Metacritic Trolling Begins

Most publishers use Metacritic as a benchmark of a game’s success. Scores on Metacritic are averaged out based on scores from professional online publications such as Along with scores from journalists, Metacritic also allows users to rate a game and the trolls have come out in force for Diablo 3. Some of the comments from posters are pretty funny and just highlights how useless user scores can be. Diablo 3 currently has a user score of 3.8/10 by “users”.

Here’s a choice few quotes for a laugh:

“the worst first person shooter I’ve ever played cant even log in, and i even stood in line for at least two hours to pay for this dont waste your money BLIZZARD IS FINISHED”

“The D3 install too longer. also,the image is too bad, it waste my viewcard Nvidia GTX580SLI, no dx11. and the time of games is too short.I listen somebody end the game only 9 hours?”

Some users have scored the game a “0” due to launch night connection issues which is ridiculous for a game of this size, and the anti-online only crowd have also surfaced. Online only may not be to your liking but why buy it, then slam it, when you know it is online online? If you are hanging on to commit to the game, wait for some proper reviews written by the pros.

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  1. All the real fans are busy playing the game not writing fake reviews.

    • All the real fans, and all the unreal fans are not busy playing the game since the servers are down.  This launch is an unmitigated disaster.  Reminds me of warhammer online and age of conon launches only worse.  You could still play those games.

      • We can’t play? Damn, I guess me getting halfway through A3 was just a dream.

      • And THAT’S why we need a single player mode, and people still love to defend Blizzard and their lies about how the online environment is soooooooo more secure than an offline one.
        Anyway, even when I hated all the changes made in D3 I wouldn’t give the game less than a 5 score. Those people from metacritic are just trolling, but I also don’t trust in the future scores that will be granted by professional reviews because unfortunately they gain a lot of money from gaming companies by giving nice scores.

        The true answer if D3 will be a good or bad game can only be known after 2-3 years past the release date and not currently. I’ll wait for that, and honestly I hope it fails.

        • Well hmm  😕 What are you doing on this site again?

        • “And THAT’S why we need a single player mode, and people still love to defend Blizzard and their lies about how the online environment is soooooooo more secure than an offline one.”

          Online-only is so secure, that noone can access your 60$ investment! Even you! 😆

    • “Retrieving Hero List” is an excellent game which provides hours of exhilarating excitement. Each session of “Retrieving Hero List” is over far too soon!
      — A real fan

  2. And who are you to judge someone else’s opinion?

    • Giving a game 0 for connection issues (on the first day, mind you) is insane. Also, did you not read the “First person shooter”-comment? They’re retarded, it’s as simple as that.

    • “And who are you to judge someone else’s opinion?”
      They are people who do this type of thing for a living. They are going to give time, thought, and effort, before stating their opinions about the game. They are NOT however a bunch of angry Nerd Ragers who are going mouth off and fling accusations and insults because they don’t like something about the game.
      That’s who they are to judge someone else opinion.

      • Actually i wasn’t talking about the brainless “0”, but about who give a relative low score because of DRM, since is a part of the expirience and must be taken into account.

        • Nobody is suggesting that the online-only requirement doesn’t warrant an overall score deduction in the eyes of some people. What’s being argued is that it doesn’t warrant a zero.

          Metacritic bombing isn’t about valid opinions; it’s about intentionally defaming a product. 

    • I don’t think opinion means what you think it means.

      also wait what. You’re not talking about brainless 0s but you’re replying to a post that’s entirely about brainless 0s? Figures.

    • The ones we are judging are idiots who are not giving an opinion but just trashing the game because it ethier A: by Blizzard or B: its Diablo 3.

  3. I’m pretty sure publishers care a lot more about sales than about metacritic scores.

  4. First of all it’s completely stupid to rate a game based on how smooth was its launch or how many errors you get while trying to connect.

    • No, it’s not.
      Well, at least it’s not stupid to take it into account. Especially when Blizzard pushed the digital edition so you could play right at launch time (but really so they wouldn’t have to share any of your money with suppliers, game stores, etc).

  5. Well, aside from some system hiccups that have been occurring (none of which are a surprise) I’m digging the game pretty hard.  Not enough gold!!  In fact, I’m taking a break from my first 6 hours since the server is down.  Time for a shower and a snack!  DH is rounding L20!!  

    What I have come to find is that there are A LOT of people who don’t know/understand the whole diablo game style.  I am beyond biased as its really the only game I play, but seriously is this the gaming landscape post-WoW?   

  6. 22 hours or so I’ve had the game, still haven’t been able to log in.

  7. Metacritic user reviews are always silly, but I rely on them for their critic reviews.

  8. Haters. They gonna hate, mon.

  9. To be fair the game not being playable is not really amazing…

    • The game not being playable at all is an issue for a minority of the players. I was up at 3 AM EST/12 AM PDT ready to log in.
      2 hours later I was finally able to log in. I am not bitter and angry about it. I expected it because I am familiar Blizzard game launches. I take it in stride and don’t get upset. I am calm and rational about it. People getting this worked up are being childish and spoiled.

      • You might have had an easier time as though many people played at 3AM, the majority of people could not due to work and such. We’re seeing more people hitting the servers now that work has let out for many. So, you have it in reverse. This issue affects the majority of players, those who were not highly devoted enough to stay up past 3AM to play the game. The majority of players are hitting the game servers now, and will continue to do so as work lets out across American time zones. They will be rightfully pissed, but at least Blizzard chose to do maintenance when the minority of players would be affected. 

  10. Being childish and spoiled has nothing to do with being dissatisfied with a product or service after you paid for it. It is our right as consumers.

    • Im sure you can get your money back and play something else then, if you are really that dissatisfied with this product. It would certainly help with the problems if everyone complaining would do that. Open up server space for the rest of the people to log in.

      • I love the game, but have a damn right to complain since I paid for something that doesnt’t work properly. If you bought a new BMW that crapped out as you drove it off the lot, I suppose you would be fine with that right? According to your logic, it’s alright because it’s a BMW and they make nice cars.

        • Apples and Oranges.

          If the BMW started working again shortly after, and was one of the best cars to ever drive the earth…
          Also if BMW as a manufacturer was notorious for their cars crapping out as you drive them off the lot, and then starting up again and becoming one of/the best cars you’ve ever driven…

          Everyone has a right to be dissatisfied.  Being childish spoiled negative etc is not the way to handle it…

          0 bombing metacritic falls under the latter. 

          • Couldn’t have said it better myself.

            I’m not exactly happy about all the downtime we’ve seen thusfar – I truly was expecting better after the relatively smooth launch of Starcraft 2 – but a) I’m not going to do the internet equivalent of spraypainting Blizzard’s walls with profane graffiti over it, and b) this isn’t entirely unexpected either, so the explosive anger we’re seeing from some people is pretty childish.

  11. In Spain is impossible to login at this moment, since some hours too.

  12. you people are so stupid if half of you thought that launch day would be flawless. get some common sense and realize how many people are using the game. of course there are going to be login issue. i played for about 30mins and got off due to connection probs and just said, “you know what ill go through my collectors editions stuff for a bit” i hoenstly dont care lol.

  13. I see your point about not buying online only games if you don’t want to play online, but don’t forget the vast difference between d2 addicts who post online (who tend to be mp only) and the people who played originally (many of whom were predominantly or solely sp). Also, waiting for 2 hours isn’t so bad for hardcore players, but for people with other commitments (e.g. jobs and families), 2 hours is a very long time, and possibly the amount of time they had to play anyway.

  14. Games are typically rated (at least by the so called pros) shortly before release, at release or shortly after – but typically not after months or years. Seeing that the critics didn’t get a chance to judge the full game prior to release, many(/most?) players/critics couldn’t play at all on launch and can’t play at all now (which is as far ‘shortly after release’ as shortly after release goes so far): yeah, despite the game’s obvious quality, it’s still game to be considered ‘unplayable’ right now.
    There is, of course, the bigger picture to be seen. 0% ratings are indeed totally uncalled for – the intro and pretty login screen are definitely worth a few points. ;D
    But for the time being, it’s a game which cannot be played (by many peak-hours players). I’d be reluctant to give that an 80%+ rating as well right now.

    • I find the lack of pre-release critic reviews concerning. Usually when that happens with a movie, it’s because the studio knows the reviews are going to be ugly and want to get a weekend’s worth of sales out of fans before word-of-mouth buries the film. Maybe in this case it’s more a reflection of the relative weak influence of video game reviews vs. their film counterparts, but it still seems worrisome.

  15. In 2-3 days’ time when everything is running smoothly, most people will have forgotten all of this. However, is it really unfair for us gamers to expect that one of the biggest gaming companies in the world with bucketloads of money and experience get it right for once?
    I admit, I’m pissed off, driving far last night to go wait for a midnight launch (had to work again 5 hours after that), 22 hours later still cannot log in. Of course I’m angry, but being a software developer myself I a.) understand that sh*t happens, but b.) it doesn’t have to be like this. 🙂

    • They have been testing this game for many many months yet here we are.  You do not know how it will be running in 2-3 days and having paid 60 bucks for this turkey, I do not wish them well.

  16. Who’s expecting a fair review of a game released a day ago?
    I’m not trusting any reviews for atleast a few weeks, or even months, until people can look at the game with a clear head. In my experience the best reviews of games are written years after their release, i think this will be especially the case with D3.

  17. Like anybody gives a damn about these reviews. The conclusions will be taken from the number of players online (whenever the online will be online :)))) )

  18. You should see the Traditional Chinese Blizzard Fan page on FB yesterday.. they were so enraged I don’t get it..

  19. It’s ok I will just play single player while the servers are down… OH WAIT NO I CANT FU BLIZZ 👿

  20. ALL i have seen on Meta critcs are Whiners No real complains just a bunch of Whiners

  21. ” and the anti-online only crowd have also surfaced. Online only may not be to your liking but why buy it, then slam it, when you know it is online online?”

    So an online only game means we don’t get to complain when we can’t actually play the game we paid 60 bucks for? Last night, I couldn’t log in for an hour and now the servers seem to be shut down for another 4 – 5 hours for maintenance. It doesn’t matter whether the game is online only, people should still have a flawless playing experience regardless. If a company offers a certain service (Blizzard told us a thousand times online only would give a superior experience for the user) and if it then fails to deliver this service, consumers get to rightfully complain about it. People (and gamers especially) should be a lot more critical towards big companies, especially when these companies are among the richest in their industry.

  22. You all act like Sh*T never happens.  All these delays are expected during the first few days of release.  Thats why I am taking my days off of work later in the week. 

    If you buy a ticket to watch a NFL championship game, and the guy in front of you stands up yelling and screaming, completely blocks your view of the game.  Are you going to stand up and walk to the customer service and complain about how bad the experience was? 

    C’mon, this is part of the game.  It is not ideal, but expected.

    • Yup, server-related problems based on MMO-tech applied to what should be a single player game and hang-ups related to the auction house, as well as the knowledge that the other guy in multi-play and/or PVP probably paid for his gear.
      “Part of the game”.

    • Bullshit. This is the worst game launch that I’ve ever seen, and it’s due to poor decision making and lack of foresight. It’s asinine at best, and they shouldn’t get a shrug of the shoulders from anyone other than brainless fanboys.

  23. I am surprised that people think this is any different to games such as FIFA. When they all first come out, their EA servers are abysmal. stop moaning and wait for a couple of days, it will all be okay 

  24. I would expect a game reviewer to take into consideration the \online only\ aspect of the single player game. Many games have combated piracy by having weekly checks against the server, but allow the game to be played offline after checking against the server. If reviewers went into a game and didn’t dock for things as advertised they couldn’t take into account the bugs a game has, so long as the developer made it clear the game would have bugs. Or if a game in the genre attempted a new controls scheme, but it failed in comparison to other games in the genre, I think that’s worth noting in a  review and docking points for. Diablo 3 introduced an online only feature for single player, a feature that is seen by many as a detriment to the single player game.  We can still play the game, but when we’re sitting waiting to continue our single player game because the game has to be played online, we don’t have to like it because it was advertised. 

  25. I think the game is bad.  I would score it a zero.  If I have to wait for any servers, my ping is bad because of something.  Then I cannot play the game.  The game is an unbelievable mess at the moment. 
    TBH, I wonder when the guild wars 2 game comes out with competitive systems.

  26. now now…  Bobby K’s minions will fight the good fight – the paid posters will swamp the angry genuine consumers by nightfall and get the average back over 5 by nightfall.  Watch and learn.

  27. I don’t think I bought a game just to watch the “Servers are busy” screen… You say that we can’t expect everything to be ok from day one? Well, they knew how many people preordered the game, they knew how were things back with WoW, they knwe what happened during the open beta weekend. But did that change anything? Absolutely NO! And who am I to blame? 90 Euro for an error screen? Thank you very much, Blizz!

  28. I respect you all, but don’t think the launch couldn’t have been flawless. It could have been if Blizzard had provided an offline Single Player game.

  29. “Proper” reviews are just as worthless.

  30. Having scanned the metacritic comments, I noticed the following:

    Many of the ‘0’ comments are the same talking points in the same order.  ‘Pay to win RMAH’ phrase appears suspiciously often too. 

    About a third of the 0’s complain that D3 is the same as D2, and another third complain that D3 is nothing like D2.

    Brand-new near-contentless ‘0’ reviews have 4+ helpful votes, so folks are clearly gaming that system too.

  31. Amazing how folks acquiesce to the lower standards created by monopolistic corporate greed.
    Think back… you’re 9 years old… super mario bros 2 needs a break, maybe a two-hour or more one, due to ‘connectivity issues’…  how do you feel?
    Now, accept the fact that your standards have gone radically backwards, because you’ve been programmed by Bobby and his 15 billion dollar enterprise…  accept it, you’ll fell better

    People cant log in on europe for since this afternoon… i expect a compensation somehow since i have paid a product i can not use.

    • justice, you don’t get it!
      we’re supposed to eat bobby’s Scheiße sandwhich and call it chocolate – that’s what being a blizzard fan means these days

      • Yeah, clearly they don’t care about their fans at all. Look at all those fans in Australia that got screwed out of the game by a bankrupt store! I bet Blizzard is laughing at them all right now!

        Oh wait. 

  33. haha at least now I know where to go for some comedy :mrgreen:

  34. Some of you really need to reassess what you value in life. It’s a fucking game. Way to let a hobby completely disjoint your lives. Go read a book, learn something, smoosh your privates together with a desirable partner, do something apart from pout and act like some great cosmic wrong has been vested upon you because a video game launch involving millions of players didn’t go off perfectly.

  35. It is Metacritic which is finished. This trolling is just further evidence of that fact.
    The vision of a site which tells the real story by aggregating all other reviews was a noble vision indeed.
    In practice, metacritic rarely tells it like it is. The critic reviews are strategically timed, heavily biased on one direction or the other and well.. you can see what is becoming of the so-called “User” reviews.

  36. Rushster, why don’t you share perfect 10 reviews such as ” Classic gameplay, great deep plot ayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayyayayayayayayayyayayayayayayyayayayayayay” ?

    Metacritic user score balances itself always.  BTW do these players especially hate Monder Warfare 3 and Diablo 3? The last time I checked Diablo 2: LoD’s user score was 9.0. Currently Diablo 3’s score is 3.3. 

    Accept the fact that Diablo 3 launch was a failure and Diablo 3 is not even a mediocre game.  

    • LoL.
      “Metacritic user reviews balance itself”
      “Diablo 3 is not even mediocre”
      Probably recommended himself.
      Omg so much garbage in one post, was funny.

    • You’re right D3 is not a mediocre game

      Edit: Just forgot that sarcasm translates badly when written… D3 is far better than mediocre

    • It’s funny your replies don’t have any content. You’re probably the ones who gave 10 and wrote “fucking trolls”.

      • Like yours has content. LOL. You’re just hating and making ridiculous statement like metacritic user review is a fair score.

        Dude stop your just a running joke for everyone on incgamers. Or continue Im sure your making me and 95% people here smile.

        Oh well whatever, you’re the sad man raging over the internet while I’m having an awesome time mocking you and playing the game !

      • Nope have not written anything except 2… oh no wait now three posts here on inc:) Been busy playing the game ofcourse. Feel bad for the people that have had major problems logging in. 

        Had some login problems myself, but still have had + 10 hours of game time. IMO the game is really good and a proud successor of D2.

        Once you finish the beta content, your char gets swarmed by little evil buggers (well some of them are bloody huge “Beasts huh”), and you actually need to time your actions a bit if you wish to survive… Inferno will be brutal it seems. The graphics and art direction makes sense and adds atmosphere.

        If you hate D3 so much Permaximum maybe the H&S genre is not your niche. May I encourage you to try out FF XIV – heard that MMO is an awesome experiance which had an almost flawless launch 😈  


  37. How is this launch a disaster exactly?  To my astonishment, I was able to sign in and play at midnight last night for several hours without issue.  I’ve also been playing most of the day today, up until the maintenance a few minutes ago.  What’s wrong with this?  I think they did a great job considering the huge number of people slamming the servers.  A million times better than WoW, where my server was down the better part of a week after launch.

  38. My initial disappointment started to shift into more positive plane. I still think it’s not worth 10 years of development. But I got used to fountains of FX, more or less, I had to put away my sweet memories of two previous games just to be able to take the new game as it is.
    And it doesn’t deserve this kind of trolling. For now, solid 8/10. It might get higher, if it will keep me interested on higher difficulties. Like DII.

  39. I have not voted on Metacritic. But Blizzard certainly did not properly stress test the servers. And it is rather annoying to buy a game and then not be able to play it.

    • Might i add, with a “stress test beta” running so long, they didn’t even have time to test EU servers. It’s kinda vital to have it working on launch, when your game doesn’t offer offline mode…
      It’s good for them, that they have “no returns policy”. Shame that some of those disgruntled reviewers won’t be buying x-pac’s, sequels or use RMAH. Did Blizzard take this into account when calculating losses for Online-only?

  40. If i could i would give the game a minus score!!! After so many years of development and beta testing they have all the possible errors!!!   How can it be that the servers are full???if u sell x amount of units u have to have servers for that capacity!!! Somebody FUCKED UP and i hope that this somebody will pay. I’ve been waiting for so long for this game  and i’m very disappointed!!! 😥 😥 😥 😥 👿  

    • Quite simple Alex, Blizzard didn’t put enough servers for everybody. Server infrastructure are pricey, they just made room for above-average and that’s it.
      Since on launch nearly 100% of the playerbase wants to play at the same time, things go boom. They could have avoided it, but they choose not too, because it would be a waste of money.
      I think the 3.3 userscore on Metacritic is well deserved.

      • Not sure I buy this reasoning. Server load isn’t just a matter of the number of machines one owns in a physical location — it easily can be augmented by short-term providers in anticipation of or reaction to substantial traffic spikes. One would think Blizzard, given its prior experience with online-only games, would have to have anticipated a post-launch blitz of traffic and procured excess capacity for at least the first couple of weeks. If not, that’s some pretty epic, bone-headed malpractice.

  41. the battlenet forum is pretty hilarious right now. after all I’m glad that I won’t be receiving the game before the end of the week ! it really wasn’t worth being there for launch 🙂

  42. people wont have forgotten this with the next blizzard launch.  i was a huge blizzard fan but look, ALL the positive comments come from fans who have had at least some time in the game.  the negatives, from people frustrated they dumped their cash on it and are still locked out, like me.  wheres the surprise?
    next blizz title wont get the automatic purchase from me…  pity.  after farcry2 and duke nukem forever were ruined, blizz games were one of the only sureties i had left.

  43. What other score would I give a game that I cant even play then a zero, I wouldn’t review but right now this game is a zero for me

  44. They wouldnt give all thoose 0 scores if there was an offline solo mode.. that is really shooting yourself in the foot  blizzard no matter how much u love them or not u cant deny exactly the problems right now.

  45. The server goes down, your game goes down, single player included.

  46. Ok I am big Diablo Fan and I legit own these games.  I love playing Diablo I and Diablo II during those old days.  Sadly seeing that having Diablo III requires online for gaming, I said to myself come on Blizzard, this is your biggest mistake.  The only reason why I will buy this game because I want to know the STORY of the game.  And sadly in order for us consumers to enjoy the game and know the story is going thru online, yet the GAME is not a MMORPG or a good online game, and you only have  I think this anti piracy thingy that Blizzard come up is worthless, you know why, it is because hackers will try to crack this, and in return what did this anti piracy thingy did for Blizzard, it just made their consumers and fans mad, frustrated and disappointment especially when FANs have waited for this for so so long yet they only got is Server Maintenance.  Anyway this is my opinion.

  47. I just want to say a couple of things:
    “who gives a toss?”
    and if you can’t login DO KEEP TRYING!!! I’ve already logged 12h of gameplay and my level 26 monk is kicking serious ass in act 3. I had to endure 1h and 40m of error 37 at launch, but I got it, and played for 5 hours straight, no problems (except for a couple of hickups, but only once or twice). This morning, half an hour before work, no problems getting in. At noon, a couple of hours of gameplay, had to try 7 or 8 times to login, but I did. This evening, a large play session, hand to keep trying to login for 15min or so but I got it.
    It’s normal since it’s the first day, but DO KEEP TRYING if you want to play.
    Also, copy past works on the login screen, so no need to keep typing your password in everything 😉

  48. Like any person with 1/2 a neuron gives 2 shits about the user reviews on MetaCritic. Also… looking at the accounts that scored the game a 3 or lower… 80% of them have a SINGLE review: Diablo 3. It’s not that difficult to put things together.

  49. Just getting started on act 2, mostly solo’ing but did manage to hook up with a friend last night for a couple of hours. The game is hard already imo and its frustrating not being able to do anything at all about your health. I know, I know that I need gear and this is what its all about but then there’s the lag issue’s. I’m talking lag-g-g-g and I’m playing in Sydney Australia not some outback nowhere’sville. So what gives? Why the lag in singleplayer guys when my other online games aren’t like this?
    In regards to the metacritic user reviews, its because of the crappy servers so the real question is who is giving 10’s and why? I don’t see this problem going away too soon since its one of those games that demand your time and attention. The servers are always going to be loaded for a good time now so get used to dc’ing like me. I don’t have anything else to play (much) so I’ll be hear to catch the goss on all the lame ass crap going around. Atm, I wouldn’t rate it personally none of the pro-critics have and that’s no surprise. All we’re seeing is first impressions which often suck anyhow and I would agree with metacritic users scores right now if they where published as being ‘first impressions’ not reviews. It all just sucks right now unfortunately 😡
    – Just another frustrated fan

  50. Haters got to Hate…  🙄

  51. While the zero is probably a bit much for the score.  That said, why is it OK to have a game launch like this?  When did it become ok to have this many issues.  As someone said, this game has been in beta for many months, it’s hosted by a massive company that apparently had no idea that this game was going to be so popular it would crash it’s login server. 

    Excuse me, but none of this should be ok.  A few hiccups is ok, this is not a few hiccups.  The US servers have been offline for 4 hours midday, and now just went offline again with no ETA. 

    This is not ok.   

  52. I will say this, I have really enjoyed the game so far, and I am okay with the busy server issue in the first week or so of launch. I am not okay with actual service interruptions 3 times already not even 24 hours into launch. You would think Blizzard hadn’t beta tested this game for 6+ months, Battlenet 2 for, well, a while now, and didn’t have 12 years or however long WoW has been out to figure out how to properly launch a game with tech issues cropping up every 5 hours.

  53. I give it a 7 out of 10.  It’s obvious that Blizzard thew millions of dollars at it, but really…  The story is really pretty short and stupid, the music isn’t that good, the voice acting is just okay, the server issues are the worst I’ve seen since vanilla WoW, leveling is very on-rails, the skills don’t have much depth, etc.  

    Decent game overall, but definitely not a legendary game like D1 and D2.  It’s very obvious that D3 is just Blizzard Irvine’s best approximation of what a Blizzard North game is.

  54. I guess there are a lot of geniuses here that think Blizzard really could have made a 100% smooth launch for a game having that much demand 🙂
    They probably tried but either underestimated the mass or just knew it would be like it but couldn’t help it.
    Now on to the armchair networking guy explaining how they manage a website and could have done better 😉

  55. I would of rather had a game delay than to be put through this maddening frustration  👿 I want my money back Blizzard.

  56. they will tattoo a 37 instead of a 13 from now on -_-

  57. Didn’t they say the main point of the D3 beta was to stress test the servers? WTF happened?

  58. I had a good laugh at those metacritic reviews, they are obviously plants as they are called in the industry. Nearly all of them reference the same four bullshit criticisms, in the exact same order, using more or less the same words. To top it off, many indicate that Torchlight 2 will be superior. Well, I had a little look at some gameplay footage of that game, and it looks like a fucking joke to be honest.

    TL;DR – competitor’s marketing team at work, nothing to see here! 

  59. Here’s my critic of Diablo III after having NOT played it :

    The backgrounds look gorgeous, it is quickly addictive
    The music is crap, the story is crap, the voice acting is crap, Act 3 is (probably) crap
    I’ll somehow replace the music with D2’s soundtrack and put voice volume down.
    D2 had a crap story, crap Act 3 as well. And who cared? The atmosphere itself had nothing to do with that confusing “story”.
    D3 is probably a better game than D2 overall. I buy. 

  60. You know. The internet has opened the door for everyone to have an opinion and be shared. It also gives them all the ability to watch, read and listen to that opinion.

    I am not sure the value of some of the opinions. But when it comes to opinions I will rate and trust my own after experiencing it. I admit I have not had time to download the game, but why are people complaining about 60 dollars for the game. You pay it once and it is done. If there are a few issues, shrug them off and come back to it later.

    This game has had such a weight and expectation put in it. That the slightest inconsistency forces everyone to get hysterical.

    I personally see it as something I will get to when I have the time to get to it. But I went through 7 years of WoW so I think I can deal with a few issues of Diablo 3. Also, I find every game now adays comes with numerous issues. I bought Battlefield 3, and was not able to play, and I still have no actually got into the game. 

    Just, let’s all be calm and have a cupcake. 

  61. Of course all negative reviews are deemed “trolling” but take a look at them. No customisation, poor graphics, no single player, 4 difficulty levels instead of a longer game – those are LEGITIMATE complaints. In fact the negative reviews keep rolling in even after the launch day woes were over.

    Compare Diablo 2 to a contemporary RPG like Baldur’s Gate – Diablo 2 looks similar or better and has much better usability. Compare Diablo 3 to Skyrim – Skyrim wins in terms of graphics, world size, equipment variety and just about everything else except the actual combat (and modmakers are working on that, while D3 doesn’t even let you play offline).

    Diablo 3 is not worth a 0, but it’s no 10/10 game either. Play it until Guild Wars 2 comes out. 

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