Meteor Runestoned Videos

Our first batch of DiabloWikiRunestone videos for 2012 demonstrate the Wizard’s staple DiabloWikiMeteor which in its basic form summons a huge meteor which plummets to the ground causing fire damage to those unfortunate enough to be under it when it lands, after that the Molten fire continues to cause damage over 3 seconds. With runes Meteor will do the following things (until we hear differently soon?).

An Obsidian rune changes the skill into Comet which transforms the meteors into Ice.

The Indigo rune makes it into Meteor Shower so that rather than one large meteor there are a number of smaller meteors each of which causes fire damage over a larger area.

A Golden rune changes Meteor into Star Pact which reduces the cost to Arcane Power. It also makes it look incredibly cool with a purple spear shooting from the sky leaving a cracked scorched patch on the ground.

A Crimson rune simply increases the damage of the impact as well as the molten fire damage afterwards by transforming the skill into Molten Impact.

Finally, with an Alabaster rune, it changes into Liquify and the duration of the molten fire damage will increase if a critical hit is executed.

Thanks to Risingred for capturing these for us.

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  1. I don’t like the icicles that form after the obsidian rune meteor but I really dig the animation/stance when the wizard holds that two-handed sword.

  2. wizard might be a good way to go right off the bat.  You are gonna get the skills w/o having to worry if you picked the right tree (yay casual gaming!) and you can focus on simply getting a better weapon to up the damage and fcr.  seems like “less” of a learning curve with this classic class in D3.  I’m still undecided on which will be my first class.  😕

    • I feel you Stonerdoom.

      Good thing is: You get to play all classes 😉

      My advise to you is this:
      If you are playing Hardcore and the first time you need to complete in Softcore, start with a character that isn’t your most favorite, but second best.

      In my case the Wizard is second and seems the right char to complete softcore with. That way, from the FIRST SECOND of playtime in hardcore, you get to play your favorite class. And if the Wizard would become my most favorite, I would simply select that char first. 🙂

      Long live shared stash for starting new chars! Right?!

  3. lol @ Golden Rune, Torchlight much?

  4. lol @ Torchlight, Diablo much?

  5. Would have been more impressive if the zombies wouldn’t just roll on the floor dying but freeze on impact and explode into icy shards of death when the icicles come out of the ground or something like this.

  6. Is it just me, or do these effects look severely underwhelming. Hope these are just placeholders or that the movie is recorded with the graphics all turned down.

  7. still temp art I’m sure

    • I don’t think these are temp art and I don’t think it is meant to be as visually appealing as people are asking for (read: bitching about).  The CMs have made dozens of posts about limiting clutter and resources when situations get sticky.  These will look fine when the screen is filled with half-a-dozen other effects.
      To avoid screen clutter in co-op these effects are designed to look this simplistic and are therefore out of context in these emulator demos.  Sure these look basic in NT with nothing but zombies – place them in a 8-player coop with everyone casting as fast as resources regen and you wouldn’t want anything more that this.  Just my $0.02 but hey, I’m more fanboyish than the average emo on this site.

  8. the sorc with 2h reminds me of tryndamere

  9. These videos are much better than that other meteor runes one that showed up a few weeks back. Thanks Risingred! 🙂

    • Yeah that video, it showed the runes, but he didn’t really understand what people would want to see.
      or how to separate them for a wiki. >.>

  10. i remember the devs saying they were going the path of changing every skill graphics when runed, because it would be awesome. seems like they decided to forget that and are just changing the pallete for some runes.

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