Though DiabloWiki@Diablo seems to have dived into UNFOLLOW territory with the relentless hashtag nonsense, we’ve still got blue forum posts, and in a rare appearance today DiabloWikiBashiok shed a little light on the DiabloWikiMercs/DiabloWikiFollowers system in Diablo III. Quote:

    Useless but also a must-have?

    We’re not quite ready to talk about our approach, but I will say it’s something that’s been a part of the game since before announcement. We have a very solid direction for them.

    Let’s hope that “very solid direction” is the same one your character is moving, rather than straight into the nearest corner, thereupon to remain evermore. Without turning on his aura. In other words, can has better AI?

    What other changes/improvements do you guys want from mercs? If you want them at all; every time this issue comes up in the forums, I’m surprised at how many people do not want, or at best are not sure if want. As Bashiok said here, they’ve had mercs in mind all along; there are blue quotes about them from Blizzcon 2009 on the DiabloWikiMercenaries article in the wiki. Also, don’t confuse what we’ve seen thus far, the semi-random NPC escort mission quest stuff, for the real thing; they’ve got bigger plans than that.

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