Over the next few weeks, Blizzard is giving us a sneak peek at six of the gear sets we’ll be seeing (starting equip for the demo chars?) at this year’s Blizzcon. A new image will be posted each Tuesday and Thursday. The first features the male DiabloWikiWitch Doctor. Here’s the official announcement.

    Every Tuesday and Thursday leading up to BlizzCon on October 22 we’ll be sharing a behing-the-scenes sneak peek at a gear set that will be featured in the playable demo at the event. Please enjoy!

    • 9/30—Male witch doctor
    • 10/5 Female wizard
    • 10/7 Female barbarian
    • 10/12 Female witch doctor
    • 10/14 Male wizard
    • 10/19 Male barbarian

    No Monk gear sets, presumably since they’re not yet finalized for that most recently revealed of the four characters? What do you think of this Witch Doctor? He looks a bit like an evil court jester to me, which might well be the goal. Note that this is not an DiabloWikiItem Set, but a “gear set,” which just means a full outfit of items of equivalent level. This reflects nothing of the magical modifiers on the items; it’s more like these are all equivalent to ring mail, in level of defense.

    We’ve heard in the past that there are 18 such levels of armor. Bashiok said this one is somewhere near the middle of the scale, which (presumably) slides from cloth armor up to heavy plate mail.

    Click through for some more blue details about this image and what we’ll see in the Blizzcon playable demo.

    What level is this set designed for?
    Somewhere in the middle.

    Is that a tongue sticking out?
    No ma’am. Teeth.

    I like the spines on his arms
    He likes them too.

    No shoes, very interesting.. there are lots of blades and broken things on the ground in sanctuary..
    *scratches chin*

    He probably walks on fire to toughen them up.

    How many other sets have you guys done besides this one which will not be shown for quite some time?
    A lot. Hopefully a lot.

    Any interesting tidbits about this armor as in how the dyes will effect it’s look or how certain skills change it’s look as well?
    I haven’t tried dying this set but it looks like all the reddish-orange bits are the dye-able areas.

    And crap, it sounds like the demo will take place in act 3.


    …It’s misleading for me to refer to them as sets, actually, although that’s how they’re designed. They’re probably better described as item ‘looks’ or even item tiers. These aren’t specific items with specific names and stats, but rather a tier which can represent any number of names or stats behind them.

    It’s the way Diablo II handled it. We’re doing a lot more unique looks though.

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