Micky Neilson Interviewed about the Book of Cain

Blizzard’s been scaling up their promotion of the upcoming DiabloWikiBook of Cain, and as part of that here’s an audio interview with Blizzard Publishing Lead DiabloWikiMicky Neilson, speaking to One Moderately Funny Gamer. The interview runs 17 minutes, and thanks to Pawel for the news tip.

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    2 thoughts on “Micky Neilson Interviewed about the Book of Cain

    1. I read that bit of the book and I was surprised Baal was considered the least cunning, when I thought it was the opposite. Deckard does assert that Baal is just as capable as his brothers, but not in a way that glorifies Baal. I don’t know.. I always thought as Baal as the intellectual figure out of the Three or at least the most deceitful one, Mephisto the leader and schemer, and Diablo the sort of young pet who did most of the dirty work 😛

      • Yeah I’ve also found that weird, but that is the characterization they give him in the Sin War trilogy… My guess is that after taking over Tal Rasha, he became significantly more clever but retained his tendency to want to break stuff… Hence why he laid seige to Arreat instead of trying to sneak his way through the whole way… The traits of the Three are weird anyway… Like how Mephisto is the oldest and gives orders to Diablo but Diablo is the most powerful while being the youngest of them… I don’t know… whatever…

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