Many Players Report Diablo II Characters Lost

The official Diablo II General forum and Technical Support forum have signs that something is going wrong. These threads provide complaints of lost characters.  The team hasn’t yet provided a response to what’s causing this, but Blizzard is providing assistance to recover those lost characters. If you are one of the affected players, first go to your Diablo II folder and locate this path: Diablo IISaveEurope

Change Europe to the realm your characters belonged to, and write down the names of each of your lost characters. Then submit your account name, realm and name of the characters.  With this info, the technical support team will be able to restore your characters.

Datth: Please fill out the form located here:

Or send an email to [email protected] and please include your account name and realm and a list of the affected characters.

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1 thought on “Many Players Report Diablo II Characters Lost

  1. On this blizzard site they show Teleport. The wizard teleports 3 times I in max 3 sec totaly.

    There wasn’t a long cooldown time listed on teleport at last year’s blizzcon. And the wizard in the skills demo during the panel discussions was shown popping all over the place. Same as on the blizzard char page.

    The 9 sec was added this year, and clearly it’s meant to balance the skill, and to make players put more points into it to lower it, or use a rune for that. I’m sure we won’t see a return to the D1/D2 style of instant perpetual movement, but most wizards will probably not be limited to 9 sec delays either.

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