Our first batch of DiabloWikiRunestone videos for 2012 demonstrate the Wizard’s staple DiabloWikiMeteor which in its basic form summons a huge meteor which plummets to the ground causing fire damage to those unfortunate enough to be under it when it lands, after that the Molten fire continues to cause damage over 3 seconds. With runes Meteor will do the following things (until we hear differently soon?).

    An Obsidian rune changes the skill into Comet which transforms the meteors into Ice.

    The Indigo rune makes it into Meteor Shower so that rather than one large meteor there are a number of smaller meteors each of which causes fire damage over a larger area.

    A Golden rune changes Meteor into Star Pact which reduces the cost to Arcane Power. It also makes it look incredibly cool with a purple spear shooting from the sky leaving a cracked scorched patch on the ground.

    A Crimson rune simply increases the damage of the impact as well as the molten fire damage afterwards by transforming the skill into Molten Impact.

    Finally, with an Alabaster rune, it changes into Liquify and the duration of the molten fire damage will increase if a critical hit is executed.

    Thanks to Risingred for capturing these for us.

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