Matt Uelmen Interview on NPR

Sir Matt himself sent me a link to this installment of National Public Radio’s “Top Score” program, which features conversation with Matt Uelmen, interspersed with big chunks of his compositions from the Diablo and Torchlight games. It’s kind of a musical interview and makes for an enjoyable listen.

The piece runs about 17:30, and you can listen with the player below, or go to the NPR page. There’s also a contest page to win a copy of the TL2 soundtrack, so check that out.

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5 thoughts on “Matt Uelmen Interview on NPR

  1. Why the Hell didn’t Uelman compose for D3? I was incredibly disappointed when I learned that he wasn’t. The music made half the D2 experience for me. Maybe I should just get the TL2 soundtrack and play it in the background while I farm in D3. It sure beats the ambient trash in there now.

    Too bad he probably won’t do the expansion, either….

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