Median XL 2017 Released – New Season Starts

Median XL 2017 Released – New Season Starts

The popular Diablo 2 mod Median XL has just been updated to Median XL 2017 and it’s now available to download. There’s loads of new features and changes to enjoy.

With the release of this new version of the popular mod, the Season 14 ladder will be getting underway. There are some patch notes specific to this season which are as follows:

  • Added three new gameservers in Los Angeles, Seattle and New York
  • Secret uniques, runewords and sets
  • Cornerstone of the World can drop with uber skills, oskills and monster skills
  • Rebalanced drop rates

The main patch notes for Median XL can be found in the Changelog and they are pretty large. This is a huge update and if you fancy diving into some D2 then head to this page and grab the launcher.


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    7 thoughts on “Median XL 2017 Released – New Season Starts

    1. I can’t get this thing to play properly. Crash, crash, crash every time I try and load a toon. Running in Admin, installed all add-ons. Followed all found recommendations. Just too much hassle, but hey, it’s free.

    2. Right, this game should be SO easy and basic to run. A freakin first gen Nintendo DS could run it. So what’s the problem?

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