Many More Diablo 3 Beta Keys Coming… Soon?

Quoting from Bashiok’s twitter today:

Will there be any more beta invites for diablo? –Garethbah
Yes. Many. –Bashiok

This is something we know little about. Can we expect these new invites to come shortly after the writeup by Jay Wilson? –Bargo_Gosu
We generally don’t announce beta invites beforehand, provide invite numbers, etc. It just makes people go insane. —Bashiok

Unfortunately, as not-Bashiok informed us the other day, Blizzard employee private twitter accounts are just for fun and joking and we shouldn’t necessarily believe or take seriously anything we read on them. So maybe we’ll get more beta invites and maybe we won’t. And maybe they’ll come out around the time the big system change info is released (supposedly late next week). Or not!

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    27 thoughts on “Many More Diablo 3 Beta Keys Coming… Soon?

    1. lol flux, sounds like your tail is between your legs?
      ah well if someone has to be the fail diablo site owner you do take it well!

      • He is merely quoting exactly what they said. Which is that their personal twitter accounts should not, under any circumstances, be interpreted as anything truthful surrounding anything about the game.
        PS. I loled really hard when I read Flux’s post. Mostly because of how well it portrays the contradictory nature of Zarhym’s recent comments regarding twitter accounts.

      • And.. y’know… if “fail” means the most popular diablo site on the internet, then… well, count me in as a failure!

        • i was being sarcastic because ya know the whole getting kicked out of the official fan site club… every time the blizz guys bring up this site its something bad to say about flux, and i was trying to say that flux handles it good shesh 🙄

    2. I don’t know whether to cheer or be depressed (since I still probably won’t get one)… 😕

    3. I wouldn’t take this out of context… (i.e. dissecting details).
      Most likely, he was merely responding there will be “many more” beta keys–as opposed to saying there will be “not many more” beta keys, which would imply the beta is coming to a close.

      Edit: in other words, I wouldn’t interpret those words are thinking there will be massive waves of beta keys.

    4. I don’t know who “Garethbah” is, but I was the one who asked that question.  My Twitter is “Bargo_Gosu”.  Not that it matters, just curious as to why Garethbah is shown as having signed that twitter message.

      • If you look at Bashiok’s twitter, his first reply was to garethbah, and the second was to both. So I just repeated the first name, because lazy.


    5. I really think that Zarhym should have some sort of repercussions for his twitter post. You dont post stuff like that when you have 4.5k followers… Most of which are actual blizzard fans.

      God I want a beta key!

      • I don’t know why the hell else anyone would give half a damn about what he has to say.

        And there will be many more beta invites because the beta is never going to end.

        • Haha, it doesn’t seem its ever going to end, nor does it seem I’ll ever get an invite. Maybe it’ll go on so long and become so polished they’ll just call it the demo?

    6.   As long as they are sending out keys, you can expect the beta to continue on for at least a good month, if not more AFTER the keys are distributed. The way it’s going and the way they are handing out keys monthly, you can expect this game to release June, July of this year. I’m thinking it’s being prepped for a Summer 2012 launch. Look at Blizzard’s track history…Diablo 2, Summer. Diablo 2 Expansion, Summer. Warcraft 3, Summer. Warcraft 3 expansion, Summer. Starcraft 2, Summer. Starcraft 2 Expansion, possibly summer? My educated guess on Diablo 3, SUMMER.

    7. I been registered for beta for a long time still no invite. My PC is strong. The beta has been out for so long ….by now….whats the point….

      • I’m in the same boat, opted in long before the beta went live, built a new computer, upgraded my opt in, did the facebook crap.. still no invite. I wouldn’t really care except for the fact that I still have no clue what character I want to play first, and don’t really want to play through normal 5 times before I decide who I should carry to Inferno.

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