Male Demon Hunter Ready to Go

@Diablo has informed us that the male Demon Hunter’s repairs have been completed.

How is the male Demon Hunter coming along in the animations department?—fyayess

He’s pretty much ready to go.—Diablo

Oh how cryptic. I suppose we’ll be waiting another week so he can get a pedicure and a fruit parfait?—Grug

He has this whole “American Psycho” self-care regiment. It takes a while.—Diablo

So we know progress has been made… but we have no idea if/when we might get our bad ass character reveal. Perhaps the mDH will appear in the next ransom payment? Just 10,000 more “likes” for that.

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1 thought on “Male Demon Hunter Ready to Go

  1. From my understanding they’re blizzard fanboys then they’re gamers that enjoy games made by blizzard but there not blind with worship.

    Blizz takes so long and there games always comes out Good but never a masterpiece. SC2 is great competitive sport but as a game it was meh story wise. Most people I play starcraft with admit they never play other games so it t there understanding of a great game is diminished. There so many companies that run circles around blizz when it comes to making games. Even though I feel this way

    I am a diablo fan nonetheless,  but i also understand this d3 team of blizzard had nothing to do with diablo 2 except 1 guy and it’s took them little to long to come up with solid decisions specially the resource system its just resource stick with one blizz!

    Even though I think there behind the decision point now and polishing the game and blizz is just continuing with there varies forms of saying it’s done when it’s done mentality btw carmack from ID software was the first to always say that btw.

    As a gamer its kinda arrogant if you don’t have a date then don’t even announce the game announce it when its almost done.

    like what Bethesda did with elder scrolls 5

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