Blizzard has added the in-game animation of the male version of the Wizard to their Wizard page, and his kit is very nice. He’s in heavy armor, compared to his female counterpart in light, so it gives a nice comparison of the character’s different in-game looks. (Check out his concept art, if you want to compare the finished to the idea.)

    Blizzard has also added a new screenshot of the male wizard in action, and it’s our best look yet at a little-known DiabloWikiWizard skill. Behold DiabloWikiEnergy Twister, a Tier 3 skill from the DiabloWikiStorm skill tree. (At least that’s where it was as of Blizzcon last year, before all the recent skill tree revisions.)  There’s a second “new” screenshot as well, but it was part of last year’s Blizzcon press kit, so just a link to it, today.


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