It’s the armor that never dies. Another fan by the name of Feylight has created his own version of the male Wizard’s now-infamous “starfish” helm gear set. This one is sort of a forest mage,and while you may not love the color of the armor, the hat is quite nice—at least for the head on, gear set view. How would it look in the game, and how does the starfish hat look in the game? Still unknown.

    His post about his armor is worth a read too, if only to see an angry graphic designer in action.

    Hi. So I’ve been browsin around for years and finally felt compelled to post something. I’m sick and tired of this blizzard bull**** with the colors and wow character crap. I am a designer and artist with a background in 3d and I can tell you right now they could have easily made the game dark and brooding with awesome light radius effects. Given that 3d is all light driven they could just turn down the green in the lights and tweak the textures. You would be able to see everything fine. Aside from that, I created a altered wizard that I think is a bit cooler and more in line with the diablo esthetic. Please repost my wizard to battle net forums or wherever else people can see it. Here it is.

    Elsewhere, a fan named Matt contributed a more lighthearted take on the travails of the poor, under-appreciated male Wizard.

    Click though for MOAR. A youtube video about the hat, and an amazing piece of fan art showing the first ever Diablo 3 aquatic-inspired fashion show.

    A video reaction to everyone’s favorite new helm.

    And there’s this amazing piece of Diablo 3 fan art, created jointly by EtherealUnity and FriskyDingo.

    In case you’re wondering, yes, this sort of thing gets printed out and posted on the bulletin board at Blizzard. At least it did at the old Bliz North offices, where their kitchen bulletin board was just covered in funny fan art and other creatively wacky stuff.

    Update: Another superimposed starfish hat image, courtesy of Mr Bartuc. Nice job on the photoshop, at least. The angle of the wizards looks pretty good.


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