Mega-Legendary 2.0.4 Hotfixes Are Now Live

Mega-Legendary 2.0.4 Hotfixes Are Now Live

The Hotfixes thread shows that today’s promised legendary drop rate buffs and other itemization changes are a go. Head to a Nephalem Rift and fire your lazors, since the Mega-Legendary Hotfixes Are Now Live

Here are the recent hotfixes, all now live on the realms.



  • Kadala’s Legendary drop rate has been increased.*
  • Unique Monsters now use the same loot table as Champions.*
  • The bonus Legendary drop rate for Nephalem Rifts has been increased from 25% to 100%*
  • The number of chests that spawn across Sanctuary has been reduced.*
  • The Unique Ebenezer Samuel no longer spawns 100% of the time on higher difficulties.*
  • The following change from the Patch Notes has been reverted:

  • In Campaign Mode, Manglemaw now only drops loot and gives XP before the player progresses to the Chancellor’s Tomb quest*
  • Items

  • Follower relics should now roll the appropriate stats for that follower.*
  • The following items had game-breaking bugs associated with them that are now resolved. They can once again drop in-game*:

  • DiabloWikiMoonlight Ward
  • DiabloWikiHexing Pants of Mr. Yan
  • DiabloWikiThe Slanderer
  • DiabloWikiLittle Rogue
  • Report your testing results in comments and we can get some community consensus on the good/bad of the changes. In a way I’m more curious about the Gambling buffs than the drop rate, since Bliz hasn’t given any facts or figures about how much of a buff it really is. Are we talking 1 leg per 500 shards, or 5 legs per 500 shards? It takes so much longer to accumulate Shards than it does to test drop rates in Rifts that it’ll actually take more testing time to find out Kadala than the rest of it.

    Here’s the vote from the previous post, and those of you who missed it earlier can now vote from experience, not just theory!

    What do you think of Travis Day's Legendary drop rate news?

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    Update: Gambling! To satisfy my own curiosity, I got on US HC and blew through 405 Blood Shards, all on chest armor with a Demon Hunter. That got me 81 chest pieces, about 50 of which were cloaks, and a total of… 0 legendaries. Zero! Thank god for the buff to Kadala’s drop rate!

    I expressed my joy at this development in clan chat and a couple of others said my luck was terrible and they’d gotten several legs gambling earlier, and many others had reported good results. So I did a couple of quick Rifts on Expert (zero legs found) mostly for the Shards, and tried again. With 58 shards I got another 11 rolls… and literally the last one popped a legendary. Not a cloak, but a good roll on a Tyrael’s Might.

    I can’t say 1 leg in 465 shards (1/93 hit rate = ~1%) gave me any sign of a buffed Kadala, but other players reported more leg success as closer to 1/30, so while they were probably lucky on the RNG, I was probably unlucky, and the truth is somewhere in between.

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    50 thoughts on “Mega-Legendary 2.0.4 Hotfixes Are Now Live

    1. RoS is just 2 weeks old and we are already full of legendaries, sets, etc.

      Some of us are already fully equipped with BiS items (even if they havent the perfect rolls on it hopefully), and can farm almost efficiently in T6 and very efficiently in T5.

      What’s the point on giving more loots ? Blizzard wants us to leave the servers next month ?

      • I played quite a lot and I don’t even have enough legendaries to cover half my slots. I can’t find boots, gloves, shoulders, armor, rings, ammy that are an upgrade against my yellows (or require some echants but I can’t afford so many Forgotten souls)

      • It is likely that they are treating this period between launch and first content patch as a sort of test. Any long term players are likely to start doing seasons/ladders at that point which will effectively be a reset. If stuff ends up being tuned to high now it doesn’t really matter as they can lower it when the ‘reset’ comes.

      • Really? What RNG you must have. I have been on for an average of 2-6 hours a day since ROS and I can barely get through t1 let alone t6. I dont know what gets the old RNG rolling but I have 0 luck. My buddy on the other hand literally has multiple drops every-time he gets on. I actually watched 6 drops in one rift the other night, whereas I received none in 5 hours of play. Including 0 souls.

      • Yeah, some of us actually have lives. Therefore, we don’t have perfect legendaries in all of our slots. Just sayin’…

      • Yeah I’ve been playing a ton the past 2 weeks and have 1 maybe BiS item, if you define that as a slot filled with a well rolled legendary I don’t feel could be topped anytime soon. A helmet. One. I don’t know who is instantly flush with amazing gear after these buffed drop rates, it sure isn’t me. Only able to play safely in Master, and farm efficiently in Expert/Hard.

      • I’m not full of legendaries. I dunno about you. Maybe you play too much? But some of us work full time and can only play a couple hours a day or so. And we have 6 characters to gear up. Not just 1. Some of us aren’t up to farming efficiently in T6 because legendaries haven’t dropped for us. And here you are arguing against us being able to log in and have a couple drops and then deal with real life…Maybe you should log out and play another game each time you find a legendary. It’s not everyone else’s fault some people play so damn much.

    2. “Some of us are already fully equipped with BiS items (even if they havent the perfect rolls on it hopefully)”

      Key words: “some of us” and “haven’t the perfect rolls”.

      I probably play more than the average gamer at the moment, but much less than someone who depends on streaming for their livelihood. For me, Rifts felt pretty much in par with Bounties in drops, even after the previous hotfix. They may have had slightly higher Legendary drop rate, but it was barely noticeable and Bounties also have unique rewards like the Ring of Royal Grandeur or Gloves of Worship, that can be also BiS items. If the goal was for Rifts to be the best loot runs (to live up to their original name), then they clearly needed buffs. Whether this will be a good thing in the long run remains to be seen.

      As for the perfect rolls, I don’t know about you, but I think there are enough items in the game that can be considered BiS for one build or another that finding just one with the rolls you want will still take a long long time. Without that roll I would hardly call anything BiS, and now it seems we’ll actually have a reasonable chance of finding one Legendary item multiple times, which I consider to be a very good thing. Enchanting rocks, but it’s not exactly a good feeling when one piece of your class Set drops with 3 garbage stats and your Rare is better than it.

      • Killed aranae 1st time today on expert in bounty. 2 legs. Soona fter another leg + plan πŸ™‚

        Can;t wait to get home and do T2-3 rifts πŸ™‚

    3. “RoS is just 2 weeks old and we are already full of legendaries, sets, etc.

      Some of us are already fully equipped with BiS items (even if they havent the perfect rolls on it hopefully), and can farm almost efficiently in T6 and very efficiently in T5.”

      And you actually represent the tiny minority of players.

      I’m playing almost every day, yet my Sorc is barely able to touch the T1 (though she is HC char).
      So, yeah, the most addicted players will soon be maxed out, but the majority of players with less free time have a long way to go.

      Same happens in WoW with every patch, very few rush through content and clear it out, while most players are moving at slower pace and pretty happy with what they get.

      Tiered rifts and stuff are for the rescue of those who prefer to rush πŸ˜›

      • I’d be shocked if anyone is actually nearing BiS in even half their slots. BiS for what you find pre-torment, sure. But there are multiple 4 and 5 and 6 item sets that drop very rarely, only on Torment, and that you’d need to find each item a dozen times to get one with a near-perfect roll. Plus quadfecta miracle rolls on leg jewelry that can way outdo quadfecta rare jewelry, etc?

        See the gear the devs had on during the RoS Beta streaming events, and realize that maybe 1 in 20 of those uber items was actually within an enchant of being near-perfect.

        • Oh man. Thanks for linking that. I had missed that post and had been looking for their gear sets forever.

          50% extra spender damage set + free Blessed Shield + 5 Shield Ricochets… now THAT is endgame.

    4. Same comment Yunyuns. You are the exception, not the rule πŸ˜‰

      I also think that Blizz is preparing to launch the ladders. So, loot should be not too difficult to obtain if ladders’ seasons are not really long.

    5. It’s great that they are buffing leg drop rates. Now lets do something about all the legs without a unique bonus. The ones that aren’t worthy of the name.

    6. BiS items , I’ve got Feck all still , still waiting for any legendary bow drop , been trying since just after release . My WD constantly gets 2 handed weapons , would love some actual WD stuff , getting fed up tbh . I see people loot legendaries in chat on such a regular basis it’s real disheartening , especially when I play a few hours for 1 or 2 every day , getting sick of it .
      So now all these varieties of ways we could get loot on release is now basically rifts , we got stuffed again . Especially when some of the rifts are the most boring maps with sparse populations ever to grace a PC .
      Chests won’t matter , got 2 items since release . Super uniques , not a single legendary . Kadala , 1000’s of shards for what πŸ˜› hopefully that’s a good change .
      But now , after a “variety” of ways to get loot is what ..Rifts . Some variety .
      I’m just ranting because after all this time I can’t even try torment yet and all class sets drop there , love it πŸ™‚

      • Don’t know what you’re complaining about. In softcore my characters can easily do torment 1 and can struggle through t2 and t3 right after hitting 70. It’s not hard to craft a set of items and jump in.

        • I don’t know about the other classes, but in Softcore with a DH you only need an average Legendary weapon, for the rest of the slots Rares are perfectly sufficient for T1. It’s really easy to get good rolls on those with Enchanting, especially if you also gamble.

    7. In general I like that they buffed the rifts, since imho they seemed rather lackluster before the buff.

      However, for me Adventure mode is more fun than playing rifts, since you get all these events with a tiny story behind it and a little reward afterwars. It’s just that: rewarding.

      Rifts is just random monster munching with some nice rewards, but playing the rift is just not that much fun to me. So according to Blizzards policy of making the most fun way to play the game also the most rewarding way, they should somehow up the fun level of rifts.

    8. Legendaries are rainging from the skies and I had to take most of the night off the game?…sounds about right…

      On a personal note, I do hope there are some rare drops. Having everyone get an entire stash in Legs is great and all, but I would love to see items be hard to get(goes with the item hunt thing). I mean, you take trading out of the game completely minus whites needed for crafting and that leaves little else to do.

      • From my preliminary testing of 10 Rift runs at T2 I’d say they didn’t go overboards with the buffs. You can still have consecutive runs without Legendary drops and the less powerful ones still drop much more often. That said, I finally found one piece of the Marauder’s Set and a Bottomless Potion of the Tower.

    9. QUOTE

      From my preliminary testing of 10 Rift runs at T2 I'd say they didn't go overboards with the buffs. You can still have consecutive runs without Legendary drops and the less powerful ones still drop much more often. That said, I finally found one piece of the Marauder's Set and a Bottomless Potion of the Tower.

      Gratz on your finds.

      I am very anxious to test this tonight. My only hope is that everything doesn’t become been there done that too soon in the game. Would really love to have some items/things that I want to do a month from now…

      • I did 3 hours of rifts. I got a set amulet, a daibo, a plan (those new fancy arrows), some pants, a ring and a pair of boots from kadala. No upgrades, but the forgotten souls came in handy for some re-rolls I had to do + attempt at crafting (no luck there either).

        All in all, the legendaries that dropped for me where worth the FS.

    10. As I said in clan chat much to the disapproval of the members, I’m really worried we’re going to gear up way too fast now and get bored and quit the game since there’s no real end game content or “reasons” to have BIS gear. Ladders never interested me, and Tiered Rifts are going to quickly become boring as you’re forced to conform to very specific builds/gear to do them. The fact is, most people are finding amazing legendaries very quickly even before the first Rift buff, and this second one is really pushing it over the edge. “But I’m not getting them every 5 minutes so it’s RNG and RNG needs to be buffed! Stop trying to make this into an MMO!” No, you just simply aren’t patient enough. You DO find good legendaries often whether you admit it or not. Getting one good legendary every 2 days should be totally acceptable or even too fast, which is generally how it is before this hotfix.

      I think instead of overbuffing the drop rates, they should just work on making all legendaries have a purpose and unique affixes like Crusader legendaries. Then they should work on truly overhauling gear so it isn’t all core stat vit res all socket crit damage crit chance attack speed % life %ele damage %skill damage ect..

      Having legs drop every 5 minutes is not healthy for the game, no matter what you think. You’re going to get bored and quit very fast just like what the AH did to people with the $. There’s nothing to DO with the gear.

      • I don’t think so, unless you play 12h a day. I surely don’t (usually 1-2h per day).

        I want to deck all 6 classes with reasonable gear before the next expansion and probably be able to do the same in hardcore to complete the achievements.

        For people wanting to play all 6 classes at a higher Torment level I think any boost to get there faster is good. Perhaps that will also push people to play other classes once their main is fully decked out and doesn’t progress. I mean people keep asking for 10 classes per Xpack and only play a few. Perhaps this will open up possibilities for people to play other classes. And with ladders coming, I assume it will ease the progression especially if they do ~6 month long ladders.

        • I play an average of 2h a day now. The average drop rate for legendaries is one every 2 Rifts on T2, probably one every 3 Rifts on T1. It’s very easy gearing for T1 and even T2 with every class, especially with the crafting changes. You have MORE than enough time to get prepared for next expansion, this buff change is completely unnecessary for you.

          • I’ve yet to find a few items that I need

            Kridershot, Frostburns, Andariel’s, etc.

            Once you have all 6 chars decked out you can move to another game. I’m not even close to being decked out to one shot anything in T1 since the release of the game. If legendaries had fixed stats with only the ranges varying, then yes the drop rate would perhaps be too high as once you found the item, that would be it (like in D2) but with almost all legendaries that cna vary so much on affixes, you’ll be exteremely lucky to get the right roll of affixes + top level ranges on the first drop. So finding the same legendary a few times isn’t going to kill you.

            I already suggested that instead they allow the ranges of affixes to vary (with overlap) between the Torment levels. This way you can slowly grind your way to T6 with every find you have a chance of it being an incremental on top of what you already have just like in D2 instead of being the lucky winner of the loto and getting the top level drop of dreams with the right affixes and top range values on the first drop. It would also give the impression that you progress over a longer period of time without having lots of empty time between legendaries.

            And this would also fix the issue of either people gear their only char to T6 or they have a good amount of loot to be able to deck all 6 classes to a reasonable level by playing them each (now that smart always drops for your char 90% of the time).

          • Good for you. I play about 4-6 hours a day, averaging a leg per 2 hour. And to me that’s 1 soul every 2 hour because none of them has been upgrades in the past couples of days.

    11. If you are worried about finding too many items just play SOLO and your problems are sovled.. I find a LEG once every day or two and usually they make nice Brimstones…


      • I play mostly solo. I find on average, even before the legendary drop rate buffs, 2-3 legendaries a day on two hour day sessions. This drop rate buff is bad for the health of the game. No, I’m not just lucky, and it’s not just RNG. The vast majority of people get at least 1-2 legs a day on 2h sessions.

        • i used to find a unique in diablo2 every 5 min. did i get tired of it? after about 6 yrs yes… more legs can only be good for play. if they are no good, they turn into crafting material to craft legs, something thats more addicting than gambling away blood sharts(yes i shaid sharts)

          • Most people did get tired of Meph and Baal runs, which is why D3 is far more successful. But D2 was focused on remaking a lot of new characters all the time with that illusion of “replayability,” but D2 did have a much better grasp on itemization with legendaries that really made them unique for niche reasons. Those niche reasons supported the “remake a new character” mindset, which is why it wasn’t as bad for as many legs to drop in that game. D3 has no such thing, and without true end game content to support it, it won’t do well for very long. Ladders and Tiered Rifts are a great start but not the end game content D3 needs, especially with these drop rates.

            So, yes. Most people got really bored of D2 really fast when they got BIS gear too quickly.

            • the best items in d2 were rune words, i never found a zod rune or a few others, and i played aLOT. being able to craft your own legs feels a lot like rune words did in d2. this may not be the perfect solution, but theres no solution thats going to keep EVERYONE playing forever. making legs more attainable is enough to get me coming back day after day to “get lucky”.
              I’ve played d3 since launch, and stopped playing about 4 months before patch 2.0. the last few weeks since the ros launch i’ve been hooked, SOOOO much more fun than d3 vanilla. I say bring on the legs!!!!

    12. I’ve found 20+ Legs with my lvl 70 Crusader–but only one set item, one set plan, 3 Leg mats, and two Leg plans (actually 3, but I found the same plan twice). The set item and set plan were found before lvl 70. I play all aspects of T1 running solo and group. The most common Legs I find are 2h weapons and belts. Haven’t found a single piece of Leg chest armor, pair of boots, or pants.

    13. So, doing normal bounties to get keystones asap (ok isn’t that slow to get them on T1) and farm rifts on the highest possible torment is the only way? This… better be fun for a long time.

      I have fun doing rifts/bounties, but imo, the idea sounds terrible even on paper – having something that is obviously the only rewarding thing to do, as in: everything else looks like a waste of time, imo, it’s a huge cut of design space.

      It would be nice to fell like “clearing the campaign mode” or do some sort of “act 3 non-chest run” for a couple hours as change of pace. It isn’t forbidden; it’s only 100% less rewarding, on a loot oriented game… My common sense kinda forbids me.

      Is there a option to listen “Pink Floyd – The Wall” while I’m doing rifts? πŸ™‚

      I will do a lot of rifts and I’ll enjoy the new drops, but somehow, terrible idea imo. And vanilla is just broken (no chests, no unique mosters, no kadala, no drops, no runs…).

    14. The ‘huge’ drop rate in Rifts is a bit overblown really. Just did 12 of them on T2, and got 4 Legendaries (ofc all useless :P) and 1 Set (which always seems to be bloody Blackthornes). If anything, that’s lower then what I was getting before the patch. Weird was that out of those 5 drops, they happened in 3 of the rifts, got two drops in quick succession of each other in two of them.

      As for Bloodshard gamble buff. Gambled for 54 rings, and got one legendary. Sample size is a bit small to say if that was luck or no, but that’s my third legendary from Bloodshards now, out of about 4500 Bloodshards gambled, will have to see if that was just dumb luck or no, but first I’ll need to do more bounties since I’m now fresh out of rift crystals.

      • “If anything, that’s lower then what I was getting before the patch.”

        Given the base drop chance of Legendaries, an increase of 130% at T1, compared to the previous 44% shouldn’t be that noticeable. Sure, the bonus tripled, but most likely we are still talking about hundredths or thousandths of a percent for normal enemies, chests, breakable, etc. and at most 1% for Elites. People do need to chill, the vast majority of players won’t be running in BiS items any time soon.

    15. QUOTE

      Yep very true. 2x next to nothing is still next to nothing :P

      I think that is what most people are missing…

    16. prior to today I got 0 legs from Kadala, today I used 70 shards and got Tyreal’s Might (almost perfect roll) and Blackthorn pants, as well as running a rift and saw 2 legs drop

    17. Id like to know something about the loot. Is the loot better when i play alone than if i would be playing in a party?

    18. I don’t know if “mega” would be a prefix I’d use to describe my experiences today. A lot of rift running, not many legendaries, the ones that did drop were horrible, lost around a million gold on some terrible enchanting streaks, no legendaries from Kadala burning hundreds of blood shards I had lying around. I guess the RNG is not strong with me today.

      • its not strong with many i think. I ran around 20 so far and nothing to speak of. Not even souls are dropping in the torment runs. Maybe another distraction by Blizz to get people from the exploit runs?

    19. The items you REALLY want are so rare, this buff doesn’t really make all that much of a difference. When you have a drop rate of like 1% and you increase it to 1.75%, you won’t be seeing much difference. Particularly the class sets that do godly things. Only but the luckiest players will find these any time soon. You’ll find way more legendary items in general, but for the most part, you’ll get a lot more Forgotten Souls. Not that I’m ungrateful, I’ll take any buff I can get.

      • Blizzard probably looked at their data and realize that the average player (at least in terms of luck) will complete a full set in 6 months time. I imagine this buff curbs it down to about 3 months, which is around the time they introduce new items, tiered rifts, and seasons.

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