Max Schaefer Goes LARPing and Kills Diablo

This popped into my mailbox earlier and it’s hilarious. managed to convince Max Schaefer, the creator of the first two Diablo titles, to take part in a little bit of live action roleplaying to slay Diablo.

Max is accompanied by Runic Games’ PR guru Wonder Russell as they wander through the woods in search of Diablo. Max and Wonder are up to the challenge with their plastic weapons and Max comes out with some funny lines as they go through their quest. I especially liked the bit where he got “stuck in geometry” and even though it’s roleplaying he sounds pretty serious when he says “pick up the loot!”. Well done to Max and Wonder for being such good sports and taking part, well worth a watch 🙂 Watch the video here.

Update: Longer version here, with a few more events (a vendor plus a res for Max) and some meet and greet with the pro-LARPers at the end.

Go get him Max!
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    19 thoughts on “Max Schaefer Goes LARPing and Kills Diablo

    1. Max Schaefer is not the creator of Diablo. It’s David Brevik.

      Edit: I can accept counter-arguments such as God created Diablo.

    2. You have not lived till you have gotten head from a larping girl.   They really get into it and believe it is the lost orb they have been looking for!
      True story

    3. Cacology…..Hopefully it’s a repeatable quest LOL!!!!
      Otherwise you need a new companion each time!

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