Following the release of Median XL 2017 a few months ago, a new update will be released this Friday and a new Season will start shortly after 1.1 releases.

    The Diablo 2 mod saw a huge influx of new players when Median XL 1.0 released and this new update, which is expected to go live a the end of the working week, will include the following:

    – Character corpses will now spawn in town (next to you) after you die.
    – New areas: Realm of Lies, Teganze, Khazra Dungeon, Chamber of Blood, Genesis and at least 10 new places (too long to list).
    – “Removal” of most Summoning Uberquests (finally!) as they get their own stages now.
    – Multiple uberquest overhauls: Yshari Sanctum, Toraja, Void, all Heroic Bosses and some others.
    – Balance tweaks to more than 50 character skills.
    – Massively reworked Baal on all difficulties… and it’s now an epic fight.
    – Drops rework: better multiplayer scaling, over 5 new uber biases, better hatred drop scaling and quite a lot more.
    – Other changes to be revealed on patch release.

    If you have not tried Median XL with Diablo 2 then you can find out more on the website.



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