Massive Monster Updates

Diablo 1-2 WikiBoth the Diablo 1-2 Wiki as well as the Updated Diablo III Monsters have received a big batch of updates to their respective Monster sections. The Diablo 3 Wiki is now well over half way on its major face lift to all the announced (and a few unannounced) monsters of Diablo 3. These monsters are now also easier to get to from the DiabloWikiMain Page. The Diablo 1-2 Wiki has been updated with monsters from Diablo I and Diablo I: Hellfire.

Browse through and look on what you have killed in the past and what you will kill in the future!

Added Diablo I Monsters


Since the last Wiki Watch, there has been more updates than just monsters, but we’ll show those to you soon enough! Still, big credit to D3nick, Holyknight3000, Chen, Holyknight3000, Vipermagi, Belushi81x, Megalomania666, Marison, Gtub, Orphan, NeoLearner, Timbalisto, Denzera, Nithix and talk page who have been making updates in the wiki, polishing and building on it for the whole Diablo Community.

If you have any questions, suggestions or pointers about the DiabloWikis, or just need help with finding something to help with, leave a message on my talk page or send a mail to: .

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