Bashiok revealed that the Magic Find update which we we mentioned last week is due for tomorrow (later today EU time). Bashiok writes:

    How do you feel about keeping an MF set to swap in just before a kill? Don’t answer yet! We’ll be asking you for your thoughts tomorrow

    What I want to tell you is, please get our input before implementing something, please — it’s important at this point of the game hemoraging players.

    We fully intend to! Our hope is to keep all the good stuff about it (extra MF) while cutting out all the bad stuff (losing storage, and the labor of swapping gear). I think there’s at least a couple solutions we lay out that people will like. Check back tomorrow and let us know what you think.

    To clarify the issue, gear swapping is the most efficient way to play. We don’t have a problem with efficient ways to play the game, in fact that’s much of what the game is about: playing as efficiently as possible to find better gear faster. The problem with gear swapping is that a pretty wide array of people don’t particularly like doing it, and are asking us to find a solution because they feel forced to do it (and don’t particularly enjoy it). True we could just say whatever and let it continue, but it seems like a situation where we can step in, present some solutions, and try to figure something out that makes everyone happy.

    Don’t try to force people in how they play the game. Otherwise we will all be forced to become gray blob, carbon copies of each other’s builds and gear (as much as we can).

    Having to do less to balance your damage and defenses with MF leads to less diversity, not more.

    Before the update lands, what are your thoughts on this?

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