Mark of Valor Sigils Arriving At Last

For some weeks pre (and shortly post) release, players could earn special Banner Sigils and Achievements by creating customized images via the Diablo 3 Reveal page. Those efforts vanished into limbo after the pages went away, and many players have been wondering when/if the rewards would ever appear.

Apparently that time is now, as various people are reporting via forum and email those special sigils and Achievements suddenly appearing on their accounts. We don’t know if they’ve gone to everyone worldwide, or if the process is still underway, but if you’ve gotten yours, or are still waiting, let us know in comments.

On the more general topic of the DiabloWikiBanner… do you guys like it? Play with it? Customize it? Ignore it completely? I have never touched or even glanced at my banner post-release, though I did play with the feature a bit during the Beta, to see how it worked. (I’ve never used an DiabloWikiArmor Dye in game either.) Perhaps (as usual) my choices place me in the minority report, though.

Do you customize your account Banner?

  • 2) I play with it now and then, but don't really care. (41%, 1,218 Votes)
  • 3) Set it once, but never adjusted since. (30%, 896 Votes)
  • 1) Yes, I tweak it constantly and value the appearance. (19%, 557 Votes)
  • 4) Never even touched the thing. (9%, 280 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,951

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25 thoughts on “Mark of Valor Sigils Arriving At Last

  1. lol, I’ll be the first to say, at this point in time on the game’s current status. Sigil’s should be the last worry on EVERYONE’s mind. lol.

    • Click a barrel and pay the fee
      fun for you is not to be
      Slay a monster to get the loot
      The stuff you get ain’t worth a hoot

      Level up to get more skills
      The gold you earn pays repair bills
      You say you can’t earn more money?
      That’s the way we want it honey

      But wait, I have a solution for you
      to upgrade your gear and see you through
      to the Auction House you must go
      Prices are high, well what do you know?

      Can’t afford it, don’t be disillusioned
      pay us more money for the solution
      and if that doesn’t work one more thing to try
      uninstall and have a good cry

      So thank you for your hard earned cash
      We at Blizzard have a very large stash
      We like to count it everyday
      Too busy counting to actually play

      But you the player is the important thing
      Without your love we cannot sing
      About the toils and troubles we all share
      Oh wait, we’re Blizzard, we don’t care

  2. Banners are nifty, but they need a gameplay effect, even one that isn’t related to the look of the banner (and ability to save banner appearances).

    I want to like them and play with them, but the utter pointlessness just drives me away.

      • you don’t have to place em. its automatic. pressing G to throw it in the ground is just a “fun” animation.

    • thats a good idea. Like give a momentary buff. they’d have to put a bigger cooldown on throwing down the banner. but really good idea. I’ve thrown this idea into the big thread going on at that the CM’s are actually looking at.

      • It’s been suggested, but I don’t want to feel obligated to throw down a banner every five seconds, or whatever the cooldown is on it.

        It used to be necessary in order to teleport to the player until Blizzard realized that’s really stupid. I don’t understand the point of the banner or why they thought it was a good idea.

        I mean, of all the stuff they could have done for achievement unlockables…this is what they come up with?

        I vacillate between the anvil sigil and the beta sigil, but I tend to not really care or notice it much at all. If you do throw one down in game, it starts a chain reaction with other players. It’s like a neuroses, which is funny I suppose.

        I like dyes a lot, though. I spend a lot of gold on them. Sucks you can’t use vanishing dyes on uniques or set items, but whattaya gonna do.

  3. Got all 5 achievements for customizing the pre-release class banners. I haven’t used my customized banners in game though, I only have messed with my banner once when I first started and then once more after I’d gotten a bunch of achievements.

    • I did all 5 web promos and nothing has hit my account yet. Anyone else still waiting? These are Feats of Strength right?

  4. I don’t really use banners, but I use armor dyes to tell my MF equipment apart from my standard gear, in case I accidentally leave some MF on.

  5. I read somewhere you can use your banner to squish bugs and other ambient critters. 🙂
    Other than that, I really don’t do much with it.

    I use dyes whenever I get some awful gear color combos, but that’s all.

  6. In PvP it’ll get used a lot I bet. For now, hardly anybody uses it…Was playing an inferno A1 public game and threw down my banner. One of the guys asked what it was! He had leveled all the way to 60 in public games and he had never once seen it or tried to hit the g button.

  7. Yep, you’re in the minority report.

    It’s just a banner – I don’t really care – but it is fun to mess with it from time to time.

    The armor dye – that’s a different matter. I consider the vanishing dye to be an important commodity, because without it I’d have to view the ridiculous looking high-level helmets and shoulders that blizzard saw fit to give us.

  8. i do like the customization from achievements. But it seems half done. HC needs more shapes and sigils from achieves for one thing. But ya, overall they are pointless.

    konfeta’s suggestion that they should have a gameplay mechanic immediately put the thought of buff in my head. and the buff’s could be assigned to the banner via the banner customization menu. so you’d unlock a buff with an achievement and assign it to the banner. throw down your banner in combat to get the buff. 2-3 minute cooldown. applies to all allies. Just a thought.

  9. I think they’re kind of fun, personally.

    I wish we could have different banners for each character instead of one for the whole account, though.

  10. When they mentioned the banners they said the word “Awesome!” before and after it. That is how I knew it would be a worthless addition that wasted real development time.

  11. I think it was a waste of time and energy for Blizzard making that thing. Should’ve spent the time more productively.

  12. I haven’t bothered with it once, and tbh I’m surprised that’s the opinion of only 10% of us.

  13. It seems I’m in minority because I’ve spent a lot of time to make my banner look just right 🙂

    It would be awesome if our avatars on official forum were taken from our banners. Quite frankly I have no idea why they didn’t do it from the start. Maybe it will be implemented with the “Armory” pages we were promised. It would make the banners meaningful.

    Also: Moar dyes for banner. Current selection is pitiful. Black is just dark grey, red is too light…

  14. I had a problem getting the promotional sigils, here’s how I fixed it.

    I did the promo thing as they unlocked each character. I did it on my old bnet email addy. Shortly after they were all unlocked, I decided to change my bnet email. So I figured I’d redo the promo stuff on this new addy just to make sure I get them.

    Today I noticed that the sigils did not unlock for me on the newer email. So I changed bnet to the old email that I had used to first get the sigils. They were unlocked for me in the game. And I went back to the newer email.

    Hope this helps others that might have the same problem. Cheers!

  15. Banners would be cooler if they were per-character. They made all these sigils that are class-specific, but you’re supposed to pick one that represents all you characters? Lazy solution by Blizzard.

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