Micky Neilson Plays Yes/No in New Book of Cain Interview

The guys at Playerscut in Korea recently had the chance to sit down with one of the writers on the Book of Cain, Micky Neilson, now that the book has launched in Korea. Micky takes part in a fun Yes/No interview with the Playerscut team playing the part of Deckard Cain as they probe him for more info on the game and lore.

Thanks to Playerscut for sending over the video.

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    16 thoughts on “Micky Neilson Plays Yes/No in New Book of Cain Interview

    1. I like how they ask if Cain is senile that’s why he forgot that Izaul said he and the Prime Evils manufactured their own exile.

      • It’s not Cain’s fault that Metzen loves retconning more than Epic Epicness With Epic Pauldrons.

    2. For me, the most interesting ing was his confirming that not ALL of D2’s heroes are still alive :O.  I wonder which ones bit the dust :(.

      • It must be the D2 barb… That is why the D3 barb isn’t the same guy… 🙄

        Actually I bet it’s the necromancer, hence why they have the two random events in Act 2 where we can meet his apprentice. He will probably speak of his master and his fate. Also he was middle-aged looking back then so it’s a good possibility given Sanctuary’s medieval setting…

        • I agree with you. And Blizzard themselves love necromancers so much. They mention about one of Rathma’s followers nearly in every book (Zayl, Kara) so it’ll probably be him. On the other hand I hope it is the Barbarian from D2.

        • I’m guessing that the Necromancer is still alive. At the Blizzcon panel I remember also hearing that we would not see any necromancers or *the* Necromancer in D3. However, we were promised a meeting with *the* Necromancer’s apprentice, and that meeting *the* Necromancer in an expansion wasn’t out of the question. Hence, I think he’s alive. (The Necromancer being a new playable class in the inevitable expansion is also on the table. The current team loves the Necromancer.)
          So who died? Probably the characters with nothing to “do” in the new story. The old barb could’ve easily been inside the mountain when it exploded. It would be funny if the Assassin killed the Sorceress.

    3. The part that stood out for me was this: not all of D2’s 7 heroes are still alive.
      So which one(s) of D2’s heroes died and how? Any thoughts?

      • Warriv is dead.

        For repeatedly and tirelessly ferrying me back and forth across the mountain passes just so I could return from my adventurings and reopen the portal to the Secret Cow Level – that man was a true hero. He never complained, and always seemed happy to see me.

        Rest in peace, Warriv.

    4. I found it interesting that he confirmed that Mephisto had a crush on Auriel (referencing the Sin War novels). 

      Also the part where he said that there’s no stories from Diablo 3 in the Book of Cain is wrong… The end references the Stranger from Act 1.
      But what was that question about Andariel being Lilith and Inarius’s kid? Where does it say that?

      • The Arreat Summit says Lilith is Andariel’s mother. But since that’s referring to the Pandemonium event which isn’t cannon…

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