Meteor Spotted – Sign of Release Date Announcement?

Over the weekend, people in the UK witnessed an amazing phenomenon, a meteor streaked across the length of the country.

We last saw an image like that on this site back in 2008, only it wasn’t as benign and probably won’t turn out better than expected. Is this the Diablo 3 meteor arriving to signal the release date announcement?  And has Blizzard laid on the mother of all marketing campaigns?  Here’s some great footage from the BBC.

Thanks Slava for dropping us a note.

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  1. Ha! I hadn’t even thought that could well have been the first sign of the prophecy of end days! Cain is a wise man!

  2. Hehehe, im first!

  3. Absoutely, Sign of Release. 🙂

    • Amazing what Blizzard’s ad budget will let them do. 

      Remember when NASA took a copy of Starcraft into space?  Clearly that was just the beginning.

  4. This is a sign!! It HAS to be today, I’m convinced.

  5. There goes Tyrael

  6. Damn, Blizzard does indeed invest in their marketing campaign… Paying Nasa to attract meteorites. Now that’s dedication, maybe i’ll even buy D3…? 😛

  7. Ah so Tristam is in the UK ?

  8. Wasn’t there another news post like this a few months ago?

  9. I love all my fellow Ubers… I literally check this site every 5 minutes.  It is a sign!!! w00t!!!

  10. More like “Sign of end the of the world, 2012!”

    • If they release it quickly we still have around 8 months to play it :p

      • Well… not meaning to burst your bubble, but if you’re referring to the Mayan predictions, the Mayans didn’t account for leap year. Leap Year started in 45 B.C. Right now it would be July 2013 had that never started with 500+ leap years since.
        So… in theory, our world was supposed to end about 7 months ago.

        I think that’s hilarious that my capcha was “math test.”

  11. hahah, oh Elly … I heart you

  12. i had to double shit today in the bathroom….?
    ……..sign of release ?    -_-

  13. EA throws a few copies of ME3 in the space, Blizzard throws meteors!!!

  14. oh would you all relax? was no fireball or meteor, that was me farting. first time trying to light it too! epic or wha?? though I do need a change of pants and boxers, that darn thing drilled a shithole through them, I doubt I’ll be able to walk for days…….still, LEGENDARY

    But I think the captia I got for this post works better..
    Meteor over the UK.. Sign of release?  “not yet”

  16. HAHAHAHA wtf Elly :p

  17. If they announce it today, that would be just awesome !

  18. That black guy looks like dave chappelle

  19. Tyreal fallen from heaven 😛 lol well its a sigh of release date finally 🙂

  20. Very funny, but now where is the real announcement which was supposed to be today?!?

  21. Martians leaked the release date early!

  22. The CGI on those videos is kinda crappy.

  23. Sign of space is back up to it’s old shenanigans.

  24. haha! I loved this. You guys so silly.

  25. OMG OMG OMG Guys I´m in the BETA ! YIIIIIEEEEEHAAAAAAA ! Finally clicked at the right moment in the computerandvideogames facebook contest. OMG. Can´t describe the joy. Man ! Geez. Heilige Scheisse !
    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: Did this funkin Meteor cross the Doggerbank and land in my bloody german garden or what ? 🙂

  26. So, about that release date announcement…

  27. I mean… This IS THE DAY for the D3 release date announcement!  :mrgreen:

  28. Want announcement now. Seriously. No more waiting. *taps foot*

  29. I’m with you, Crudesash… this IS the time! enough waiting, let us have it!

  30. Diablo.incgamers failed to deliver again.

  31. Ok so let’s enter Tristram through Stonehenge 😀

  32. RELEASE AHHH.  Nice post Elly.  Got me all excited now.

  33. “… as Justice falls upon the world of men.” … in Scotland??? Really now… 😆

  34. Btw, the link for April 17th release date of d3 has been removed

  35. @ Bill weasley
    You cant be expected to understand the workings of us muggles.

  36. I think the quote is…

    With CeBit starting on March 6th, the quote from Jay´s latest blog “you can seriously expect a launch-date announcement from us in the near future. See, I didn’t say “soon,” so I’m not taunting you.” and the coming start of the EU Beta the March 5th date for announcement seems very likely 

    So yeh 5th/6th we hope. 

    • Hope being the operative term.

      But as my grandfather so eloquently stated when I was a child, “You can put all your hopes in one hand, and a pile of shit in the other. You take a big whiff and tell me which one smells more real”.

      I don’t care if Jay Wilson confirmed the rumor as being true, I still won’t believe it.
      Frankly I won’t even believe the release date. I’ll believe them when the pretty little box is in my pretty little hands. 

  37. Hey guys !
    This is the big announcement that Jay Wilson was talking about.
    A new book..Yeah !!


  38. nonsense is nonsense

  39. A novel? Arrrgh. Playing with Diablo 3 gets more and more a surreal thing to me.

  40. Im going to play the beta now and when im back i want a release date ! 😀

  41. When is the release date for A Sense of Humor? Cuz some people really need to make that purchase.

  42. I was really expecting to get a release date today, but it’s 1 pm down in Cali and nothing yet. Well then…

  43. ESL TV (at CeBIT with Blizzard/Diablo 3) seems to plan something big tonite, which has been delayed currently (see the FB message):

    Keep your eyes peeled …

  44. Heheh, this is pretty far fetched! ^^
    But amusing.
    Shame it doesn’t quite coincide with april 1st tho 😛

  45. Did you guys miss the marketing ploy for that new super-hero-type movie where they had a man-shaped remote control aircraft flying around New York City?  Totally believable that this would be a marketing ploy.  A shame I don’t have any headphones to listen to the video.

  46. The release date is inside a fortune cookie, inside the meteorite. FACT, I seen Jay and Chris Wilson (secret conspiracy brothers) plant it myself. For shits n giggles.
    NoAw Fetch fanboys ! :3

  47. “our bomb is delayed… the fuze is too long” off the esl/cebit event. i think release got delayed for today. maybe tom. or longer.

  48. Blizzard was too late in delivering, who cares for a game if you can fight the real thing ?
    Big D, i am coming.

  49. And Uuups Blizzard – you missed your perfect timing for a release date…the meteor fukin fell and you still didn’t anounce anything …  crickets crickets…-_-

  50. It is the finished copy of Diablo 3 entering our atmosphere. Thank you Martians for completing it for Blizzard. 😆

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