’t want the guy to give up hope.

            • Thank you for the kind reply. However…

              With 52k HP, ~4.5k DEF, 85% DR (that is >1400 resist all), 30% dodge and a full def skill roll; I can get 3-shotted in Act II.

              In public games I see entire teams fold in under 60 seconds over and over again. The only people that make it through are those that largely avoid the actual content in D3.

              Actually fighting elite packs toe to toe is almost impossible past Act 1. This might not be true for ranged characters, but that is not an argument in favor of D3, rather, an argument against D3 in terms of balance.

    40. Many players are saying Inferno is too hard. I think the initial point of Inferno was an extra challenge after having “completed the game” (the first three acts). When Inferno was announced, posters here in general approved the idea and were looking forward to having their face smashed by the difficulty. Only that it’s now happening and for many, that’s not as fun as they pictured it to be. I admit the difficulty is based a lot on items, but not entirely. For example whereas I could play by standing still and shooting at monsters on my DH in Normal, Inferno requires a lot of mobility to survive.
      In summary, consider Inferno as a “bonus” mode, a bit like HC. You still reach max level in Hell and have a chance at obtaining top items in Hell. But if you want extra challenge (and tears, frustration, satisfaction and all that) go to Inferno.

      • I don’t mind that inferno is difficult. What I mind is the auction house being the only option to succeed. The price of decent items on the GAH have increased to 300,000,000 or so ever since gold became available to purchase with real money. So, grinding gold to buy items is no longer viable. It would take weeks, months. This is not fun to me. It is a job, not a form of entertainment. In diablo 2, you could find “ok” items to trade up for better ones in order to play the more difficult areas . This is not possible in this game.

    41. All I read, was a bunch of BULLSHIT.

      I’ll take a moment to dissect the post later, but when I read it at 6am this morning, I was too tired and just felt like raging as I read the entire thing.

      Used to love Blizzard, now I hate it just like Activision and EA games.

    42. Fix item system and drop rates. It’s not fun. I don’t play 200 hours just to find 1 legendary item that was worthless. I mean, where is the excitement and fun here? I stopped playing.

      Other than that, I don’t think anything more can be fixed. The game is designed as it is, and cannot be reversed. I would prefer skill trees, attribute point spending, darker atmosphere, day and night cycles. Less cartoon, and less cute stuff.

      Would be nice with some other kind of end game mechanics though.

      And yeah, offline mode should of course be in there…

    43. Played over 150 hours.. Have found a myriad of legendaries, and 3 set items. Of those (say 10 legendaries I believe), I have found 4 to be useful in act1 and sometimes act 2 inferno.. Not too bad.. But i do agree wholeheartedly the dangling carrot is extremely flawed..

      Outside of that I’m enjoying the combat mechanics immensely. I have finally gotten to the point on my monk of clearing act 2 inferno easily and am getting a bit rolled in act 3 while trying new builds.. Not too bad.

      If i were to post a curve of my playing time of diablo 3 vs diablo 2 during the first two months, I’ve actually put in alot more time in the window in diablo 3 (of course, I was also playing Tribes at the time during d2’s release). I think the core game is there and is fun, I think the drops need some major tuning and the class balances but otherwise I’ll be enjoying it. I know about 75% of my friends have hit the item / inferno wall and are waiting for a patch. I don’t blame them one bit for that– however, it doesn’t mean others can’t have fun with it until such time..

      Good luck and have fun

      • Agree’d very pathetic and pointless post. Has no substance what-so-ever and doesn’t address the more important issues, like hacking, scamming, and botting.

        The only thing that I did find interesting that wasn’t stated before was an upgrade to the games social systems. That much at least was good to hear.

        • Yet another bigger font for the chat window. And easier to view your friends achievements. Yeah, very interesting.

    44. Just one question:

      – When the full complete game will be ready? Because i pay good amount of money for CE and its not fair to give me 2-3 weeks gaming experience.Cause that was my playtime before i get TOTALY BORED. Thank you.

    45. It remained unclear as to what the developers are going to do, so that the auction house is not/does not feel mandatory…

    46. I see a lot of people complaining about the drop rate in Inferno difficulty.
      As a player of the hardcore mode, i’d like to says that the drop rate in other difficulty isn’t better nor fun.

    47. The grass is always greener .. come on, don’t you realize you WANT to have somethgin more to wish for past even good Legendaries?

      Obviously, the issue is not that Legendaries drop seldom, but that they suck. And that is to be adressed, bliz says. I think the issue is that rares drop too often, making blue bad and legendaries seem bad.

      In d1, there were no rares (in d2 there were too many), just better blues and uniques that were more common than they are in d3, some were the best items and some the worst, or just very nisched to specific playstyle.

      I hope Legendaries to be slightly more common, better but still not better than the best rares (which, in turn, would be harder to find than Legendaries). I also hope there will be Legendaries with very build-specific stats and class-specific, for build diversity’s sake.

      I also hope the AH gets a level requirement of 60 (on one character on your account), and that gems get appropriate level requriements.

      One can wish for a better game, or rather, the game as it was balanced to be played – without AH.

    48. TL2 shits all over D3 in every way except graphics. Items? TL2. Music? DEFINITELY TL2. Atmosphere? It feels like an old Blizzard game, so, obviously TL2.

      I just wish I could see what Runic could do with Blizzard’s budget.

    49. Need better servers. Latency is unacceptable, how are we supposed to confidently play HC with ‘rubber-banding’? It’s ridiculous, I have a very high-speed Up/Down fiber Optic, and I don’t live in fly-over country. Moreover, if we have to wait months for PvP, that is simply pathetic.

    50. quite honestly, i’ve dropped the game and doubt i’ll go back until perhaps months down the line when someone has set up a reliable offline what-nopt that tweaks the droprates so that i can have a chance to find stuff, not just buy stuff others have enjoyed finding off the AH. right now kids playing all day are finding stuff that i should be finding in my limited time available. ridiculous. well, here’s to someone getting the offline crack/fake server/whatever up and running asap.

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