Rush has posted his Torchlight 2 hands-on report over at IncGamers,. It’s an interesting write-up, with his game observations woven into a conversation/interview with the ever-loquacious Max Schaefer. There was a bit of Diablo III in the discussion, of course, and here’s the quote.

    The conversation naturally moved onto the Diablo series, and the first two games are obviously something Max is very proud of. Diablo 3 however has moved in a different direction with its real money trading and art style change. I got the feeling Max was a little disappointed with some of the changes that have been made, such as the removal of pentagrams and crosses, Max thought that was pretty ridiculous and not in the spirit of what the Diablo series was about.

    On the Diablo 3 Real Money trading issues, Max had been following it a bit since it was announced a few weeks ago and he did say it was probably right for Blizzard. Max was also incredibly pleased with this decision and the direction Diablo 3 is now taking because it separates the two products completely. With Runic having a very open game which allows modding, LAN play and no always online requirement, it’s going to attract a different crowd of action RPG players or even Diablo players that may not be happy with the direction the game has gone in recent weeks.

    It’s interesting how TL2 and D3 have fairly similar gameplay, and yet thanks to their very different publishers they’ve turned out to be diametrically opposed on issues of game access, modding, real money trading, freedom of play, etc. Perhaps some of the substantial numbers of fans who say they hate D3’s always-only DRM, and support of RMT, and lack of LAN-support will get their ARPG action on with TL2? I’m sure that’s what Max and the other TL2 devs are hoping, at least.

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