The flood of DiabloWikiMax Schaefer, DiabloWikiTorchlight XBLA interviews continues, and since Max keeps dropping interesting references to Diablo III, and since it’s fun to get Bliz Irvine PR twitching by posting about them, here’s the latest. It’s from an interview with Charge Shot, and thanks to IncGamers for the tip.

    Schaefer just hopes Blizzard doesn?t push out Diablo III before Torchlight II goes gold. ?Of course we?re going to buy one Day One and it?s going to slow us down and all that ? ?cause we?re just as much fans as anyone,? he admits with a laugh.

    From a business standpoint, he?s not too worried. ?The action RPG genre is still pretty thin. I think that there?s more demand than there is product,? he said. Diablo?s certainly a grimmer, less whimsical world than Torchlight, and Blizzard?s vast resources mean it can be developed for higher-end machines while Torchlight?s tuned for a wide variety of systems. ?I think that there are enough differences that we can co exist, but it is certainly something that you can?t ignore.?

    There?s another Blizzard game Runic can?t ignore ? one with at least of 12 million subscribers and almost two-thirds of the MMO subscription market under its control. ?You can?t really approach any MMO project without taking into account World of Warcraft,? said Schaefer. ?It?s the elephant in the room of every MMO company.?

    WoW is the primary reason Runic will avoid a subscription model for its Torchlight MMO. ?I don?t think really anyone can do [subscriptions] anymore because pretty much everyone that does subscriptions has one for WoW.?

    The whole article is a nice read; it’s well constructed with the info grouped by subject, and there are generous quotes from Max throughout. He talks about the process of porting Torchlight to the Xbox, the development of Torchlight 2, their embrace of fan-made mods, the evolving plans for a TL MMO, and even his brother’s work on D1’s item system, where Erich basically invented the perpetually-escalating reward loot system that’s become standard in every RPG. Check it out.

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