Maintenance Tonight, but No Diablo 3 Patch Tomorrow

Weekly maintenance tonight, but no patch included, alas.

We will be performing scheduled game maintenance for Diablo 3 on Tuesday, April 30th. Maintenance will begin at 3:00 AM PDT and is expected to last for 8 hours. During this time Diablo 3 will not be available for play. In addition, many web services may be unavailable.

Can any of you confirm if we are getting patch 1.08 during tomorrows downtime?
Lylirra: No patch planned for tomorrow. Just standard maintenance.

In related news, the Doggie dog to easy experience has been nailed shut. No word on sanctions or roll backs for people who abused the exploit, but as it didn’t involve duping items or doing anything to ruin the play experience for others, that’s probably not a big surprise.

Bug Fixes

  • Pets summoned by players and items no longer grant experience when killed in the Scorched Chapel.
  • So, at least another week until v1.08 goes live, if they stick to their usual schedule of enabling new patches during the usual Tuesday morning maintenance time. Is anyone else putting in some extra character preparation? With such big boosts coming to DiabloWikiexperience gain via multiplayer and DiabloWikiMonster Power, it wouldn’t be a waste of time to organize some of your friends to plan some group power leveling sessions. Especially if they’re much higher level than you and you’re largely hoping to tag along with a Sun Keeper in your sweaty paw. *cough*

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    10 thoughts on “Maintenance Tonight, but No Diablo 3 Patch Tomorrow

    1. Definitely trying to get together a new active crop of players to fill in the slots of players gone by. Curious to see just how quickly/noticeably the EXP comes rolling in with a full group.

      Also, I heard some players were able to get items from the Scorched Chapel trick by using a Barb’s Threatening Shout, so I would think those players should have their accounts actioned in one way or another. If there is any integrity left in this game anyway…

      • Silly you, thinking you can count on the integrity of the average person when speaking in terms of video games.

        Definitely need to amass a few active regulars to do some organized runs post-1.08!

        • You crush all my hopes and dreams! 🙁

          But yeah, we need some more peeeeeeeps to fill out our party!

          • Hey, I’m just a realist!

            As far as the rest goes, let the recruiting begin?! 🙂

      • Why should someone who finds a loophole for lousy exp be sanctioned? We, the innocent, have been crushed by blizz and the elites [read: botters, etc] since release. They took away gold from vases to curb wealth. Well, it did hurt me, but you think it hurt the botters? 5 billion for a weapon? I don’t think so. It’s like a crime bill that does nothing to decrease crime. God bless those who gained a few levels on zombie dogs. Fix the damn economy, punish the botters and those exploits.

        • It’s a question open to debating if faster leveling up *really* matters, hurts anyone, etc.

          But in legal terms, the TOS and EULA state unambiguously that knowingly exploiting loopholes, bugs, tricks, etc, is prohibited. Thus Blizzard is perfectly within their rights to ban, delete, rollback, etc. Obviously they don’t do those things in most circumstances, but anyone who uses an exploit to gain massive level up very quickly without any risk knows they are cheating, and can’t expect much sympathy if blizzard follows their own rules.

        • Because it wasn’t JUST experience that was being easily farmed, but also items? Did you not read what I said about using Threatening Shout to make the dogs drop items? There is an argument for both situations, but I would assume that if someone was able to force the game to drop items for basically no threat and ad nauseum, you might have a problem with that? Seems like bannable/actionable play to me. I think basically if anyone got banned for the Zoltun Kulle quest cascading EXP exploit back in the earlier versions of the game, this should fall under that same auspice.

    2. It’s always the same…Good way to go…but slowWw…=S
      So no patch 1.0.9 tomorrow? Hell 1.0.8?¿¿Wtf?

    3. I’d love to do some Multiplayer party play with some of you fine folks. I currently do MP8 without many deaths. Once 1.08 goes live of course. For now I’m shooting for p70 before the patch. 1 more level to go!

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