Maximum Magic Find and Gold Find Values

This article details the possible Magic Find and Gold Find on every item in Diablo 3, including Rares, Sets, and Legendary items. It’s possible to stack up well over the 300% hard cap from equipment, even without the aid of MF/GF from your Followers, and while Rares provide the most MF/GF in most slots, there are a few legendary weapons and armors that add a bit more, or a lot more.

Here’s a screenshot of the table I created, taken from the DiabloWiki Magic Find article; click through to view it and a detailed breakdown of every item slot, listing all Legendary weapons and armor with any Magic Find or Gold Find.

Maximum Magic Find and Gold Find equipment values in Diablo III.

There that aren’t many Legendaries to make things interesting, with values above the basic, boring, flat 20 MF/25 GF you see on Rares in most armor slots. It’s a pity that random affixes of MF/GF can’t stack on Legendaries with those stats already; DiabloWikiNagelring at 30% Magic Find is kind of interesting, but imagine if it could roll 1-20% more MF and occasionally pop at 50%? That would be an item with enough of a bonus to pursue.

Admittedly, this is irrelevant in the actual game since the MF/GF totals are capped at 300% (not including DiabloWikiNephalem Valor and DiabloWikiMonster Power bonuses), and the Paragon system is designed to invalidate Magic Find as an item modifier, but still… numbers! After all, if you don’t like at least a little min/maxing on gear stats, you’re playing the wrong game.

Maximum Magic Find Values

The most interesting tidbit comes from the DiabloWikiLegacy of Wicked Dreams (db), as that set provides the highest possible Magic Find AND Gold Find of any two rings. This is true even though neither of the individual rings has ANY inherent bonus to those stats. What they have are 2 and 3 random affix slots each, and a 15% MF/GF set bonus, allowing two perfect MF/GF rolls and a resulting 55MF/65GF pair of rings.

Would using those be the best option? Almost certainly not. But we’re not talking about ideal strategy; we’re talking about statical oddities relating to Magic Find and Gold Find. Speaking of, what’s the max value possible, again ignoring the 300% hard cap? Here’s my tally, though it’s entirely possible that I missed a possible bonus somewhere. If you spot any errors, please point out in comments so I can update the info for accuracy.

Maximum Magic Find

Maximum magic find values for character equipment:

  • 45% Amulet (Rare)
  • 55% Ring (Legacy of the Wicked Dreams set bonus)
  • 51% Helm (20% + 31% Perfect Radiant Topaz in socket)
  • 20% Shoulders (Rare)
  • 20% Chest (Rare)
  • 20% Belt (Rare)
  • 20% Boots (Rare)
  • 20% Bracers (Rare)
  • 20% Gloves (Rare)
  • 20% Pants (Rare)
  • 20% Shield/Quiver/Orb/Mojo
  • 45% Weapon (Sun Keeper. WD can consider The Gidbinn at 31-35%.)
  • _______________________
    = 356% total Magic Find

    This seems to be flat across the classes, since all 5 can wield a one-handed mace with a shield, though obviously some would be more effective than others with that gear set up. There aren’t any skills in the final game that boost Magic Find, though some were discussed during development.

    While all the classes are the same here, realistically, the Demon Hunter is the worse off, since there are no Legendary bows or xbows with a bonus to Magic Find (or Gold Find). There is the Silver Star Piercers quiver with 9-10% Magic Find inherent, but that’s much less than the 20% you can get from Rares, and it’s a level 33 Quiver no end game character would ever choose to use. But since there’s there’s no reason to ever go over 300% MF in gear… who cares?

    Click through for much more, including Maximum Gold Find, and Maximum GF and MF for Followers, as well as which class has the best total MF/GF and a general discussion of the pros and cons of the simplified MF/GF system, Paragon levels, and Monster power.

    Follower Magic Find

    He even brought his own loot bag!
    None of the DiabloWikiFollowers have any skills that boost their Gold or Magic Find, so it’s all about gear for them. Pre-game the devs repeatedly told us that the Scoundrel could actually boost your Item Finding, and you can see the icon of gold coins in the first Follower skill interface when they still had 12 skills, but it’s nowhere to be seen in the final game. Such a skill would logically have worked with his thieving, avaricious personality, so cutting it must have been a fairly late decision.

    Ironically, he’s the worst of the Followers on Magic Find, since there’s no Langer Briser in Diablo III, and the Follower can’t wield the Sun Keeper, which the Templar and Enchantress can. The Templar can do a shield as well, which gives him the biggest potential Follower Magic Find.

    Maximum Follower Magic Find:

  • 45% Rare Amulet
  • 30% Nagelring
  • 20% Rare Ring (Remember, no set bonuses on Followers.)
  • 45% Weapon (Sun Keeper)
  • 20% Rare Shield
  • 0% from Follower-specific items. (Wouldn’t a Legendary apiece with MF have been nice?)
  • _________________
    = 160% Magic Find for the Templar

    The Enchantress comes in just behind at 140% since she can’t equip a shield. However she can use two-handed stuff the Templar can not, and that opens up The Grand Vizier as an option. That awesome Legendary staff boasts 41-45% Magic Find plus 41-50% Gold Find, for a huge double bonus. The Scoundrel comes in last with just the 95% from jewelry, but at least he’s got witty sarcasm to keep him warm at night.

    Bear in mind that you only get 1/5th of your Follower’s Magic Find or Gold Find, but still, a very-obtainable 75% yields 15% to you, which is equivalent to 5 Paragon levels, or tacking a decent MF or GF affix onto one of your Rares. And that’s not so easy to do, at least until we get enchanting back in D3X.

    Gold Find Maximum Value

    Goldskin for the gold win.
    Characters can rack up quite a bit more Gold Find than Magic Find since Rares can have 25% rather than just 20%, and there’s one very notable Legendary too boost the total.

  • 50% Amulet (Rare)
  • 65% Ring (Legacy of the Wicked Dreams set bonus)
  • 51% Helm (20% + 31% Perfect Radiant Emerald in socket)
  • 25% Shoulders (Rare)
  • 100% Chest (Goldskin)
  • 25% Belt (Rare. The D3 version of Goldwrap is more like Iron Pyrite-wrap, with a lame 11-12%)
  • 25% Boots (Rare)
  • 25% Bracers (Rare)
  • 25% Gloves (Rare)
  • 25% Pants (Rare, or 21-25% from Depth Diggers)
  • _________________
    416% for all classes before you consider weapon and offhand item.

    466% is the most possible by using The Grand Vizier. Only the Monk, Wizard, Witch Doctor, and Enchantress can equip this. Not the Demon Hunter or the Barbarian.

    451% (25% Shield + 10% Wirt’s Original Leg with its 5-10% gold find.

    441% for all classes with 25% from their shield/orb/mojo/quiver in the off-hand.

    There’s one last class difference, since the Demon Hunter’s DiabloWikiFerret Companion grants a 10% bonus to Gold Find. The ferrets even help gather up the gold as well, though frankly the tube rats are both slow and inefficient, so it’s like having little kids help you with some task; you’re better off just doing it yourself.

    The 10% bonus is real though, so that gets the Demon Hunter up to 456% max, or 446% while using a proper bow-type weapon. Which is still 4th place, but at least it’s 4th place with one of your precious skill slots wasted for a tiny little benefit you could easily replicate with other equipment.

    (Seriously, what would this rune effect need to grant to be worth using? I’d say about 100% Gold Find, plus the ferrets have a 1% chance to steal Eirena’s bikini top.)

    Follower Gold Find

    Since Followers don’t wear body armor (until the expansion) they don’t differ much from characters in their Gold Find values.

  • 50% Amulet (Rare)
  • 25% Ring (Rare, since no set bonus from Legacy of the Wicked Dreams)
  • 25% Ring
  • 25% Shield (Templar only)
  • 10% weapon (Wirt’s Original Leg)
  • __________________________
    = 135% — Kormac wins again!

    Or not, since the Enchantress can use the Grand Vizier, which gives her 50% Gold Find from the weapon vs. Kormac’s 35% weapon + shield. So the true champion is Eirena, with 150% maximum Gold Find.

    Seriously, I so want one of those Grand Viziers now for my Enchantress. I haven’t bothered to dirty my inventory with any sort of staff in forever, since two-handed weapons are pointless in the game now, but I’d obviously make an exception for an orange one. Kthxplz.

    Maximum Magic Find and Gold Find

    For the obvious final step, we’ve got to add them together.

    Maximum Total Magic Find:

    356 for all 5 classes.
    + 32 (1/5 of 160% from Kormac)
    = 388% Magic Find

    I keep thinking I must be making an error on the calculations here somewhere, (If I am I’m sure comments will let me know) since I remember people claiming to be well into the 400% Magic Find range back pre-v1.04, before the 300% cap came in and so many of the legendaries got reworked (and improved) and before Paragon levels and Monster Power. But I don’t see how anyone could have been, since there weren’t any Legacy Legendaries that added more than any of the current ones (New Sun Keeper way outdoes Legacy Sun Keeper or Legacy 300th Spear.)

    Did Follower Magic Find share fully back then, or were people including temporary Fortune Shrines? Lying? If any legacy Rares had higher Magic Find than is now allowed, I have not seen any of them on the Auction House, and I’ve done a lot of seearching on every item type valueing nothing but maximum Magic Find.

    Maximum Total Gold Find:

    466% Gold Find for Monk, Witch Doctor, or Wizard.
    + 30% (1/5 of 150% Gold Find from Eirena)
    = 496% Maximum Gold Find!

    I feel richer already!

    Conclusion… Equipment MF/GF Pros and Cons

    The irony of all that number crunching is that it’s so much simpler in the actual game, since v1.04. In the current D3C your max is 300% MF or GF (or both) from all your gear, including Follower bonuses and the DiabloWikiFortune Shrine. You get 75% for 5 DiabloWikiNephalem Valor stacks, and 250% more from DiabloWikiMP10 (on Inferno; just 100% from MP10 on Normal/Nightmare/Hell), for a grand total of 625% MF. (Or 475% before Inferno.) And if you’re Paragon level 100, you don’t need a single point of that from your gear.

    Isn’t it nice when Diablo III simplifies something? Seriously, is it? Um, maybe…

    I like MF as an item stat. I like having to make sacrifices and decisions about boosting it, or damage, or defensive stats, while trying to do all of them at once. I recently had my Demon Hunter up to max MF at Paragon level 30, and then redid all of her gear to go from 62k DPS to 107k DPS. At that point she was flying through DiabloWikiAlkazier runs, but I was down 103% MF and about 10k hit points, and it was less fun. So I redid my gear again, got back up to 295% MF and added back almost all of my hit points while dropping the DPS to 92k. Now she’s much more survivable, is one Paragon level from max MF, and still farms pretty well. And I enjoy it more since I made it myself.

    I’m not a huge min/max freak, but a big part of the fun of item based games like Diablo III is tweaking your equipment and finding new ways to put the puzzle together from all the different pieces. I was not a fan of the Paragon system adding MF when they first announced it, since it seemed like another “Dumbed Down D3” to anger all the real fans while appeasing the CoD crossover market. Now that I’ve played with the MP and Paragon system few months now though, I’ll admit that it’s a lot better than I initially thought. My approval is mostly about the gradual and incremental level rate, and the fact that most people will take months and months to get even one character to Paragon 50.

    Thus the Paragon system adds in the MF/GF gradually and it makes for a nice steady reward that feels fun and gradually allows you to reshape your gear, without totally invalidating all the work you did to build up some item-based MF in the first place. I still think the Paragon level curve is too flat at the top end and that P100 was much too readily-obtained, but my objection only really exists past P80 or 85 or so. And yes, that’s probably hypocritical of me since it’s very unlikely I’ll ever grind a character to anywhere near that high a level.

    How do you guys feel about the MF and GF systems in the game today? Enjoy the simplification? Like how the Paragon levels and Monster Power interact? Or do you have changes you’d like to see implemented?

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    27 thoughts on “Maximum Magic Find and Gold Find Values

    1. It’s “Alkaizer” runs, not “Alkazier.” What, don’t look at me like that, I’m not some crazy elitist-slash-grammer-nazi, I just noticed that wiki link didn’t work. :/

      • I made a redirect. Since I’ll assuredly misspell it again at some point. And yeah, I should have checked before I posted the article, but it had gone long and I was ready to rush off and have dinner.

        Huge update to the Alkaizer runs page coming soon, too. I’ve been researching best builds for each class for it, plus tips and tricks and stuff. (Yes, there are tips beyond, “MOAR DPS [email protected]!” Barely.

      • I did that run twice now, and I found a legendary both times. (Including my first set, the Wailing Host). First time, first enemy (Colossal Golgar, just a regular one) dropped some more-or-less worthless legendary. Made me a believer in the run though.

    2. The problem is that magic find still isn’t subject to diminishing returns, which means it’s still too important when it comes to item finding. While I understand the purpose of NV and appreciate Blizzard’s decision to downplay the importance of MF, the result is that the synergy between the two systems is so strong that NV stacks are essentially mandatory, as evidenced by the the jump in drop quality between 0 NV and 5 NV. Also, the current system was meant to eventually put an end to MF swapping, but that “eventually” occurs so late that you’re more likely to quit the game before you reach the MF cap than to actually reach it.

      In short: if you want to find shit you’ll need those 5 stacks, and if you want to have a better chance of finding shit you’ll want to MF swap too. The feeling of having to spend 10-15 minutes farming those 5 stacks before your drops actually start to matter, in addition to the whole MF swapping thing, has turned me off of farming too many times to count. I would much rather see a return to D2-style farming where there was no warm-up/foreplay phase and the number of successive runs had no impact on the quality of your drops, but I realize that will not happen.

      As for GF on gear; to people who aren’t using the AH, gold and GF are both useless. I find gems to be a pretty good gold sink in that it eats up most of the gold I find, but the gold I find is only there to be eaten up by the crafting anyway so doesn’t really matter in the end. Interestingly (and perhaps depressingly) two of the three set helms I’ve found so far have had GF as a random mod.

      • I’d actually love more gold and my DH has 280% or so with 5 stacks. I can hardly keep up with gem upgrading, and most of them I upgrade I just sell (Star emeralds are going for 800k lately, which is 300k profit if you find the mats yourself while farming.) Most of the gold of late ultimately goes to GAH purchases, but I’d love to do some crafting since I’ve found a few 6 mod plans that I’d like to make. But they’re like 90-110k a pop and that just seems a crazy expense for the low probability of any decent return.

        I need about 20m more gold, or cheaper crafting, or better odds of a decent return. The real irony is that the more you play, the more gold you find but also the more loot you find, thus your standards steadily increase, thus it’s harder to create an upgrade, thus buying one in the GAH costs more, etc.

        And Bobby laughs….

        • 180k if you find the materials yourself. If you sell the 27 flawless square emeralds (at ~4,250 each after cut) and the 54 tomes (at ~380 each after cut) you are making… 135k. Which is less, but then consider how much gold you could get if you weren’t clicking in menus.

        • Crafting weapons/armor would’ve been a great gold sink if it hadn’t also been a huge time sink. To make even a single rare you need to fill up your inventory with blues twice and then salvage each one of them individually. That’s a lot to ask for when most people don’t even pick up blues to begin with.

          Perhaps if blacksmithing hadn’t been such a hassle, it would’ve been a more attractive gold sink and a good reason to desire GF on gear. As it is, I find that the GF I get through paragon levels is enough to cover gem costs, and that’s really all I use my gold for. Obviously someone who uses the AH will see things differently, but hey.

          • The time sink is a good point on crafting. If I’m near the end of a run and have some room in my stash I’ll usually pick up all the blues in sight along with the rares (such as from Azmodan’s drop) and I just craft the blues for mats… yet when I look I have like 124 of the blue mats in my stash, from weeks of occasionally collection, and that’s enough for like 4 crafts.

            Maybe if there was some sort of item pick up option to instantly salvage all blues? Bring back the salvabe cube, with a shift+left click option to instantly render anything in your inventory. Or something like that…

    3. You have been stepping up with all these great articles Flux, at least somebody still cares. I was switching out an amulet and belt before the final killing blow to give me an extra 64% MF, but I got so tired of doing that I just quit. I did find an amulet with MF that was decent enough for now to wear all the time(130 int, 130 Vit, 60 AR, 47 CD, 40 MF, and socket). I found a Sunkeeper for Kormac, so I have a decent amount of MF on him now, and he can do noticeable damage. I also found a grail for him that had 15% block, and that gives him 42% altogether, so he very seldom dies. I wish the one hellfire ring I made would have been good, but Kormac likes it, and the fire ball procs alot. It wasn’t a bad roll on the hellfire, but I have CC and CD on both my rings, so it hurt me to much to wear it.

      Another reason I quit switching gear was that I have a decent 125K DPS now, and even with a hydra/Blizz build, I can mow everything down on MP1 pretty quick. I was constantly opening and closing my inventory to switch, so I said to Hell with it. I am up to level 42 Paragon so I have 126 MF from that. I finally switched my topaz out of my helm for a ruby to get more XP, cause in the long run the XP points matter more. I can’t say I am in agreement with Blizzard phasing out MF. It has always been something else to add to your character identity, but I guess they don’t see it that way.

      • Thanks, and since you mention the sun keeper… I was inspired by my own advice here and just checked the AH and people are practically giving away sunkeepers and Grand Viziers. I got a SK and 2 GVs, each with 120~ vit, for like 120k each. Quick switch to my DH’s Follower’s weapon and poof, there’s an extra 9% MF and 10% GF, practically for free.

        Better, my DH was at 296% MF, so now I’m over the max, but just one level from being able to switch out my MF boots for some worth 3500 more DPS, while remaining at max MF. The Grand Vizier will let me do that 3 paragon levels sooner than I would have otherwise, and that’s a time savings worth a lot more than 120k.

        BTW, it’s a lot more expensive to give the Followers’s MF/GF from jewelry. US GAH I didn’t see a single ring with 20/25 MF/GF for less than 500k, and even dropping down to 15/20 they were still pretty pricey. As all of my followers have 19 or 20% MF rings with junk stats I found myself, that’s not worth the purchase price. Amulets aren’t too bad, though. 35/35 MF/GF are 50k or less.

        I don’t know how many runs with another 7 or 8% to your MF/GF it would take to pay off the purchase price, but given how much another 20% MF adds to the purchase price of any top item, making that up with 100k in gear on a follower seems a very wise strategy.

    4. Another reason for D3 fail — why hard cap anything? Isn’t a soft cap in terms of assymptotic diminishing returns just as effective?

      I am still really disappointed with the trainwreck of this game. I hope the expansion does something to make me want to play it. In the meantime there are some very good options out…especially out of New Zealand.

      • Hard caps create the ability for players to devote X resources to them, and then concentrate on other things. As well as limiting the potential benefit of those numbers as a form of balance.

        D2 was full of hard caps, of course. Many more than D3 has. Resistances most obviously, but in many other places via breakpoints or very steep diminishing returns, such as on IAS, casting speed, blocking speed, etc, though lots of casual players probably didn’t understand the game engine well enough to realize that.

        I’m guessing you’re one of those people, since D2’s Magic Find had a very hard (though still slightly soft) cap created by the steep diminishing returns.

    5. I wish they’d do something like raise the cap to 400% so magic find at least has some long term value. The way it works now, long term, magic find is actually bad. It’s undesirable. All magic find does is waste a spot that could have been something useful. It’s worse than +1 armor, because +1 armor actually does something.

      I do have a monk decked out in super duper max MF gear for doing Normal mode Act 2 runs for Leoric’s Signet (found 0 so far! High 5!), but if you envision yourself reaching Paragon 100 eventually, some day, on even just one character, then magic find has zero long term value, which is just dumb.

      • With how things are in the game at the moment, you are right of course. In the (really) long term magic find on gear is useless. You have to keep in mind a couple of things though:

        1) Most players won’t become level 100 Paragons for a really long time, so magic find is still useful to them.

        2) Many players play with multiple classes. These player won’t reach Paragon level 100 for a REALLY long time. Again, magic find is useful for them.

        3) We are in a transitional phase as far as MF and GFis concerned. I believe the devs already said that their long term goal is to phase out MF and GF from gear completely. My guess is that a year from now (maybe sooner) we won’t see these stats on items at all, so it won’t be a completely useless stat for min/maxers. By that time hopefully most of the playerbase won’t miss them, because they’ll high enough Paragons to don’t really mind this change.

        • #3 is just one the Dev’s many ill-conceived, misguided notions. MF/GF on the Paragon system is stupid. Making MF/GF obsolete and/or undesired on equipment is stupid. Phasing out, removing MF/GF affixes from equipment is stupid.

          MF/GF affixes should be on the equipment, limited to jewelry and legendary/set items where the amounts/percentages can be controlled and where… gasp… there should be a trade-off, loss of something necessary, so that getting the extra MF/GF gives one cause to considered the ramifications of the decision.

          All this dumbed-down, you don’t need to make any decisions, we’ll do everything for you, we know best how you should play BS…. is the reason D3 pretty much sucks and everyone is disappointed. And why a game that sold 10 million+ copies didn’t win an award.

          • “#3 is just one the Dev’s many ill-conceived, misguided notions.”

            IMHO introducing stats like MF/GF is the misguided notion. Offensive stats are superior in every way, since they provide you with more magic items as well by enabling you to kill more enemies over time. MF and GF are strictly worse, secondary stats and such the worst stats in the game. I would never choose them over anything else.

            “MF/GF affixes should be on the equipment, limited to jewelry and legendary/set items where the amounts/percentages can be controlled and where… gasp… there should be a trade-off, loss of something necessary, so that getting the extra MF/GF gives one cause to considered the ramifications of the decision.”

            With 6 affixes most of the time choosing MF/GF is already a trade-off, especially when you consider Legendaries for a given slot.

            Also, WTB edit button.

            • Throwing MF/GF affixes into the mix of other affixes, so that offensive, and even defensive, affixes are NOT superior in every way is the whole point of throwing them into the mix. Giving one pause to consider their gear, and figure out what is most efficient, and/or fun should be part of the game. This is one of the many things missing from D3.

    6. I like your recent activity in putting articles up Flux 🙂

      I think, end game magic find (paragon 100) is all about beeing able to farm at high mp’s

    7. Did anyone point out that you can also increase MF by equipping your followers? I think you only get 1/4 of whatever percentage, but by MFing the heck out of the Templar, I get an extra 16% or so to my MF. This is important for players like me who aren’t good enough to get away with subpar gear.

    8. Tonight I found my best item in about 600 hours of playing, a Chantodo’s Will, big DPS, INT, and reduced level req.

      I found it with my new Paragon lvl 5 Barb, with no extra magic find.

      I realize this is just an anomaly, but my paragon lvl 27 WD finds about 2 legendaries a day now, mostly repeats of crap.

    9. Hi,
      Thanks for the researches and calculation.
      If you ask how people were telling about 400% when the limit is 388 is maybe because they looked at the numbers with 5NV stacks.

    10. I’d be interested in knowing their reason for cutting the scoundrel’s mf ability… and for making him useless. WHYYYYYYYYYY

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