Merry Christmas from Diabloii.Net

Merry Christmas from Diabloii.Net

Christmas is here and we’re heading towards 2017. It’s been a quiet time for Diablo 3 but hopefully in 2017 things will pick up again with the release of the Necromancer pack. With no news of Diablo 4, perhaps by the time BlizzCon comes around next year Blizzard will have some big news to share.

We’re taking a couple of days out to relax but we are around should anything big happen, which is unlikely. We are always online and you can join us over the holidays on the PC Invasion Discord channel for chit-chat. We are consolidating all out live chat efforts into this new channel and all Diabloii.Net readers should join us. We’re usually on there playing games and shooting the breeze 🙂

On behalf of myself, Elly, Flux, HolyKnight, and the whole Diablii.Net forum moderator team, Merry Christmas!

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    10 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Diabloii.Net

    1. Merry Christmas everyone 🙂

      They should announce D4 in a 90 minute long presentation lol. No dancing around explaining trivial “features” for 90 min like “Transmogs” and “Ponylevels”. Instead, they should present one major feature after another like “SkillTrees”, “Character Development”, “Rune&Runewords”, “True-Tile-Based-Map-Randomization”, “Talisman&Charms” etc.

      The whole 90 min long panel should start with an Absolutely amazing Mature-Rated Dark & Gothic & Macabre Intro Cinematic that gives real Diablo fans goosebumps and a feeling of familiarity, as if they just installed D2 and are watching the intro cinematic for the first time in 2000.

      After the intro, Real-Diablo fans that loved D2 from A to Z, cheer like nuts, and players from other franchises cheer too but they feel very uncomfortable, because they have just seen a real Diablo intro for the first time that wasn’t about bunnies, cuddly ponies etc. Some player from another franchise is scared and wizzed himself a little and is calling his mother to ask what to do.

      After the Intro, and after the people calm down from the cheering, they transition into the meat of the presentation.

      Frank Pearce: “Although we try to please a very broad audience, this time our Diablo Fans come first!!”

      Michael Morhaime: “A Diablo game for Diablo players, go figure…”

      Audience: “It’s about time…”

      Michel and Frank mumble something to each other while covering the mics with their hands: “Fuck… I told you so! … shut UP!”

      In the end, we finally get a true Diablo 2 successor! D4 receives ARPG of the Decade Award.

      Alright no more surfing the web, I am getting shit from the gf for being on the phone on Xmas eve.

      Merry Christmas! 🙂

      • That and a public apology from loser Gay Wilson for making a mess of a once-beloved saga, and name-calling other game devs who by the way are remembered much more fondly than him.

        Let’s see what 2017 brings to our scene.

    2. I always recall that D2 fanart around Christmas time, of Diablo holding missile toe and making kissy faces at a repulsed Amazon & Sorceress.

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