Mtv’s MP blog has squeezed out another article from last week’s interview with Jay Wilson, this one focused on the issue of character gender in Diablo 3. As we know, all of the characters in Diablo 3 can be played as male or female, and while their abilities will be exactly the same, their graphics are not. The D3 team didn’t just slap a different skin on the same wire frame; they’re doing entirely different animation styles for the genders, though they’ll obviously be somewhat similar since they use the same spells and skills. Unsurprisingly, this is a lot of extra work:

    Wilson also told me that in making these unique archetypes, that meant having to create custom models. Add different genders to that, and it?s not cheap. ?It?s pretty expensive for us art-wise because of the way we do our classes and the way we do a lot of the weaponry we create,? he said. ?And essentially doing [different genders] adds a lot of model artwork. ?World of Warcraft? was very smart about how they chose their class models and their NPCs, because they were very efficient with the number of models that they made. We were not.?

    Additional Information:
    [*]The Barbarian.
    [*]The Witch Doctor.
    [*]Female Barbarian art and screens.
    [*]Female Witch Doctor art and screens.

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