Some bad news from DiabloWikiBashiok today, in reply to a plot question:

    At Blizzcon Q&A, I was the guy who asked about the backstories of each class being identical for both genders. The reply I got was kind of irreverent. And I’m wondering why the Barbarian is the only class that has a separate backstory for each gender. Anyone else think there should be more to the male wizard/female monk etc than just a clone of the other gender?

    There were talks shortly after BlizzCon about this and I believe the idea to give the male barbarian a unique story as compared to the female gender is now in question. It’s very likely to be simplified, the male barbarian would not be unique, and would no longer be spelled out as the barbarian from Diablo II.

    I have to give a strong DO NOT WANT to this potential change. I thought the fact that the male DiabloWikiBarbarian was the same individual from D2 was a very clever plot innovation. It gave a poignancy and depth to his character backstory that more than offset the inevitable “Why is he level one now?” and “What did he do with his equipment?” type questions. 

    If the only reason to cut this out is to save on having to write some slightly different dialogues for the male and female Barb, I have a double disappoint.

    What do you guys think? Did you like the idea of the male Barbarian being the same guy, 20 years older and forced to return to defend Sanctuary once again, his youthful fanaticism tempered by age and experience? Or do you want him to be another newcomer to the demon war, unbloodied and full of piss and vinegar, unburdened by the weight of past events?

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