Massive Achievements Removal from Season 3

The guild old days...

The guild old days…

One big change in this new season is a major streamlining to the number of variety of Achievements available in Season Three. There are simply a lot fewer achievements in total, and most that were removed were for odd exploration stuff. As a result a far higher percentage of the total available Achievement points can be obtained simply by power leveling and upgrading LGems and such, which is a change some players greet with dismay.

A huge thread full of their complaints can be seen on, and a CM swooped in to lend a sympathetic ear. Massive Achievements Removal from Season 3:

We don’t mind re-doing achievements, Blizzard. New and exclusive challenges are nice, but don’t take away from the casual experience, please. That’s a really big part of the fun for us who don’t feel like real competitive play.

Cutting out all the original achievements (class, explore, event, boss and monster kills, etc) is not the way to spark interest in Season 3. It excludes a massive amount of the player base shooting for “The Achievement Point Leaderboards” in a season.

I agree 100%. I was so looking forward to going for the achievements and competing for them (when I was able) and seeing where I fell on the leaderboards. But when I logged in, it seemed like 90% of the achievements were gone.

I have zero desire to put the time into competing on grifts and conquests, but last season at least I could get into the top 1000 by playing a lot and picking up a ton of random achievements.

Tyvalir: Great feedback! You all have my thanks for sharing your perspectives so constructively here. Even fifteen pages later, I can see that most responses are on topic and respectful in their tone. *insert applause*

I’m still parsing through and collecting all of the ideas presented in this thread (since there’s a lot of good stuff here). By all means, please continue this discussion and I’ll make sure your feedback gets in front of the right folks.

I was oblivious to this Achievement-pocalypse in my own play, though I’d heard similar complaints in clan chat from people who do Achievement hunt. Any of you guys in that group? Care to share your thoughts on the issue for those of us who aren’t as impacted?


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  1. I’m all for the achievement removal. Even as an achievement whore in WoW and D3 before seasons, I don’t miss them. In Season 1, I went for all sorts of achievements. In season 2, I was more focused on progression as it was such a short season and didn’t care about achievements. Now in 3, I was again ready to ignore the achievements and just focus on maybe some of the “regular” achievements in the main game while working on progression of my character. So I don’t miss the constant toasts at all from clan-members getting achievements they aren’t even trying for and it makes the achievements that do pop up from them worthy of congrats.

  2. Maybe remove those real pointless ones like achievements for leveling to lvl 10.

    Theres some real mundane ones in there.

  3. I'm really glad they simplified season achievements. At the start of the season the achievement spam in the chat could be obnoxious as my few friends unlocked tons of stuff at once and it also caused performance issues. Can't imagine what it was like for people with a well-populated friends list.

  4. No achievement spam lag…. this is a good thing

  5. I'm one of those players finding fun in getting achievements. Especially the odd ones, like killing 1000 monsters with a specific skill active. It gives you motivation to try out different characters and builds…
    So I really miss them a lot. It takes out a lot of the fun in playing seasons.

    But a good thing might be that when I reach level 70 with a character, I might try the greater rifts (lost a hardcore character at lvl 66 after putting on the Deathpants, which seemed nice but the loss of all life regeneration was too much). But with almost no achievements for characters under lvl 70, they have taken away a lot of the fun of the seasons for me.

  6. I went for the “lore” achievement without caring for the rest in Season 2 and it was cool. Given that the leaderboard for this one wasn’t event full at the end of the season, I doubt there were many people who played the season only for achievements.

    I like the fact, that you can’t obtain the bonuses for 100 and 400 achievement points in Season 3 easily.

    I hope they will do more achievements like the lore one in following seasons.

  7. I'm one of the filthy casuals who complained about this. I felt that the achievement score was a nice metric for casual progress, and I liked the feeling of starting the game fresh. I respect the fact that people who don't care about them might be annoyed by the notifications, but…. you can turn that of.

    To me, it feels like Blizzard is saying to us achievement hunters: "You're not having fun in the correct way. Now farm a class set, select the skills for the specific build that goes along with it, and grind out greater rifts like you're supposed to. Fall in line."

    Not cool Blizzard, not cool.

    • Agreed. After saying they want to promote other endgame activities other than grifts, they've further incentivized grifts with the shard cap increases & new conquests, and now gutted achievement hunting in seasons. Adding in a few new bounties does not exactly redress the balance.

  8. I’m aligned with the guy who said that the 100 and 400 achievement point awards shouldn’t be easy to obtain. If they left the old achievements intact, you would get the 400 award before you reach level 20

  9. I got the cow rift and invited some clan members , not a single achievement to be had , thought you got a couple in there before ?

    • It used to be that you needed the Lord of Bells for the rift guardian achievement, but they removed that requirement a patch or two ago. While removing the ultra rare rift guardian from that was probably wise, it's a shame they didn't add a feat of strength or something.

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