Meet Lewt, the Papercraft Treasure Goblin

Lylirra shares with us a Papercraft project of the Treasure Goblin named Lewt and step by step instructions on how to make him.

To help celebrate the holidays and ring in the new year, we’ve put together a fun little papercraft project for our creative community. In true Diablo fashion, this particular papercraft is of a Treasure Goblin, complete with his very own papercraft Treasure Bag.

Designed by Dana Pull, Matt Worcester, and Kimberly “Vaeflare” LeCrone

We call him Lewt.

For the printable designs, assembly instructions, festive photos and more, read on!

Check after the Jump to see more of this little guy and on how to make him.

Creating your own Lewt is easy. To begin, you’ll want to decide how big of a goblin you want. We’ve offered two sizes for printing: one standard (fits an 8 ½ by 11 sheet) and one large (fits an 11 by 17 sheet). Pick your poison and then proceed to the assembly instructions below.

8 ½ x 11 | 11×17 (head & torso)                     8 ½ x 11 | 11×17        

Assembly Instructions:

    Step 1: Download and print out your Treasure Goblin and Treasure Bag papercraft designs.

    Step 2: Cut along the outside of the Treasure Bag and each Treasure Goblin body part. You’ll also need to make a special cut along the jawline.

    Step 3: Begin folding! Areas in which you should fold are marked by dotted lines.

    Step 4: Start to shape your Treasure Goblin and Treasure Bag by matching up corresponding flaps. Which flaps correspond will be easy to tell based on where the paper naturally folds and fits.

    Step 5: Using an adhesive of your choosing, bind corresponding flaps together.

    Step 6: For the Treasure Goblin itself, assembly can be completed by attaching the arms, legs, and head to the torso. Where the legs and head should attach are indicated by red and blue circles, while the arms may be posed in different locations on the torso, depending on your preference.

    Step 7: Allow adhesive to dry, and you’re set!

Once both papercrafts have been assembled, customize your Lewt by adding different spoils to his Treasure Bag. Treasure Goblins are collectors by nature, so the more bounties you can gather for Lewt—the better!

Assembly Tips:

For best results in creating your Treasure Goblin and Treasure Bag papercrafts, here are few tips and tricks for assembly.

  • Avoid glossy paper.
  • To ensure that your papercraft is as crisp and clean as possible, we recommend using an X-ACTO knife or similar cutting tool on any corners.
  • For the straightest, most manageable folds, score the folds first. (Note: This will require a blade.)
  • Liquid glue works better than paste or tape. While “quick drying” and “tacky” glues are preferred, Elmer’s Glue and Super Glue also work fairly well.

    Lewt is already busy helping us here at Blizzard prepare for and celebrate the holidays.

    But what about you?

    After you’ve trimmed, folded, and adhered your way to sweet goblin victory, be sure to send us a photo of your Lewt in action. To do so, tweet us at @Diablo using the #WHERESMYLEWT hashtag. We’ll be retweeting and sharing our favorite Lewt adventures on Twitter and Facebook as well as posting more photos of our own throughout the holidays.

    Happy crafting!

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