Today, October 11th, Blizzard is holding a special online Blizzard store sale with an exclusive sneak peek only for fans with Blizzcon tickets or virtual tickets.

    This year’s BlizzCon online sale will begin October 11 at 10 a.m. PT and will be exclusive to BlizzCon attendees* and Virtual Ticket buyers until the end of the show on November 9. Supplies will be limited, so if you’re not going to the show in person or haven’t yet purchased a Virtual Ticket, you might want to order now to get your chance at some cool BlizzCon merchandise.

    To access the sale on these dates, log in to the Blizzard Store with the Battle.net® account associated with your BlizzCon ticket or Virtual Ticket (physical ticket buyers can view this info in their Order History).

    Elsewhere, a less exclusive offer is available to Diablo 3 console players: anyone with a PlayStation or Xbox can buy special avatars for your account. I have no idea where or how these things are shown in console whatever, but they’re kind of cute in their alt-graphic fashion.

    Whether you’re defending Sanctuary from a demonic onslaught or just flipping through your console menu screens, be ready for battle at a moment’s notice with five new Diablo III outfits for your Xbox® Live and PlayStation® Home avatars!

    Equip a full set of diabolical class armor on PlayStation Home or the Xbox Avatar Store for $3.99 USD, or accent your avatar with individual armor pieces for only $0.99 USD. Choose carefully, and show off your passion for Diablo III with this stunning new attire!

    Bonus points for the very first post on this console avatar entry dropping the “stahp making these and fix teh game!!!1!” line. You think I’m joking? I hope he was since I really don’t believe anyone who can work a computer is so dumb as to think there’s like, one person working at Blizzard, and that one day he was like, “Hmm, should I finish coding DiabloWikiThe Devil’s Hand events, or blow that off to go mock up some Xbox360 character artwork for the cash shop?”

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