Today in the Runic Games forums, Max Schaefer weighed in on our instantly-infamous Dave Brevik interview and D3 Developers’ F’ing angry reaction to it. As you’ve heard in past interviews and some of our podcasts, Max always speaks his mind and shoots from the hip and PR-consequences be-damned, so it had to be good, right?

    His reply came on page seven of a long thread about the whole controversy, and thanks to Glass for the tip:

    I bet you all want me to comment on this, right?


    Oh Max, must you tease?

    We’ve seen no shortage of comments from Max about Diablo III, including things he liked and things he didn’t (such as the removal of crosses and pentagrams). So he’s not lacking in opinions on the game, but he’s (probably wisely) staying out of the current name-calling and bitterness. We’ll interview Max later this year, around the launch of Torchlight 2, and perhaps we an elicit some further comment at that time.

    Update: Azzure points me to an interesting update to this issue. It’s on Tom’s Hardware, and they found a Twitter quote from Mark Kern, who was a producer on Diablo II who is now the CEO of Red 5 Studios, which was founded by ex-Blizzard employees.

    “Gotta say, that Jay Wilson, never having been at Blizzard for D1 and D2 and never having met Dave Brevik, has no place to say what he did.”

    “Dave Brevik created 2 genre-busting, award winning, world-loved Diablo games. Jay Wilson has done ____ with Diablo 3. Fill in the blanks.”

    “Blizzard arrogance has reached new heights,”

    He dares where Max will not fly!

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