Max Was Right: A Chronology

Diablo series founder Max Schaefer speaking from Gamescom, August 21, 2011.

“Diablo 3 won’t be coming in 2011, but in the first quarter of 2012 at the earliest”.

Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime this morning:

…this week we pulled together people from all of the teams involved with the game to decide whether we felt it would be ready before the end of December, and we grudgingly came to the conclusion that it would not.

Schaefer’s Hammer returns as a unique item in Diablo III.

From one of our forum threads about Max’s release date prediction, comment by SnifSnif:

what if the one random stat on the schaefers hammer was “slow you opponents production speed by 3-6 months”

That’s the comment of the month, even though he misspelled “years.” And yes, I just posted this since it made me laugh. And it’s a weekend.

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  1. Random stat on an Unique? 
    I mean Uniques are uniques for the sake of being unique… why should you add a random property? Its uniqueness were that the stats were always the same, and only differed in its numbers. All the other items are random already. 
    Another thing: Why add random property, that could be useful for a WD only, if it is an item, that’s made for melee? The itemuser couldn’t use all stats completely… 
    I guess I need to see this ingame first, but I still don’t think that that’s good… :/

    • i think it is why they call it legendary now and not unique……….

    • I don’t know about you, but personally what I like about Diablo is the fact that all or most of the uniques/legendaries are NOT cookie cutter identical, such as in WoW.  It makes some legendaries inherently better than others, even though they’re the “same” legendary.

      • I get your point. But let’s say there is an item for a Wizard, like a staff, that is legendary.
        You want to have this, because it’s the best staff in the whole game, at least for your special build.
        Now this staff has something like +10 to mana. You can’t use that at all, because you are a wizard, and you don’t have need for mana. If you want to sell it, it is WAY less worth, then, let’s say… a staff that adds +10% spell damage as the random property. Of course this one would be very very rare, and you may never get something like that. If someone finds this one staff, he can sell it for a price of let’s say… 100 times higher than the staff with +10 to mana. 
        This would just be crazy… nobody could afford that. You may have to invest real money to get it, and maybe the price of real money is mucher higher, too. So you could buy a staff worth hundrets of dollars. Would you do that as a simple casual player, if you didn’t go for any pvp at all? ofc not. 

        As a random property it is okay for me, but if you think of the ecological background, it may causes problems for casual players. That’s what I had in mind.

        • I don’t see why they couldn’t simply limit what random properties show up and just not allow those that are unusable by the class the item is for…

        • Maybe you don’t understand, but that is EXACTLY the point.  Some will roll with really good mods and others will not.  Not all will be equal meaning that it is even harder to truly max out your character in every way because gear has a wide range of possible outcomes.  You aren’t ever really expect to get the best items in every slot.  They don’t want you getting ideal mods all the time otherwise there isn’t a point in continuing to play the game.

          The randomization of mods is also what helps drive the economy because you have a far wider range of possible items to choose from.  It isn’t like WoW where there are 100 items on the AH and yet only 10 unique items duplicated 10 times.

    • If every stat on a Unique item is always the same then they aren’t unique at all, are they? The true Uniques of D2 were the Rare items. This change will actually make Legendaries unique.

  2. I have a question. All those stats on the hammer,
    +11-22 lighting damage and so on.
    Are those static and the only random property is the last one or can the hammer drop with +13 lighting damage.
    I’m not sure how to read these stats.

    It looks like random stats on items is like fruit in fruit sodas, very slim.
    The fun thing with D2 was that all stats were random, on most items anyways. This stupid Hammer has 1 random stat.
    And I have browsed the item list on the official site, every item looks like this. 1 or a few random stats at the end, the rest static…boring.

    Please correct me and tell me the first stats on this hammer shows the Span of lighting damage possible and not the static property.

    • Any number on a legendary item spawns within a set range, just like D2.  There have been several copies of…some weapon…bleh, I forget now, Griswolds Edge (maybe, it’s 6am, to lazy to search) seen in various playthroughs of D3 so far and all of them had stats that varied to some degree or another.  However, the only 100% random stat is that last one.
      So yes, that could have spawned with say…9-19 lightning damage, or 25-39 lightning damage, etc.

  3. Hmm, I hope legendaries will have more stats than that. I like seeing a lot of modifiers on my gear.

    Here were the stats on the D2’s Schaefer’s Hammer:
    +100-130% Enhanced Damage (varies)
    +(2 Per Character Level) 2-198 To Maximum Damage (Based On Character Level)
    Adds 50-200 Lightning Damage
    +50% Damage To Undead
    20% Chance To Cast Level 10 Static Field On Striking
    20% Increased Attack Speed
    +(8 Per Character Level) 8-792 To Attack Rating (Based On Character Level)
    Lightning Resist +75%
    +50 To Life
    +1 To Light Radius

    It has a good 4 modifiers over the D3 version. It also has a lot more damage increase, while D3’s seems to only be marginally better than a white (normal), completely unmodded weapon when it comes to damage (kind of pathetic).

    • Comparing damage values of one game (D2) to a different game (D3) is quite pointless .. unless someone calculates how damage compares between the two games it is really a waste of item to complain about “less damage” .. yes less in numerical value .. but that doesn’t take in account monster defense differences between the two games, how the final damage is calculated and many other factors.

      But i do agree that i items with numerous modifiers are quite a lovely sight XD

    • Damage on D3 items is intentionally low because of how much it is increased by stats. Your actuall damage is calculated (weapon damage * Attack) * %of damage used by spell/skill. So, if you find a sword with 100 wespon damage, and you have 1000 Attack (1 Attack = 1%damage increase, which means that end game Inferno characters with 1000 Attack will get 1000 % damage increase, and I think it is reasonable to assume 1000 Attack for end game characters based on that screenshot of Clvl. 60 female Barb´s character sheet), that means 100 * 10 (+1000% damage) * damage increase of skill/spell (990% for Crimson runed Meteor).

      So, endgame Inferno Wizard with 400 weapon damage and 1000 Attack and a Meteor with a Crimson rune (+990% damage) in it, would deal 39,600 damage from a single Meteor.

    • You must have missed the blue post that said that most of the item mods aren’t even in the game yet…

  4. [quote]Schaefer’s Hammer returns as a unique item in Diablo III.[/quote]??

    It’s not “Schaefer’s Hammer” its “Schaefers’ Hammer”. The difference is that the latter is a possessive plural, so the hammer belongs to more than one Schaefer.

  5. Cant say much about the modifiers on the items before we even get to that point in game, or get to understand the damage calculation and such work on D3. 20-30% dmg addition in D3 might ve equated to 400-600% in D2 for all we know. I agree the item doesnt make me go “wow” but im gonna give it the benifit of the doubt till we get to even equip it.

  6. They should add a +1 knows how to make a good dungeon crawler…. 😉

    • Or maybe +10 dmg to trolls XD

      And +15 to “if you don’t like a game don’t buy it” .. go buy a good dungeon crawler .. nobody is stopping you .. unless Blizz took your family hostage and is forcing you to buy the game to release them.

  7. Well i thought legendary will have an unique skin but doesn’t seems like that if You watch their icons:/

    • Some of the legendary items i saw had unique skins (some of the quivers do) .. and you do realize this isn’t final .. anything here regarding the published data and art could change by the time the game is out .. or even after that.

      • Much of the artwork and stats are definitely place holders. If you look at the Barb class weapons, there are like 11 of them and 7 use the same icon at this point. I’m sure that won’t be the case in the final game.

  8. I guess we have to see where this goes, but I like to have “weird” or special modifiers on my legendaries. Even if they aren’t particularly effective it adds something special. If it stays like it is now, the item will only be special because of the text colour..

  9. At least i was right about them planing to release it in December (when people were talking about the certificate thing) .. but it seems thing won’t be going as planned .. won’t mind a little delay if it boosts the final product quality though .. and give my wallet a chance to breath from all the stuff getting released in Oct and Nov XD

  10. I like how this whole post was a frivolous joke about Max cursing D3 with tardiness, and all the comments are serious analysis about unique item stats in D3. I guess sort of carrying over from the previous post about unique item issues…

  11. Yeah funny how not one post is about Max been right…
    I believed Max, i mean it was pretty damn obvious already & the amount of hate he got for stating the obvious. Just really standard hate from your typical rabid blizzard fanboi in that thread…

  12. So Max predicted that a Blizzard game would be delayed ? How did he know ? It’s unheard of !

  13. Max was right yes.  He speaks from experience.  He is REALLY good at tardiness.  No one points out how Torchlight 2 was supposed to come early 2011 and there is still no release date.

    • Not enough noobs waiting for T2 to complain i guess…
      Seriously, every time i hear someone complain about Blizz delaying a game it makes me wonder where they found out about Diablo 3 and why do they care if they never saw another Blizz development of a game … SC2 came out last year and WoW has expansions coming out all the time… they can’t all be 12, can they?

  14. I’ll just say I called this back in January this year and you guys gave me a lot of stick for it in the news item. Well seems I was right 😉

  15. Nice! First time making the main page! Is comment of the month worth a beta key by any chance? Call me a dairy farmer but it’s worth a shot…

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