The Hotfixes thread shows that today’s promised legendary drop rate buffs and other itemization changes are a go. Head to a Nephalem Rift and fire your lazors, since the Mega-Legendary Hotfixes Are Now Live

    Here are the recent hotfixes, all now live on the realms.



  • Kadala’s Legendary drop rate has been increased.*
  • Unique Monsters now use the same loot table as Champions.*
  • The bonus Legendary drop rate for Nephalem Rifts has been increased from 25% to 100%*
  • The number of chests that spawn across Sanctuary has been reduced.*
  • The Unique Ebenezer Samuel no longer spawns 100% of the time on higher difficulties.*
  • The following change from the Patch Notes has been reverted:

  • In Campaign Mode, Manglemaw now only drops loot and gives XP before the player progresses to the Chancellor’s Tomb quest*
  • Items

  • Follower relics should now roll the appropriate stats for that follower.*
  • The following items had game-breaking bugs associated with them that are now resolved. They can once again drop in-game*:

  • DiabloWikiMoonlight Ward
  • DiabloWikiHexing Pants of Mr. Yan
  • DiabloWikiThe Slanderer
  • DiabloWikiLittle Rogue
  • Report your testing results in comments and we can get some community consensus on the good/bad of the changes. In a way I’m more curious about the Gambling buffs than the drop rate, since Bliz hasn’t given any facts or figures about how much of a buff it really is. Are we talking 1 leg per 500 shards, or 5 legs per 500 shards? It takes so much longer to accumulate Shards than it does to test drop rates in Rifts that it’ll actually take more testing time to find out Kadala than the rest of it.

    Here’s the vote from the previous post, and those of you who missed it earlier can now vote from experience, not just theory!

    What do you think of Travis Day's Legendary drop rate news?

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    Update: Gambling! To satisfy my own curiosity, I got on US HC and blew through 405 Blood Shards, all on chest armor with a Demon Hunter. That got me 81 chest pieces, about 50 of which were cloaks, and a total of… 0 legendaries. Zero! Thank god for the buff to Kadala’s drop rate!

    I expressed my joy at this development in clan chat and a couple of others said my luck was terrible and they’d gotten several legs gambling earlier, and many others had reported good results. So I did a couple of quick Rifts on Expert (zero legs found) mostly for the Shards, and tried again. With 58 shards I got another 11 rolls… and literally the last one popped a legendary. Not a cloak, but a good roll on a Tyrael’s Might.

    I can’t say 1 leg in 465 shards (1/93 hit rate = ~1%) gave me any sign of a buffed Kadala, but other players reported more leg success as closer to 1/30, so while they were probably lucky on the RNG, I was probably unlucky, and the truth is somewhere in between.

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