The Penny-Arcade Expo starts today (August 29th-31st) in some 6 odd hours and Blizzard will be there. You are welcome to chat with the Blizzard Community Managers, but you won’t find interviews or developers there. However, you Eyonix and Bornakk from the WoW community, Karune from StarCraft/WarCraft and Bashiok from Diablo will be there, and they are apparently more than happy to chat!

    Just a quick mention that some Blizzard community managers (Eyonix, Bornakk, Karune and myself) will be at PAX which is this weekend in Seattle helping answer questions and running the booth. If you’re going, stop by and say hi.

    Well we’ll be there working the booth every day, and then we leave early Monday. I have friends there so I’m sure I’ll be busy both nights, but if you can and want to still snag a ticket for Sunday then you should stop by.

    It’s mostly a booth presence and a consumer show, so I don’t really expect any interviews. If I get a common question or something really intriguing I think you’d all also like to know I’ll definitely try to share it.

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