Marvel Heroes PAL Priority Beta Keys

We mentioned this at the weekend so here’s quick heads-up for all IncGamers PALS, you can now claim your beta key for the Marvel Heroes beta test this weekend. Keys are limited so all PALS are advised to snap one up now via this page instantly once you log in.

If you’ve no idea what marvel Heroes is about, I’ll point you  in the direction of our hands-on preview.

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    11 thoughts on “Marvel Heroes PAL Priority Beta Keys

    1. Thanks! Can’t wait to see what Dave.B and the gang have been up to!
      Wolvie or Deadpool, hmm…..

    2. What I want to see is, the look on Blizzard’s face(s) when Marvel Comics launches a better ARPG than them.

      • played the IGN beta last weekend.

        The game is pretty fun, but I don’t think it would be enough to grasp me into playing it full time. There really isn’t much to the loot-aspect of the game it seems. Basic items, that don’t change the look of your character at all.

        The F2P format will help I’m sure.

        • I wouldn’t play this for real either, no matter how fun it is. Being locked into being a comic book character, only allowed to run around in “approved” costumes, using “approved” skills/abilities is not for me. If you have seen one Hulk or one Iron Man, you will have seen them all, not to say people won’t pick and choose their preferred “approved” skills/abilities.

          • Haven’t played yet, but from what I’ve seen is that the idea is that you have tons of those characters and you can freely switch between them at any time (with some cooldown and after you found the right item for the right character). You can think of it as a weapon switch button on steroids.

    3. I’m a site pal yet I can’t seem to claim a key… Anyone else having the same problem?

    4. This game is really cool! It seems really simple compared to D3 but i can’t stop playing… It needs some polishing and adding more features, but still i have more fun with this beta then d3 beta…

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