Metallica set to play BlizzCon 2014

blizzcon 2014

This years audio feast at BlizzCon will be provided by Metallica. The monsters of metal will be closing this year’s show and it’s quite a catch for Blizzard. James Hetfield comes across as a bit of a greedy git, Blizzard probably had to fork out quite a bit to get them to play.

It should be a decent show as long as there’s plenty of early tracks from Master of Puppets and Ride the Lightning. Let’s face it they’ve not really done anything decent since the black album and that was back in the 90s. Not going? Then you can watch it all with the Virtual Ticket.

Update: Much debate in the comments, spurred by Rush-lover Rush’s anti-Metallica comments. So let’s tack on a vote and see some opinions. What kind of music, if any, would you like to see in Blizzcon’s closing ceremony?

What would you like to see for Blizzcon's Closing Concert?

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  1. Nothing decent?! Realy?

    • I'm with Rushter there: The black album was the last of Metallica, I can listen to. It's the first album, where I'd call them professional musicians, but also the last one where I got the feeling of Hetfield&co putting their heart fully into their songs. They've kept being professional musicians afterwards, even more so, though I never once had the feeling of them having something to tell to the world shining through their later works. On the contrary, though some songs may still be good for party, it appears to me like they've settled on their general style, tried to fulfill a demand to keep the bucks rolling and taken in popular styles of the time to appeal to a broader audience. They have imho neither really reinvented themselves, though (, like Tiamat, for example), nor really kept true to themselves and their roots (, like Dream Theater). Quite frankly I'd have to put the newer Metallica more into Pop-Rock, than Metal.

      • Actually, imo there was a couple of great tunes on the Load album as well. “Until It Sleeps” springs to mind.

      • With Death Magnetic they went back into good-old-thrash. Though with Hetfields new vocals you need time to get used to it, the guitars do great job like always.

  2. Death Magnetic is their best album since …and Justice for All.

    • Arguing which bands are good or bad is fairly pointless as it's entirely subjective, but you'll note that Rush picked his user name inspired by the classic rock band of that name, thus advertising his musical tastes. Which are far from Metallica in style.

      Metallica was my favorite band when I was about 15, and while that was a long time ago, I still listen to their early stuff all the time on my gym music, never tire of the melodic stuff on "Justice" as background music when I'm working on something that requires concentration, and I agree with others who say Death Magnetic had several top flight metal tracks. I defy anyone who is a fan of metal or hard rock not to find great enjoyment in Broken, Beaten, and Scarred.

      Furthermore, Metallica is clearly the biggest and best band ever to close a Blizzcon. I guess you could make an argument for Foo Fighters as closer to their commercial prime, or Ozzy for longevity/nostalgic purposes, but I don't think it's a real debate. Honestly, I'm surprised Metallica is willing to play a nerdy video game convention on the tiny and antiseptic stage in the Anaheim CC… someone in the band plays WoW, or has kids who are really into Hearthstone or something?

  3. Metallica haven’t released anything decent since “Metallica” in ’91.

  4. Oh yeah!

    Oh right I won't be there 🙁

  5. This is equivalent to Def Leppard playing Wal Mart a few years ago

    • Yeah, it’s kind of funny Blizzard insisting on getting a “big name act” to finish their gaming geek convention. It’s like when they had Blink 182 the other year.

      I actually think most Blizzard fans would rather not have any final concert, and either cheaper tickets, or more tickets.

      • I think having a big rock band close is almost Blizzard's gift to themselves. From their Level 80 Elite Tauren (or whatever it's called now) house band it's obvious that Metzen and some of the other guys are old time metal fans, so I'm sure they're beyond stoked to have the biggest metal band of all time at the show this year. And they probably geeked out to Ozzy and even the "always cooler than good" Foo Fighters in past years.

        The question about what actual Blizzcon attendees would like is very open to debate. While the head guys and devs at Bliz are almost entirely 40+ y/o white males, most of the rest of the employees are younger with more gender/racial diversity, and I'm sure a company-wide survey wouldn't put Metallica atop their concert list.

        Who would they vote for? No idea. No idea who a survey of Blizzcon attendees would most want to see/hear. Maybe some DJ; Afrojack or Avicii or someone?

        I doubt any artist/genre/etc would get more than a small fraction of the total votes; music these days is so split into niches that no band captures a wide swath of the public interest aside from occasional catchy tunes of the moment that blow up and then are never heard again, ala Gagnam Style.

  6. Metallica. Rush would be pretty cool too and would be probably fit in with Blizzcon thematically…but Metallica.

  7. IMO the only band that should play at Blizzcon is L90ETC (or whatever they are calling themselves now). But I agree with Flux that it is probably Blizzard rewarding themselves with shows they want to see. How else can you explain the not so child friendly performance of Tenacious D a few years back. Didn't see Ozzy/Foo Fighters/ Blink 182 shows but comparing Blizzard's house band and Tenacious D performance, Samwise seems to really tune down on profanity when you compare him to Jack Black.

    • I've always assumed "availability" was a big part of the band selection. Everyone so far (?) has been LA or SoCal based, wherever their original origin. In fact, Metallica might be the furthest import to date, coming all the way from the SF Bay area.

    • I wish.
      In fact that could be hilarious. Blizzard fans deserve to trolled by the biggest troll in the world, which is, Mikael Akerfeldt. He would give them stuff to flame about for years to come 😀

  8. I think Michael Morhaime is a metal head. So yeah, I think it’s a present to Blizzard.

  9. I’m not huge on Metallica’s music, and I’ve particularly disliked *them* since the Napster stuff happened. That said, I mostly listen to punk/ska, so I’m used to big events having music that (at best) I’m not huge on.

    Given that I’m not going to get my ideal choices ever, I’d probably just prefer Blizz stick with bands like ETC or maybe Basshunter or whatever that actually fit the event. But whatever.

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