Most publishers use Metacritic as a benchmark of a game’s success. Scores on Metacritic are averaged out based on scores from professional online publications such as IncGamers.com. Along with scores from journalists, Metacritic also allows users to rate a game and the trolls have come out in force for Diablo 3. Some of the comments from posters are pretty funny and just highlights how useless user scores can be. Diablo 3 currently has a user score of 3.8/10 by “users”.

    Here’s a choice few quotes for a laugh:

    “the worst first person shooter I’ve ever played cant even log in, and i even stood in line for at least two hours to pay for this dont waste your money BLIZZARD IS FINISHED”

    “The D3 install too longer. also,the image is too bad, it waste my viewcard Nvidia GTX580SLI, no dx11. and the time of games is too short.I listen somebody end the game only 9 hours?”

    Some users have scored the game a “0” due to launch night connection issues which is ridiculous for a game of this size, and the anti-online only crowd have also surfaced. Online only may not be to your liking but why buy it, then slam it, when you know it is online online? If you are hanging on to commit to the game, wait for some proper reviews written by the pros.

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