Marauder’s Set Changes Coming Soon + Math!

As we noted in the Patch notes, the next change to the Demon Hunter’s Marauder’s Set is not yet live on the PTR. That omission spurred some player debate as to whether the Marauder’s tweak had been shelved, but a Blue post today says that it’s still in the works, and will even involve a PTR Demon Hunter Leaderboard wipe.

Marauder’s Set Changes Coming Soon:

the sentries of the demon hunter still benefit from the m6-bonus (+100% dmg/sentry). The M6-DH is still absolutely overpowered for T6 and dominates the leaderboards. I don’t think that this is intended.
You are correct! This is definitely an unintended bug.

We’re currently working on a hotfix to correct this behavior. Once that hotfix rolls out, we’ll also be resetting the Demon Hunter, 2-Player, 3-Player, and 4-Player Leaderboards for Season and Non-Season on the PTR to allow this change to be reflected in Leaderboard performance. We’ll need to bring the PTR down for a short time in order to reset the Leaderboards; I’ll update this thread once the time frame is available.

We’re also working on an updated list of Focused Feedback topics. Waiting on just a few more details, but that will be coming soon as well.

The change and ladder wipe should be interesting, as the current PTR top GRift Leaderboards are much higher level than the live game. Compare the top Greater Rifts for the live game and the PTR:

PTR DH Leaderboard.

PTR DH Leaderboard.

Solo DH:

  • Live Era and Live Season One: 50
  • PTR: 54
  • Best 2/3/4 Player GRifts:

  • Live Era: 51/54/54. Live Season One: 53/54/55.
  • PTR: 57/58/62. (All top teams include at least one DH.)
  • It’s not an even comparison, since Grift density and layout is generally improved on the PTR, there are some new and improved legendary items/sets, plus better skills and builds for all classes. That’s why overall Grift times are much higher for almost every class and 2/3/4 parties, despite the Conduit Pylon being nerfed in duration for the entire PTR (and ruined in this week’s patch), and that’s with the PTR only being live for a few weeks, and with a much smaller player population. (Though everyone geared up very quickly during the community buff.)

    That said, the current changes to Marauder’s Set are clearly a buff over the live version, and apparently Blizzard thinks the set will be less powerful once they hotfix it. The play style will at least be changed, since each Sentry will deal much less of the total damage, while the DH’s damage will be considerably boosted. I’m assuming the Sentry damage will drop enough that Enforcer will no longer be one of the top LGems for the build, but we’ll have to wait and see once the changes become playable.

    This upcoming change means 40% less total damage (than the current PTR version of the set) output with each additional sentry, so that’s just 40% and not real noticeable with just one sentry, but is 200% less with 5, which should make a big difference on the highest level Grifts.

    Click through for bullet point comparison of the 3 stages of the Marauder’s Set bonus, and math on how the total damage output for the DH + Sentries is changing in the coming version.

    Marauder Set Bonus Changes

    The current, much-maligned LIVE version is this:

  • (2) Set: +500 Dexterity
  • (4) Set: Companion calls all companion types to your side.
  • (6) Set: Sentries cast your equipped Hatred spenders.
  • The first-pass update now testable on the PTR is this:

  • (2) Set: Your generators, Elemental Arrow, Chakram, Impale, Multishot, and Cluster Arrow deal 40% increased damage for every active Sentry
  • (4) Set: Companion calls all companion types to your side.
  • (6) Set: Sentries cast your Hatred spender when you do and deal 100% increased damage.
  • The coming PTR version is this:

  • (2) Set: Companion calls all companions to your side.
  • (4) Set: Sentries cast your Hatred spender when you do.
  • (6) Set: Elemental Arrow, Chakram, Impale, Multishot, and Cluster Arrow deal 100% increased damage for every active Sentry.
  • Marauder Damage Breakdown

    Currently on the PTR, you (the DH) gains 40% increased damage for each sentry you have active. AND all of your Sentries shoot your Hatred Spender when you do, for a 100% damage boost. This means that the total damage is mostly provided by the spenders fired by the Sentries. The coming changes will reduce the total damage output slightly, while greatly increasing how much of it comes from the DH’s shots.

    The following assumes the DH and all Sentry shots of the Spender hit a target, which is obviously not always the case. Also note that Sentries constantly fire non-spenders, and in that case more Sentries always means more damage.

    With one Sentry active:

  • Current PTR: DH does 100% + 40% bonus per sentry, and each sentry does 200% = 340%, with 140% from the DH.
  • Upcoming change: DH does 100% +100% per sentry, with each sentry dealing 100% = 200 (DH) + 100 (Sentries) = 300%, with 200% from the DH.
  • With two Sentries active:

  • Current PTR: DH does 100% + 40% bonus per sentry, and each sentry does 200% = 580%, with 180% from the DH.
  • Upcoming change: DH does 100% +100% per sentry x 2, with each sentry dealing 100% = 300 (DH) + 200 (Sentries) = 500%, with 300% from the DH.
  • With three Sentries active:

  • Current PTR: DH does 100% + 40% bonus per sentry x 3, and each sentry does 200% = 220 (DH) + 600 (Sentries) = 820% total damage.
  • Upcoming change: DH does 100% +100% bonus per sentry x 3, with each sentry dealing 100% = 400% (DH) + 100 x 3 = 700%
  • With four Sentries active:

  • Current PTR: DH 100% + 40% bonus per sentry x4 (160%), and each sentry does 200% = 260% (DH) + 800% (Sentries) = 1060%
  • Upcoming change: DH does 100% + 100% x 4 sentries + 100% per sentry x 4 = 500% (DH) + 400% (Sentries) 900%
  • With five Sentries active:

  • Current PTR: DH does 100% + 40% bonus per sentry x 5, and each sentry does 200% = 100 + 200 + 1000 = 1300% total damage.
  • Upcoming change: DH does 100% +100% bonus per sentry x 5, with each sentry dealing 100% = 600% (DH) + 500% (Sentries) = 1100%
  • So the total damage is only a bit lower with just 1 or 2 sentries, but the lost damage will become more and more obvious with more Sentries. Thus the change should have little impact on a well-geared DH running T6, but will be felt strongly on the higher GRifts.

    I don’t think this change will make anyone dump their Bombadier’s Rucksack to use some other Quiver + Custom Engineering for a maximum of 3 sentries, but that would certainly be a viable option for T6 runs, where you never really need more than 1 or 2 sentries to race through.

    I also wonder how this change will integrate into that new/planned Multishot DH set we saw at Blizzcon. The whole point of that set was to make the DH the focus of the damage, in a very pewpewpew style of build. But these Marauder’s changes are doing the same thing by making the Sentries more about boosting the DH’s damage than about dealing damage their turret-selves. Seems like the M’s changes have the 2 sets converging on the same play style, at least to some extent.

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    1. I just restarted playing my DH (not yet at 5 Marauder pieces) and slowly gearing her and yes laying out turrets and letting them kill stuff is not really engaging so making the style be a bit more active will welcome. Anyone know which leg gem will become favored over the enforcer one s I can start leveling it! Right now I have a 26 BotT and 26 BotP to use.

      Unfortunately my DH has a perfect SOJ (20% cold, 30 elites) of level 60 which I had found in the pre ROS days when 2.0 hit which I can't get a socket in because it requires old crafting materials which I no longer have so I need to find another one of level 70 to switch.

    2. My main is a Crusader and I decided to build an M6 DH before the change so I could see what all the fuss was about. I just got all the gear to hit breakpoint 7 last night and had a lot of fun watching my sentries blow stuff up. Honestly, I find the existing playstyle where I have to worry about proper sentry placement and run around avoiding damage (or find a good place to hide) to be far more engaging than my Crusader's stand-there-and-fire-Pony-lasers build. Not really sure a change was necessary other than nerfing perma-smokescreen, but oh well.

      Biggest problem I see with the new setup is that Bombadier’s Rucksack is going to be essentially mandatory. Would be nice if Helltrapper and/or some other item could apply the same (non-stacking) effect so M6 DH's would still have the option to use Meticulous Bolts or some other nifty quiver.

      • Trust me and almost every other DH tester… the new M6 is much more fun to use than the old version (still on Live today). It's just so much more active and fast paced, with much more to do with the DH and more builds viable since you don't base everything around the spenders and Sentry breakpoints.

        The transition now on the PTR is awkward since the newest M's version #3 is a nerf compared to the previous PTR version #2, which was a huge buff. For people on Live, the overall power will probably feel equivalent, as they'll go from M's #1 to #3, and never know the buffed delight that was #2.

    3. I made note of this in the post about the conduit nerf but will post it here again. The conduit pylon has been 15 seconds since patch 2.1.0 PTR. This one particular nerf to the pylon is not new.

      2.1.0 PTR patch notes:

    4. Leaderboard Shmeederboard. Just make a damn expansion and add another class.

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