Quoting from Bashiok’s twitter today:

    Will there be any more beta invites for diablo? –Garethbah
    Yes. Many. –Bashiok

    This is something we know little about. Can we expect these new invites to come shortly after the writeup by Jay Wilson? –Bargo_Gosu
    We generally don’t announce beta invites beforehand, provide invite numbers, etc. It just makes people go insane. —Bashiok

    Unfortunately, as not-Bashiok informed us the other day, Blizzard employee private twitter accounts are just for fun and joking and we shouldn’t necessarily believe or take seriously anything we read on them. So maybe we’ll get more beta invites and maybe we won’t. And maybe they’ll come out around the time the big system change info is released (supposedly late next week). Or not!

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