A fan asked why the Act Bosses weren’t more rewarding in Diablo 3 and got Blued.

    We agree with you that killing bosses could use a little more incentive, and it’s something we hope to address sometime in the future. Travis Day mentions (in this post) that in a perfect world players will ask themselves “What do I feel like doing tonight?” when they sit down to play Diablo III, and boss runs are one of those options we’d like them to consider. He also mentions this idea in this Developer Journal, under the “Farm Monsters, Not the Auction House” section.

    Kill me

    Kill me

    Act bosses were extremely popular killing targets in Diablo 2 since they dropped more items than anything else, and had much higher odds to drop Rare/Set/Unique items. In Diablo 3 Act Bosses don’t really drop more items (more than random elites, but they can be outdone by things as common as Gobbies or Golden Chests), and they don’t have better odds to drop legendary items. Which is pretty well game, set, and match, eh?

    Currently, unless you’ve got a fetish for watching your character run up or down loooooong flights of stairs, there’s not much reason to pay a visit to DiabloWikiAzmodan or DiabloWikiDiablo, and while DiabloWikiThe Butcher gets popped pretty often these days, that’s more about his location conveniently-close to a good farmable level in Act One, rather than any inherent value or joy in dispatching him. Also, while legend tells of a green-hued boss at the end of Act Two, like all sensible players I have not seen him since suffering multiple tearful one-shot deaths to his crustacean pounders my first play through, and thus the memory is vague.

    So, how to make the Act Bosses more fun and farmable? Aside from shortening the damn staircases and removing the seventeen lecture-filled cut scenes from the Diablo battle? The obvious and easy answer is to buff their drops, in quality and/or quantity. A better chance to score legendaries from them would turn them into farming targets without making any other changes. After all, as ARPG players prove several million times a day, we’ll do whatever a video game requires us to do, if it leads to better rewards. It’s not like players were running DiabloWikiMephisto and DiabloWikiBaal 50x a day in D2 since it was a uniquely enjoyable and challenging endeavor.

    Any clever ideas other than just “moar greens/oranges!” though? I’ve long thought that the random purple bosses you occasionally flatten, often before you even notice that their name is a different color should drop differently. More stacks of gold, larger stacks of gold, more crafting mats or gems, etc. Something along those lines, just to give them some stand out and make them fun to find. (And they need about 500% HPs buff so you’d have time to appreciate them before they popped.)

    So maybe the Act Bosses could get some special drops; not necessarily super high quality, but different in some way. They could pop mats, like a small stack of Fiery Brimstones, or drop higher level gems than Flawless Squares, or have a higher chance to drop the ultra-rare crafting recipes?

    Also, did you know that act bosses do *not* grant a Nephalem Valor stack? That seems fairly absurd, given that you can get one for opening a fricking golden chest. That should be fixed, and maybe it could even be leveraged; kill an act boss and get 2 or 3 stacks at once, making them fun things to start off a run with, for the quick stack up?

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