Christmas is here and we’re heading towards 2017. It’s been a quiet time for Diablo 3 but hopefully in 2017 things will pick up again with the release of the Necromancer pack. With no news of Diablo 4, perhaps by the time BlizzCon comes around next year Blizzard will have some big news to share.

    We’re taking a couple of days out to relax but we are around should anything big happen, which is unlikely. We are always online and you can join us over the holidays on the PC Invasion Discord channel for chit-chat. We are consolidating all out live chat efforts into this new channel and all Diabloii.Net readers should join us. We’re usually on there playing games and shooting the breeze 🙂

    On behalf of myself, Elly, Flux, HolyKnight, and the whole Diablii.Net forum moderator team, Merry Christmas!

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