Merch News and Reaper of Souls Launch Times Worldwide

Merch News and Reaper of Souls Launch Times Worldwide
wings of valor
Wings of Valor

Choice news bits from Blizzard today about Merchandise and Reaper of Souls launch times. Merch first, because some of you are crazy for this stuff.

In other news, from numerous Blue posts I’ve compiled Reaper of Souls Launch Times Worldwide:


  • East Coast, Midnight, March 25th.
  • That’s March 24th for the reset of the country: Central 11pm, 10pm Mountain, 9pm Pacific.


  • Midnight CET March 25th.


  • New Zealand Daylight Time: 5:00 PM
  • Australian Eastern Daylight Time: 3:00 PM
  • Australian Central Daylight Time: 2:30 PM
  • Australian Western Standard Time: 12:00 PM

Excite is had by all!Note that Europe gets a big head start again. Midnight CET is 6 hours ahead of US East Coast. Lucky Elly! It’s kind of weird the realms are going live mid-launch party in the US West Coast, so that all their most-loyal (crazy) fans are actually going to be the last people to start playing. I almost hope there’s Error 37 again, just so the rest of you don’t get such a headstart on me. ;)p

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16 thoughts on “Merch News and Reaper of Souls Launch Times Worldwide

  1. Most of you played Beta after all, so don’t whine cause you have huge headstart on most of us 😛

  2. Oh boy I can’t wait until midnight. Really looking forward to counting how many times I get Error 37, and learning all the new and exciting error codes too.

    On second thought, I’ll probably just sleep and start in the morning, after the initial frenzy passes. I trust that Blizzard will be able to handle launch day well enough, but we all know the first hour or so is going to be a mess.

  3. East Coast, Midnight, March 25th.
    That’s March 24th for the reset of the country: Central 11pm, 10pm Mountain, 9pm Pacific.

    isn’t midnight March 25th 24 hours later than the actual release date (midnight 24th) ?

    isn’t the actual release at 12 am March 25

    I hate this 12 am / midnight stuff
    its always so confusing

    • Super late Monday night when your clock goes from 11.59 pm and then hits midnight (12am), its officially Tuesday the 25th, and you can ATTEMPT to begin logging in…:P

  4. Wonder why Europe goes online 6 hours earlier? Guinea pigs?

    I guess it’s wise for them to stagger the openings, but it is strange.

    I get to play at 12pm woohoo! So if we have 6 hours of problems, I’ll still be able to wait around.

    I do like how much attention Australia / New Zealand is getting lately. The blue post has all of our time zones whereas I’d normally expect to have to manually translate the PDT time zone. Greatly appreciate it.

  5. I understand your frustration Flux, but you have a problem being jelly, mmKay? Nobody likes a jelly. Don’t be jell, mmKay?

  6. Pretty sad to see the super-entitled admins of this site whining about actual players getting a tiny little advantage over them. Wishing for Error 37? Sad, but okay. Expressing it on the site to the readers of your site? That’s just elitist entitlement on display.

    • What’s sadder is choosing to take a tongue in cheek comment seriously so you get to complain. Seriously, take a day off.

      Also, you might want to look up the definition of elitist. If I also chose to intentionally misinterpret Flux’s comment, at best I could only allege jealousy or bitterness at wishing others misfortune.

      Why not take that axe and instead go grind it in game, it’s 100% XP bonus weekend.

  7. Well, here’s my version of error 37:

    – Amazon still hasn’t shipped my pre-order of RoS
    – During expected arrival dates this week (27-28) I’ll be away on work so I won’t be able to register the key unless I can convince someone (AKA wife) to go pick up the parcel if the delivery notice is there =)
    – 29 and 30 is weekend and there is no mail service
    – Best case scenario “error 37” will be lifted on Monday 31st at night when I get home from work.

    So much for Euro head start.

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