@Diablo tweeted about the Male Demon Hunter today, and it’s encouraging news.

    How’s the male DH progressing?—DonGuillotine
    He’s doing well. He’s supposed to be stopping by sometime next week actually. We’ll see. You know how he is.—Diablo

    Ah, I see. Is he as handsome and tall as they say he is?—DonGuillotine

    He’s definitely some eye candy.—Diablo

    You see the outline of the male DH there on the right, in an image taken from Blizzcon 2010’s character selection screen. It’s not known if that outline is what the actual character will look like, or if it’s just a sort of concept art for the WiP character. We’ll find out soon enough, I guess.

    The male Monk debuted solo at Blizzcon in 2009, since the female version wasn’t yet completed. If you remember early last year, there were all sorts of festivities about the female Monk. The debut was teased for the previously-unheard of Jace Hall show, fans drew tons of female Monk concept pieces, we voted on our favorite, and after the actual character was revealed there was much design debate about her look.

    After all that last time, it looks like the Male DH reveal is going to be a far lower profile affair. That said, if some of you community artists want to start cranking out male Demon Hunter concept arts, trying for the prescient-prize, we’ll be happy to post them on the main page and stir some conversation about how the character *should* look. HK posted one fan’s vision last month, and I see one other with a quick DA search now, but the field remains pretty wide open.

    You know we’ll get argument about the official char look anyway, since we always do. Let’s just hope he goes easy on the effeminate features and black eyeliner, so we’ll avoid another male Wizard wimp-troversy.

    Update: Diablo3 Spain clearly had the same thought as me, but while I just typed it here, they fired off a tweet and got a reply.

    Are you going to do some type of fanart contest for the male DH? like you did with the female monk last year?—Diablo3ESP

    It wasn’t really a contest, there were no prizes. It was just a fun ‘assignment’. I don’t think there’s enough time…—Diablo

    Update #2: Check out Rabidwolf’s forum thread for some good analysis of the male DH’s silhouette and some outfit mock-ups.

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