Math Equation Used to Predict Diablo 3’s Release

A poster over on the Diablo III reddit appears to have predicted the release date nearly two months ago. Based on the reddit cache, it actually does seem that this was a legitimate prediction even if it was originally intended as a joke. I guess math truly is the language of nature.

The poster uses information based on the release of the Diablo’s 15th anniversary and he wrote the following:

So if Bashiok said that the Diablo 15th anniversary site would be ready early in the week, and Diablo 3 is said to be released in early 2012, let’s math this up!

From what I can tell the anniversary website was up around 2:30 PST today. Assuming that the week starts Monday(cause seriously who really considers Sunday the first day of the week) the site was live 62.5 hours into the week.

100% * 62.5 / (24 * 7) gives us that that the site was released 37.2% of the way through the week.

0.372 * 366 days this year = Diablo 3 will be released 136.16 days in to the year.

Calling it now, Diablo 3 will be released on May 15th which just so happens to be a Tuesday! Clearly my logic is flawless and this is the only possible release date.

I’m not sure if there is a way to spoof cached data, but if not, that means this person actually used math to guess the exact date of Diablo 3’s release. Impressive.

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18 thoughts on “Math Equation Used to Predict Diablo 3’s Release

  1. Clearly! Obviously every guess could have eliminated many days by making sure it’s on a Tuesday. 

    • Sycosity, you fool! You utter fool! He uses the power of math to calculate his predictions and to calculate the end of the world he would have to divide by zero, thus he would cause the end of the world at that day and time!

  2. There were so many predictions and rumoured dates flying about over the last few months.  By the law of averages alone someone had to be right.

  3. i’m impressed that someone managed to find out what blizzard means by the word “early”
    now someone needs to do the math to calculate how long the word “soon” really is

  4. Made the front page of reddit and the news feed on diablo incgamers.  My work here on the internet is done.

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