Merch: Blizzcon Exclusives and Console Avatars

Today, October 11th, Blizzard is holding a special online Blizzard store sale with an exclusive sneak peek only for fans with Blizzcon tickets or virtual tickets.

This year’s BlizzCon online sale will begin October 11 at 10 a.m. PT and will be exclusive to BlizzCon attendees* and Virtual Ticket buyers until the end of the show on November 9. Supplies will be limited, so if you’re not going to the show in person or haven’t yet purchased a Virtual Ticket, you might want to order now to get your chance at some cool BlizzCon merchandise.

To access the sale on these dates, log in to the Blizzard Store with the® account associated with your BlizzCon ticket or Virtual Ticket (physical ticket buyers can view this info in their Order History).

Elsewhere, a less exclusive offer is available to Diablo 3 console players: anyone with a PlayStation or Xbox can buy special avatars for your account. I have no idea where or how these things are shown in console whatever, but they’re kind of cute in their alt-graphic fashion.

Whether you’re defending Sanctuary from a demonic onslaught or just flipping through your console menu screens, be ready for battle at a moment’s notice with five new Diablo III outfits for your Xbox® Live and PlayStation® Home avatars!

Equip a full set of diabolical class armor on PlayStation Home or the Xbox Avatar Store for $3.99 USD, or accent your avatar with individual armor pieces for only $0.99 USD. Choose carefully, and show off your passion for Diablo III with this stunning new attire!

Bonus points for the very first post on this console avatar entry dropping the “stahp making these and fix teh game!!!1!” line. You think I’m joking? I hope he was since I really don’t believe anyone who can work a computer is so dumb as to think there’s like, one person working at Blizzard, and that one day he was like, “Hmm, should I finish coding DiabloWikiThe Devil’s Hand events, or blow that off to go mock up some Xbox360 character artwork for the cash shop?”

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  1. Now Blizz selling pixels on xbox and playstation since they come out w/out a RMAH.

  2. Yeah, recently they sold the CE virtual goodies for 5$.

  3. I was probably the first person to post on that forum that day and I think there were about 30 thumbs up from what I wrote there. I can’t tell from your post here today if you’re mocking or behind what I wrote. But, despite all of the hype surrounding the platform release and versions of this game; I still feel pretty slighted by blizzard as a long time Diablo player.

    Of course I realize that there are different teams there working on different projects and that someone else may have been assigned this task of creating avatars for xbox ps3 platforms. I still feel that it’s a waste of resources with regards to my needs as PC Diablo gamer.

    I didn’t play WOW and I dont’ want to. I waited for this games release. Despite the repairs made since, I still played through some pretty dismal versions of D3.

    Us PC Diablo players are truly the red headed step children of the blizzard franchise. it’s almost as if our entire Diablo 3 experience was a beta for the platform version of this game. And no one anywhere can tell me different:

    They get loot 1.5 and a new paragon system. Meanwhile, they have decided to rid us of the AH (which up till now has been our system; for better or worse) The funny thing is this; The AH was the one thing that D2 didn’t have that D3 gave us. And now they’re taking that away.

    I normally don’t rant so please forgive. There’s a LOT I love about the game. And it seems that the new game developer is a cool guy with a lot of love for the game. So, there will be improvements coming … I think we all know that. But, why should the PC players be waiting while the new platform players are playing with the best version of this game to date?

    When are they going to wake up and say, “we’ve been kinda crappy to this group here?” “We’ve made them wait 10 years for a game and then used them as guinea pigs to sell the game to playstation & xbox players.

    OK … so we can live with less gems, less shrines, no runes or rune words, no socket quest, no jewels, no ethereal items and tons less stoage … (all cool innovations thought up by D2 game developers and ignored by the D3 team) But, do we have to stand by and watch them put the icing on the cake of the platformers version of the game? Should I have to buy and xbox now … just to play diablo?

    • You’re defending Ethereal items? Seriously?

      • “You’re defending Ethereal items? Seriously?”

        Are you kidding me? Did you play D2? Etheral weapons were the end all. Etheral armor had the max defense available in a game; ethereal weapons the max damage. How was that a bad thing?

    • They are learning from the PC version to improve the console version and vice versa. When RoS first launches, PC gamers will most likely have the superior version. Maybe RoS will be released for consoles, then this will be the most developed.

  4. \The Diablo 3 \Infernal Helm\ add-on is now available for download on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Previously, the pack was only attainable through Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 pre-orders via select retailers.
    The $4.99 download grants players several unique character items not found in Sanctuary, including an EXP bonus with Infernal Helm, Angelic Wings for \cosmetic-only\ purposes, \Bottled Cloud Dye\ to dye your amor \cloudy white,\ and \Bottled Smoke Dye\ for the more sinister, eerie players.\


  5. Anyone going to BlizzCon that would be willing to get me some swag. I’ll pay for the items obviously and shipping plus a reasonable handling/finder fee. Let me know.

    I’m a fairly long time member on here. A working adult. No scammer.

  6. Damn. Blizzards postage fees from US to Europe are beyond insane.
    Hard to grasp how such a large company can’t have a stock of their merchandise in other parts of the world as well.

    Oh well, even if I could ever have been tempted to buy something, that postage fee surely turns me away from it again.

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