Maximum Diablo 3 Magic Find Increasing in v1.08

A fan confused about the function of Diablo 3 Magic Find asked about the maximum possible value and got a detailed reply.

Vaeflare: Currently in patch 1.0.7, the hard cap on DiabloWikiMagic Find is 625% (300% soft cap + 75% NV stacks + 250% MP 10 on Inferno).

Starting in patch 1.0.8 however, the Magic Find bonus from DiabloWikishrines will be able to exceed the “soft cap” of 300% that players can achieve from a combination of their own gear and their follower’s gear. In patch 1.0.8 we’re also adding a buff to multiplayer games called “Strength in Numbers” which allows for a 10% bonus to Magic Find, Gold Find, and DiabloWikiexperience per additional player in a multiplayer game, up to a maximum of 30% in a four-player game. The Magic Find and Gold find bonuses of this multiplayer feature can exceed their respective 300% cap as well.

So after patch 1.0.8, if you have 300% Magic Find from your gear, have 5 stacks of DiabloWikiNV (+75% MF), are playing on Inferno at MP10 (+250% MF), have a DiabloWikiFortune Shrine buff active (+25% MF), AND are playing a four player multiplayer game (+30% MF), you can hit the maximum of a 680% bonus to Magic Find. Shiny!

Keep in mind that this cap will be lower for if you aren’t playing on Inferno and/or aren’t using Monster Power level 10, etc.

At that level you should get a legendary item from approximately every 4th boss pack. If you do not, it’s because you said mean things about Jay Wilson and/or Bashiok, and remembers. never forgets.

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21 thoughts on “Maximum Diablo 3 Magic Find Increasing in v1.08

      • I actually had the same Mytheical thought when I first read the post. Wondered if Blue had screwed up the math on the multiplicative bonuses…

        I do like that MF shrines now go above the cap. NOt an issue with my current HC chars, but my mostly-retired SC Monk is P82, and she was at 300 MF from gear + merc since like level 40, which made Fortune shrines feel pretty irrelevant. (And no, 2 minutes of +25% GF wasn’t exactly lighting up my world.)

  1. There never was >1k MF Mr. Mythe.

    Anyways, this sounds like amazing news…..the part I liked the most was the 4th pack drop info! This will really drive me to crank up my survivability in MP10…..although I fear Vaeflare may regret making such a bold statement!

  2. Wait a tick. I thought that the NV Stacks, Fortune Shrine, and MP Bonus (if I am not mistaken) were suppose to multiply (300 + 250) x (1.00 + 0.75 + 0.25 + 0.30) = 550 x 2.30 = 1,265% MF?? Did I miss something?

  3. One leg every 4th elite is a drop rate I definitely could live with… the RNG would still make most of them brimstone fodder though.

  4. Could they possibly add on any more mf/gf buffs? I don’t need more mf, I just want the itemization to not suck. I’d rather have an item drop that is semi-good to amazing rather than it 99% of the time being total crap.

    Whats next? I wore boxers to bed last night so I get 50% more mf, but if I wear pajamas I get 50% gf?

    How about; your character has a name with no vowels in it, congrats you get a 10% mf increase!!!

    • Official Response:

      “We appreciate your feedback. After careful review of magic find and drop rates, we’ve discovered that most players are experiencing low quality drops and must routinely rely on the auction house to gear up. So, in response to this issue, we are increasing all magic find values by 50% across the board.

      We can assure you with this enormous magic find buff that you’re next great legendary is just around the corner!”

      (disclaimer: not an official response)

  5. Blizzard won’t go that route, because if less items drop in general than less crap’ll be sold in the (RM)AH and since folk’ll find less they’ll stop playing earlier/easier.
    So Blizzard has to ultraspam us with crapitems in order to maintain the longevity of the game.

    • You are incorrect. They’ve already stated that they will reduce the amount of items that drop and at the same time increase the chance for a high quality item to drop. This will reduce the amount of crap on the ground but not reduce the amount of useful stuff.
      Perhaps that will be the patch which will make me start playing the game again.

  6. what the heck. .they talk about wanting to get rid of Mf, and what do they do? they INCREASE the MF,..

    just get rid of the damn mechanic already,.

    • I don’t think it’s the mechanic they want to get rid of, it’s the whole having MF on gear being important they want to do away with. They’re giving you multiple other ways to stack your MF, so you don’t have to worry about having an MF gear set and a DPS gear set.

      • Which only underscores that their itemisation is so crappy. In D1 especially, but also D2, you actually had to made trade-offs between your stats. In D3, it’s perfectly possible to get a gear that is great DPS and great MF together, although obviously that’s still harder than just great DPS or great MF, but it really lessens the choices players were forced to make.

        • Not really. The affix pool for Rare items allow you to do this, but since certain best-in-slot DPS items are Legendary (because of their unique affixes), in many cases if you are using Rares you are already sacrificing damage just so you can have some MF or GF. If you get them on Legendaries, which have limited number of random slots, then those items are effectively ruined.

          Even if you get every offensive stat you want beside some MF or GF, you will lose defense, which will bite you in the ass if you play on MP3+. Balancing your stats is important in D3 as well, but in my experience superfluous stats like MF rarely factor in that. You’re much better off killing enemies fast and killing them safe.

  7. i play usually mp8 with 548%mf after nv5. and it can be sometimes several games not a single legendary drop i really think the loot is random, then another gamae u can get 2 or 3 legendaries then again a few game u get nothing.. i never will understand the system how it fully works.

    • I have three friends I often play with on MP4-5 and two of them consistently got 1-2 Legendaries every hour or two, at least for the past month. They don’t have any MF on their gear and they are just Paragon level 20 or thereabout.

      Meanwhile, I barely got anything with the same stats during this time, even though I play more. I know random is random, but the chance of this happening for so long seems low to me.

      Personally I’m starting to believe that random seeds (the number that’s used to initialize a random number generator) are assigned to accounts at their creation and they don’t change, or if they change then the new seeds are generated based on something specific to the player’s system. This could result in some players getting more lucky with their drops without them realizing it. Of course, this is just my wild theory based on the limited programming knowledge I have, so if someone have more experience with RNGs, feel free to tell me why I’m wrong.

      Of course, the problem is that the situation I described in my first paragraph could happen even if D3’s RNG works perfectly, meaning that seeds are often changed and they aren’t dependent on individual systems. I could simply be the unluckiest person playing D3. Lucky for me I don’t believe in luck.

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