Blizzard has added the animation for the male Demon Hunter to the official character page. He boasts dual DiabloWikipistol crossbows a shiny outfit that’s nicely-different from the fDH-emulating gear he wore in the debut artwork,and his eyes are glowing properly as well.

    You can see his animation on the DH page of the official site, or via this direct link. (Which may or may not work, depending on your browser and script allowances. Of course the same can be said for Diablo3.com as a whole.)

    What do you guys think? I’ll post a vote for the community’s verdict on him later today, but for now… the animation’s an improvement over the bleh-inducing artwork, yes? At least his kit here doesn’t look exactly like the female DH’s, although that might just be because we’ve never seen her in this particular gear set.

    I also like that he’s got two quivers, to go with his two crossbows. Which he loads with his third and fourth arms, one presumes.

    Early fan reaction is mixed; some are very positive while others are concerned by his ginormous boots and that razor-thin, Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean, mustache/goatee. The boots can be debated, but the facial hair will never even be remotely visible while playing; unless simply knowing that it’s there, under the helm and hood and scarf, will set your teeth on edge?

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