Marauder’s Set Change (Nerf) Hits the PTR

Marauder’s Set Change (Nerf) Hits the PTR

As promised yesterday, the latest change to the Demon Hunter’s Marauder’s set is now playable on the PTR, and the reduction in damage by Sentries is very noticeable. Here’s the blue confirmation. Marauder’s Set Change (Nerf) Hits the PTR:

We are bringing the PTR realms down for a short maintenance today in order to apply the following hotfix:

marauders-ptr-v3Embodiment of the Marauder

  • Fixing an issue where the 6 piece set bonus damage was erroneously applying to Sentry damage.
  • We’ll also be resetting the following Leaderboards to allow this change to be reflected in Leaderboard performance:

  • Solo Demon Hunter
  • 2-Player
  • 3-Player
  • 4-Player
  • This hotfix has been successfully applied and Leaderboards have been reset.

    It’s too soon to say how this change is going to affect Demon Hunter’s at the highest end, but after about 12 hours since the hotfix, the top solo DH GRift clears are 48, when they were 54 yesterday, before the Marauder’s set change and Leaderboard wipe.

    My power was out all evening (because weather!) so I only got to test it briefly, but just doing a short game, I noticed an immediate difference in the DiabloWikiRealm of Trials. Previously, my PTR DH could easily get GR 42-45 Rift keys from the Realm of Trials, even without changing any gear or skills from my usual T6 racing kit. Trying three quick Realm of Trials tonight after the M’s set change, my DH got 37, 38, 40 keys, and was struggling to get those.

    Nothing felt any different doing a couple of quick T6 Rifts, but in the Realm of Trials the waves got much harder to kill past Wave 35ish. At that point the damage my Sentries were contributing was markedly lower, and the usual “Vault back out of range and nuke everything with Sentry Multishot” technique was just not working. I had to stay closer and put in more shots myself to see the beefier trash mobs die, and slower killing speed and Hatred-exhaustion set in several Waves sooner than in the past.

    Note that I intentionally did *not* specialize my gear for the Trials. I didn’t change around any LGems, I didn’t boost my Hatred regen, and I didn’t even switch Vault to Smoke Screen to let me stand still and payload. But that was the point; I wanted to try the Realm of Trials with the same gear/build, and thus I really noticed the reduced killing power of the Sentries once I got past the equivalent of GR35.

    Obviously the results will differ for everyone depending on their gear and tactics, but if Blizzard’s objective was to nerf the high end DH killing via Sentries, they seem to have achieved that goal.

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    10 thoughts on “Marauder’s Set Change (Nerf) Hits the PTR

    1. I was wondering since the news of the marauder set changes hit the net. Does anybody know if Strife is one of the hatred spenders sentries can cast? I have a wacky build based on the Strife and Shuriken cloud and wonder if it'll get a benefit of the new Marauder set.

      • As you can easily see for yourself in the screenshot on the top right of the article, it doesn’t include Strafe (I assume you mean Strafe).

    2. Sigh. I like passive damage. I like pet builds. Maybe the old Marauder's set was a bit much, but it was at least providing an option for less click-click-click-click.

      So now sentries are providing very little passive damage, and are basically just buffs? I'm sure the set is still powerful when played optimally, but it's abandoning an alternative play style.

      • I agree with you, I have tried out a few new builds on the PTR with the new Demon Hunter Marauder 6 piece bonus changes and there is definitely more button mashing required.

        It kind of makes sense for a demon hunter to run around dodging damage and laying sentries. That has not changed in this latest build, what has changed is the amount of effort you need to put in to get the same damage output as before.

        I am surprised at how much work my sentries used to do, although I preferred the less button mashing game play and was happy with my DH. Sad to see it change so drastically. Oh well!

    3. I like how they changed the emphasis to the DH doing extra damage. If they keep it this way, they need to add a damage counter icon to tell you how many actives you have (how much range do the sentries get.

      I would prefer they change the damage bonus to something other than per sentry. Right now it plays an awful lot like a jade doctor, the 8 second cooldown is a long wait. And getting the sentries out there all the time just for damage bonus is boring. Except a jade doc can melt T6 elites right away, the DH is useless going from pack to pack due to losing the huge damage bonus. The DH wipes the floor once they get 4-5 sentries out, but that is a once every

    4. I still do not understand why they want all the damage from the DH and a less passive type of gameplay. The WD has such the gameplay as had the assassin and the necromancer. I personally do not like this kind of gameplay and maybe the new team at blizzard does not either but this is not a good reason to kill it. If it is too powerful, they can easily nerf it (but not as much as they are doing my here) but the idea of useless sentries which give increase power of the DH seems inadequate at both gameplay and lore level.

    5. Good. Now I only have to wear 2 parts of Marauder for the pet bonus and either 3 of Shadow's Grasp with ring or the whole set + new ring.
      Now to buff Shadow's Grasp more.

      • I was surprised what a massive difference the pet bonus on Marauder set made to my DH. Shadow's grasp seems like a much more interesting set to make a build around; although I don't think it needs any more buffing, since it's 4 set bonus is actually pretty strong – wouldn't be good enough for a 6-set, but that's why it isn't.

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