Blizzard has posted the final installment of the six gear set previews, concluding with the male DiabloWikiBarbarian looking especially massive and virile.

    Here’s the official blurb about this suit, from Diablo’s facebook page.

    Here we go, the last gear preview. Today, the male barbarian, thirsting for demon-punching. Next stop, BlizzCon!

    Is he not mighty? Marvel at his massive, curving horns. Early fan feedback is positive, and bonus points to Glass for remembering that “animal-themed” Barbarian armor was @Diablo tweeted earlier this year. Enter the Ram?

    Note that this is not an DiabloWikiItem Set, but a “gear set,” which just means a full outfit of items of equivalent level. This reflects nothing of the magical modifiers on the items; it’s more like these “sets” fall on a line between cloth armor and full plate mail. The ones we’ve been shown this week are in the lower middle of that range; far from the biggest/bestest armor we’ll see in the game.

    Bashiok answered a quick question about this one:

    Is the Male Barb armor set the same like the set of the female Barb except the helmet ?

    No, different sets.

    Click through to see the full listing of all six gear set previews.

    The gear set release schedule:

    Every Tuesday and Thursday leading up to BlizzCon on October 22 we’ll be sharing a behing-the-scenes sneak peek at a gear set that will be featured in the playable demo at the event. Please enjoy!

    No DiabloWikiMonk gear sets, presumably since they’re not yet finalized them all for the most recently-revealed of the four characters?

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