Since everyone seemed to enjoy the female Barbarian face comparison (except for the WoW-joke at the end), here’s a similar comparison for the male DiabloWikiWitch Doctor.  I initially tried to stick all six of these headshots into the same pic, but it didn’t really work since it’s odd to compare the bare face to the elaborate masks.  Since there were three of each, splitting them up was easy enough.

    Here you see three versions of the male WD’s face. The oldest concept art is on the left, and that’s the only look we have at the crazy early idea of the WD carrying around a sort of Mini-Me in his backpack, like the Fallen Shaman did in Diablo II. The idea, as the devs related at a WWI 2008 panel, was that the Mini-WD was an assistant who would have helped him in battles. Their funny example was when the WD got stunned, the Mini-WD would have stood up and banged on his head, trying to wake him up. It was probably too wacky/cartoonish an idea for a Diablo game, but that would have been damn funny.

    We don’t know if the male WD’s face has changed since that in-game version, which was added to the official page back in March. I kind of hope so; I like both the concepts a lot better than that plain, boring, bald guy.

    That said, the look of the WD’s face, male or female, will probably be irrelevant, since we’ll always have one of the huge masks on. They’re far more face obscuring than anything any other characters (so far revealed) have; like anti-Circlets. This shot doesn’t really do the helms in the artwork justice, since I had to crop down all the wild feathers and horns, etc. Check out the original shots, one, two, three, for the full comparison.

    Lest you think those huge masks are just for artistic fancy, check out the hat on the WD in the WWI 2008 gameplay movie. It’s easily as large as any we’ve seen in WD artwork.

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