We’ve had so many excellent class theories or suggestions in the Suggestions Forum and from other sources, we thought it was time to start documenting it all.

    A new section in DiabloWiki called Fan Classes has been added, with help for anyone to make their own class featured in the Wikipedia of Diablo. A so called “DiabloWikiboilerplate” has been made to guide anyone into making their class article as good looking as the DiabloWikiWizard. You can find it here.

    Of these new Fan Classes, first out is the winner of last year’s BlizzCon ticket contest, the DiabloWikiFlagellant! He’s a good example of an ultra-polished Fan Class, with graphics for lots of skills, a skill tree, and two pieces of concept art.

    While the Flagellant is great to look at, most people will probably not spend so much time on making your own class, unless you want to impress someone. For everyone else, there is Technomancer’s the DiabloWikiArcane Warrior we mentioned in the last Forum Watch. He is also a great example, showing that you don’t have to go in to incredible depth to make an interesting class article.

    So, join in and wikify your own class suggestion. Who knows, maybe yours end up in the game, or ends up being very like one they already planned?

    Lazer and commonhumans have one very useful thread each for people interested in class brainstorming:

    • Skill Tier Theory – Lazer tells you how to structure your skill trees like Blizzard.
    • Fan Class Names – commonhumans has posted a list of possible 4th and 5th class names.

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