Magic Find Gear Switching Update Tomorrow

Bashiok revealed that the Magic Find update which we we mentioned last week is due for tomorrow (later today EU time). Bashiok writes:

How do you feel about keeping an MF set to swap in just before a kill? Don’t answer yet! We’ll be asking you for your thoughts tomorrow

What I want to tell you is, please get our input before implementing something, please — it’s important at this point of the game hemoraging players.

We fully intend to! Our hope is to keep all the good stuff about it (extra MF) while cutting out all the bad stuff (losing storage, and the labor of swapping gear). I think there’s at least a couple solutions we lay out that people will like. Check back tomorrow and let us know what you think.

To clarify the issue, gear swapping is the most efficient way to play. We don’t have a problem with efficient ways to play the game, in fact that’s much of what the game is about: playing as efficiently as possible to find better gear faster. The problem with gear swapping is that a pretty wide array of people don’t particularly like doing it, and are asking us to find a solution because they feel forced to do it (and don’t particularly enjoy it). True we could just say whatever and let it continue, but it seems like a situation where we can step in, present some solutions, and try to figure something out that makes everyone happy.

Don’t try to force people in how they play the game. Otherwise we will all be forced to become gray blob, carbon copies of each other’s builds and gear (as much as we can).

Having to do less to balance your damage and defenses with MF leads to less diversity, not more.

Before the update lands, what are your thoughts on this?

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    85 thoughts on “Magic Find Gear Switching Update Tomorrow

    1. can’t wait, I kind of disliked right clicking 11 times each time an elite was dying.

      I think it will be a d2 style press a key to swap gear, but it will be already equipped, like two sides of a coin, because bash mentioned storage issues to be solved.

      • “Having to do less to balance your damage and defenses with MF leads to less diversity, not more”

        Did you not read that quote correctly? They’re not going to make it easier to swap out a mf set – they want more diversity with balancing damage/defense stats and extra stats such as Magic Find and by making it easier to swap a mf set they’re hurting that decision making process of balancing stats. They’re going to make it harder in some way.

        • Yeah, they seem pretty adamant about the whole balancing aspect of MF, so a gear-swapping option seems out of the question. Such an option would only serve to establish the problem as an actual core mechanic instead, at which point they might as well just remove MF and balance drops accordingly because players would still be forced to swap, even though it’d be easier.

          So, the question is how they’ll encourage people to actually play with gear with MF and not switch before kills, while reducing inventory space at the same time.

          One way to do it is to put a cap on MF that isn’t too hard to attain (say, 75%). If the cap is attainable and full MF sets become obsolete by providing more MF than is necessary, players might actually try to reach the cap through their combat gear and free up their inventory in the process. A perhaps better but more technical solution would be to calculate the players’ average MF across the duration of a fight, so that swapping at the last 5% would make such a small difference that players simply wouldn’t bother. Lastly, they could bring back diminishing returns on MF, but that alone won’t change anything. Perhaps a combination of the three ideas above would do the trick, though?

    2. MF-swapping right before a kill = nonsense!

      Butcher: KILL KILL KILL!
      Player: Wait, let me swap my MF gear…
      Butcher: KILL KILL… KILL?

      <1 minute later…

      Player: There, now I'm all set.. Now I'm going to kill you with my über magic find feather of ultimate doom!

      • I think the solution to stop gear switching before the end of a fight is pretty simple:
        when you switch gear you should gain MF gradually like 1% MF per 1 minute while you have your gear equipped upto the cap of your gear. Surely the cap needs to be tested/balanced and increased/decreased accordingly.

    3. My thoughts?

      That those of us who have gathered MF gear viable for full clears will be gutted.

      Personally have a wiz clearing all of act1 with 195mf pre-nephs. Could easily upgrade.

      A m8 have a barb clearing all of act2 with 205mf, unknown neph status.

      There is no need for change. Other than back to pre chest/urn nerf.

      Maybe I would start playing again 🙂

      • WTF are you talking about ible? They aren’t going to nerf people that run with MF on their gear, and you know… actually use the gear. They are going to nerf people that run around with 0 MF and a spare set with high MF that they equip before a kill. That defeats the whole purpose of MF as a tradeoff. Otherwise, MF pieces might as well be charms that you keep in your inventory.

        • I see you know all about that. What’s this thread about?

          What one expect from a company like Blizzard.. With a touch of irony. How about you pick on those wanting to remove MF completely instead?

          They nerfed chests etc. That’s like 70% of the loot. With that change live they may as well remove MF altogether, yes.

          9:47 you posted what I would of included in my post, but never got to nail. Thank you for the effort. Glad we are agreed.
          Entitled to our opinions we are.

          • the “nerf” to chests will most likely be removed with this patch, as they said they didn’t want people carrying around a full set of MG/GF gear and swapping before opening every chest.

            So, if their solution is to negate gear swapping, then I imagine they will make MF work on chests again.

    4. This is one of those (many) things that people seem to use as proof that D2 was better than D3… while conveniently forgetting that gear swapping was not available until LoD.

      For what it’s worth, I have MF on all my gear anyway (not sure how much, but I have around 220MF with 5NV) and can easily clear Act 1 and can manage Act 2.

      Here’s a thought, though: Enabling gear swaps will [i]lower[/i] your overall gold/item gains. When you are always wearing MF/GF gear you are getting that benefit from every trash mob you come across. When you are only swapping it in to kill that last Elite or the Boss you are only getting the benefit for that kill. Less MF/GF means less gold/Rares. Since NV guarantees Rares from Elites/Bosses anyway the question has to be asked – are you really getting any benefit when you gear-swap for those kills?

      • I kinda feel the same way about this, though I have to admit not knowing the D3 mechanics as well as I did D2. I used to do this exact thing in D2 – swap a full set of gear for MF gear. But whether it was due to diminishing returns or the nature of runs in that game, it quickly became apparent that wasn’t the most efficient way to play. Carrying an amount of MF that you could still kill quickly with and then doing MORE kills was far more productive. Maybe with a ubiquitous Blade of Ali Baba (or two) on switch.

        I don’t think that having caps, goals, targets, must-haves, etc. is a bad thing necessarily. It should be part of an overall mix of progression that rewards hitting both attainable (e.g. “get something with Cannot be Frozen), stretch (e.g. max block, max resists), and long-term (as much magic find as you can carry safely, fastest framerate for casting or attacking, most damage) goals.

    5. I think one way to get around this gear swapping problem is to make you lose NV buff if you do, but I don’t think the change would be particularly popular. It’s something that they should have done at the beginning though.

    6. I might be a bit dumb, but I don’t clearly see what is the problem (if/when people change their stuff in the middle of a fight – yes and so what) and why it should be a priority for Blizzard to solve.
      Is it the only issue with the game ?
      Am I missing something ?

      Just to let you know, I play hardcore, I wouldn’t think to try swapping gear (for any reason) in the middle of a fight, and I don’t care with people doing it.

      • it affects the number and quality of items in the RMAH, so it has to be changed

        that is what the game is designed around, not “We don’t have a problem with efficient ways to play the game, in fact that’s much of what the game is about”

        all “bug” fixes, nerfs and game play issues are decided around “how does implementing it (or not implementing it) affect the RMAH?”

        • While the AH, both gold and RM, would be *a* consideration for changes, it definitely won’t be the *only* consideration, as you are implying.

          • That was what I had on mind when I made my post.
            I could have said the same thing about the JAR’s nerf.

            If the only motivation for game’s changes are RMHA, then for sure things have gone a VERY BAD WAY. ➡ 😈 👿

    7. I guess the easiest solution for them is to give us a second paperdoll to equip the MF gear and some button on the toolbar to quickly switch the loadouts.
      HOWEVER, this would be too easy and still dumb on multiple occasions; kinda like a macro but official.

      I bet the changes will be way more radical, like not letting MF roll on items and give us some new mechanic alltogether.

        • Simple and stupid. Part of the charm of Diablo is finding a new item and immediately putting it on because it’s better than what you’re wearing.

          If they were going to have “only equip in town” then they wouldn’t let you ID rare items in the dungeon, or indeed all magic items might start un-IDed as well.

          • While i did thumb your post, i don’t think i’ve ever found and equipped an upgrade past like 20. Because of that, unlike D2, i don’t even check items when they drop, i hoover everything up then check them when i get to town.

          • Yes it’s a solution, but it flies in the face of the swap anywhere/anytime mentality of their skill setup. Plus it makes people feel like they need to portal out in the middle of combat…something Blizzard has been fighting against for a while.

            My guess is they’ll instead just build in a drawback to swapping, such as dropping your valor stacks.

    8. After reading the first response from Bash, that they dont have problem with MF swapping but find it too much of a chore, I kinda get the feeling they are going to introduce MF gems for all sockets. Or maybe something very simmiliar to that, we have to wait for tommorow.

      • “Having to do less to balance your damage and defenses with MF leads to less diversity, not more.”

        That doesn’t sound like they are going to go with gear swapping.

    9. I think they are going to do away with MF on gear altogether and base everything off of Valor.

      Gear swapping was done in Diablo 2 by most folks in the early stages of the ladder. You get your character to Meph, get him down in health, then swap gear. I see nothing wrong with that way of play. If others are too lazy to swap gear, that is their problem.

      But we will have to see what Blizzard comes up with, eh?

      • What about the people that have spent money on gear with MF GF and decent stats? I doubt they will delete MF.

        You see nothing wrong with making the optimal way of play the least enjoyable? It seems totally obvious to me that MF gear swapping is a bad mechanic, and it only existed in D2 because of technical limitations. The whole existence of MF as a stat is based on the idea that you trade character power for better loot. Enabling a way to circumvent that tradeoff defeats the purpose.

      • They don’t need to do away with MF. They just need to make gear swapping drop valor stacks right along with skills.

    10. Well, i see 2 things which could be done.
      1- they calculate an average of your mf when thé mob is 75%, 50%, 25% and 0% life (only for elites and bosses obviously) and make it harder/less usefull to swap.
      2- they put a 3min timer for the mf to become active after you equip a piece.

      I like not to have to go to Town and be able to switch from dual wield to sword and board in thé middle of a fight.

      • They need to stop gear switching being the most efficient thing so people do not feel forced into something so monotonous. But a 3 minute timer is overkill – 10 seconds would be enough to make gear switching inefficient.

        • Only 10 seconds? lol You just don’t want Blizzard to nerf your swapping, do you?

          • lol, I agree that 10 sec is the same as not doing it.
            3 min sounds about right (enrage timer for elites?)

    11. I think I’m alone in this one, but I hate playing just to find gear.
      The game should be about the adventure, finding gear should not be an important part of it, let alone be a requirement to advance. You should naturally find the gear that will get you to the next difficulty level without any grinding.
      I do love the randomness of affixes but I don’t play to get better gear. All the hunt for the bestest affixes on rare items and, by extent, the us of +MF on items does not appeal to me AT ALL.

      • Then you are playing the wrong game as hunting for new and better gear has been one of the main focuses for the entire Diablo genre.

        • I think you’re right about D3 being the wrong game for me. The excessive emphasis on items, along with many other factors, are the reasons I haven’t bought it.
          I restarted playing modded Diablo 1 a few weeks ago, actually.
          But you’re VERY wrong if you think the endless item runs are the main part of the franchise. It’s one of the factors, but, at least in the first game, it was NOT a requirement nor the main source of fun.

    12. They should make the elite packs enrage if you change the gear, the reasoning behind this is simple… The mobs get so angry you are trying to cheese them with crap MF gear they go berserk. Risk/Reward 😛

      But seriously its lame to switch gear in combat for the killing blow, I’ve seen people running scripts to do it automatically, which I’m not sure could risk your account.

    13. #30: you’ve picked the wrong game to play as the core focus is the one thing you don’t like to do.

      I take it there have been no leaks about what thus supposed fix will entail?

    14. “try to figure something out that makes everyone happy.”

      This quote scares me. You can’t design something that does everything well and expect it to be at reasonable cost. As an engineer, you learn from day 1 that design is about making trade offs. I am not a software developer but I think the same philosophy applies in software design as well. I hope Bashiok is only saying that because he is the public relations guy and that is now how Blizzard really feels. Otherwise I know Blizzard will start going down hill from this point on. Blizzard should just do what they think will make the game fun. Don’t try to please everyone because you can’t.

      • I think a more accurate would be, “trying to figure out something that doesn’t make anyone murderously unhappy.” But of course Bashy can’t say that.

        There are some wild theories in this thread, with huge changes suggested. I’m ruling out anything that totally changes the game or existing equipment. Bliz doesn’t mind MF, or they wouldn’t have put the stat in the game. They just want there to be tradeoffs to using it, and they don’t want cheesy exploits, like gear switching full outfits before the last hit on a boss.

        There are lots of ways to stop that, many of them suggested in this thread, but those would nerf MF and equipment changing and would in no way “make everyone happy.” So what Soloman-esque decision will prevent the exploit, without ruining MF gear entirely?

        • Maybe a good poll could answer this with options like:
          1.implement a timer on gear switching or gradually increasing MF
          Like someone proposed a timer on gear switch so you have to wait X minutes(or seconds) to get the MF bonus of your gear.
          Or like I said before: when you switch gear you should gain MF gradually like X% MF per Y seconds while you have your gear equipped upto the cap of your gear.

          2.disable gear switching in battle (or out of town)
          I agree that this is not an ideal solution but it should be one of the simplest to implement and does not nerf MF equipment in any way. Also if it was implemented only for chars level 60 i don’t think it would be a huge problem (how many gear upgrades do we find anyway at level 60).

          3.remove NV stacks on gear switch
          Also easy to implement but maybe too restrictive. So we can’t change skills and also no gear?! Anyway, not a fan of this solution.

          4.implement a MF cap or diminishing returns
          I don’t see that happening. They said in IAS nerf that it would be confusing for players – applies here too.

          5.remove MF
          I don’t see that happening. MF is ok, they only want to prevent gear switching, so this would be overkill.

          • Hard to do a good poll that’s all speculation and hypothetical options. Especially when we’ll actually know the system and Blizzard’s reasoning about it in a few hours.

            There will likely be a poll after the reveal, so we can measure opinions on the new system, though.

          • The gradually-increasing MF seems like the solution that would piss off the smallest number of people. But that flies in the face of their “no mechanics that are hidden or not obvious” design principle. So I can’t see them doing that.

            Disabling gear switching cripples play style for people who do it as a battle tactic with their build. I can envision this might be important for quirkier variants and I don’t think they want to go that route.

            NV loss seems to fall into the above category as well – for people that need to swap gear as part of their build this would be impossible to deal with. Don’t think they do this.

            MF cap or DR – your reasons are solid for why they won’t want to do this, but I think it might be where it goes. One thing to realize is that effectively everything is capped, some things more obviously than others. For example, boots are the only item that can get Faster Run/Walk, and it’s capped at 12%. Nothing you can do about it unless you have a skill with a temporary boost. So maybe they just nerf the percentages of MF that spawn on items to the point where it’s less and less productive to do the switch?

            I dunno, right now it seems like they have no good options. We’ll see if they have a more creative solution!

    15. I never liked the MF affix anyway. the game is about farming gear and having fun while doing so. there is the character strength – and your economical power.

      with alot of GF and MF and good stats on top you can increase your economical power greatly but imo thats no fun at all in the game itself… because no matter how good your MF gear is. that affix that is MF could have been an affix which increases your combat efficiency. and while you might do fine despite alot of MF its just not fun to know that you are not at the boarders of your capabilities just because you have to farm with stupid mf gear on.

      you are always building multiple sets
      max power / max MF i just think that these are inherently contradictory when it comes to fun and gamedesign.

      that being said i would get rid of MF / GF all together as Item Affix.

      I once played an RPG which allowed you to adjust the difficulty / loot ratio manually with a slider.
      (in between fights that is)

      eg. you could decrease your dmg taken / dmg dealt
      by 10% and in return get ~30 mf / gf
      and if you go as far as ~50% dmgtaken / dmg dealt reduction up to ~400 gf / mf ?

      effectively this would serve the same purpose as MF / GF on gear but you would not need farm those stupid affixes themself … it would also allow veteran players to engage in new challanges

    16. Instead of implementing some stupid artificial and bloated mecanisms for gear swapping, they could just like, I don’t know… tweak the loot tables AND the items themselves and make them interesting ?

      You know, like in Diablo 2.

      *Remembers about the RMAH*

      Oh right, I forgot… Silly me.

      And before you flame, I never thought I’d be “one of those guys” saying this kind of thing one day, I defended the game against anything and everything, but I just can’t anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I still love it, it’s hands down the best fun and combat feeling (not to mention the art and graphics, which I find gorgeous) you’ll find in any h&s out there.

      But they completely fucked up the loot system IMHO. And unless they seriously think twice about it, no added layer of user-friendly MF gear swapping artificial mecanism bullshit will change that.

      • I loved MF and D2X, but even I wouldn’t attempt to defend the implementation of MF in D2X. Way unbalanced, with many of the best items in teh game boasting huge MF along with other bonuses.

        The D3 version isn’t good either, with MF all from random Rare mods, and no more than 20% per item, which turns it into a minor bonus that’s created by endless grinding and doesn’t feel fun or special when you get MF in such small quantities. The D2 system was better with big MF on some special set/uniques, but their error was making those items awesome in other ways as well. Better would be tradeoffs, and since defense and resistances actually matter in D3, that shouldn’t be hard to do. You can get high MF from gear, but it’ll endanger your life in the process.

        • Agreed.

          It’s a shame though, cause the game really doesn’t miss much to be absolutely awesome, on every level. I’m not saying it’s easy, on the contrary, it’s quite obvious that balancing and tweaking a game like that is a huge, huge undertaking. But some choices concerning gear and stats, how they layed out the itemisation and affixes is beyond me.

          That’s the only thing I’m complaining about really, as it’s not in my habits to just whine for no reason. But considering loot is, well, the whole point of a game like Diablo, I sincerely think of dropping the game when I realize that I don’t even play or have the will to play anymore.

          I still can’t really believe this is happening, as I’m a true lover of the franchise; I was on board with everyone since the day they announced it and I waited this game like the second coming of the christ. I forced myself to believe it was just “bad luck” at first due to, well, how random it all is.

          But today it stroke me : I have no will to play the game, to come back for more. When I think of coming back for more, I’m thinking “for more FRUSTRATION”. I’m still waiting the PvP patch impatiently, as it holds the potential for quite the fun, but for how long…

          All in all (and I’m gonna end my QQ here), what it really means to me, is that D2X was just TOO damn good in its time and was an exploit (of game design, fun, addictiveness and longevity) that just simply cannot be matched, especially not by Diablo 3.

          Quite TL;DR, especially for a QQ post, but it had to come out. It just happened to be on here 🙂


    17. This is nothing more than typical hand-holding.

      Why do things need to change?

      I saved and saved and saved until I could outfit a high damage character that could farm inferno with over 200% magic find.

      I refused to use swapping macros, so I busted ass and hounded the auction house until I got the gear that I wanted.

      Players: Quit trying to look for the easy fix.

      Blizzard: Quit trying to hold our hands.

      • This is more an issue with people finding the path of least resistance to gain the biggest rewards, gear swapping is easy to do and can give you a pretty big boost in profits. It’s not particularly fun and this is why the Dev’s want it to stop, and I agree, it shouldn’t be allowed.

        I have 214% MF with decent gear and 5NV. I think it’s shame that my style of play is less effective then gear swapping even though it’s more fun imo.

      • chances are you will benefit from this the most, if you have gear that have MF and you don’t swap

    18. The most obvious route is to have swapping gear affect NV buffs, but even that is kind of lame even though it’s the fastest way to put a stop to the whole process.

      I think they should simply implement a debuff mechanic, essentially it only works with gear, you get up to 5 stacks and each stack causes your MF to be lowered by 20%. Everytime you swap gear out in the field you gain a stack and lose 20% of your total MF from gear. You lose all stacks after 1 minute.

      Bam, it’s impossible to be effective with gear swap.

    19. I would personally like to see a system whereby the MF for any given kill is based on the average MF used while killing. Therefore, if you do 90% damage with 10% MF and the final 10% with 200% MF you get the following:

      (10% * 90%) + (200% * 10%) = 29%

      And similarly, if you did 90% damage with 200% MF and 10% damage with 10% MF you’d get:

      (90% * 200%) + (10% * 10%) = 181%

      That way we keep the MF gear in the game, only difference is that you now have to have decent stats accompanying it to make it viable…

      I imagine the extra strain on the server computing to implement this would be painful though 🙁

      • This what Vinneh said above + wow style one button gear swap. Thats it, keep it simple and all happy.

        It then allows people to kill the first mobs with good gear and change mf gear to last, but total MF value of las kill blow can be calculated based on all champoin mobs in pack.

        And additionally people will now invest two gear sets (like most are now) by having good MF gear with proper stats and not just pure MF and then real progression gear with less mf.

    20. Patch 1.0.4:

      Switching gear in combat makes you lose all your NV stacks.
      Should your current magic find not be awesome enough for killing rares and getting that 5 stacks, the RMAH is available to help you out.

    21. Meh; I would just disallows gear changing while in combat or something like that. I like the concept of having weaker stats for the sake of more mf – so it’s a balance everyone has to choose for themselves rather then go in decked out and finish in full MF.

    22. -1. Lock armor swapping outside of town.

      -2. Mini paper-doll for weapon set (2h to Sword and Board, for example.) swapping only.

      -3. Increasing the percentage of MF bonus your follower gives you. Gives you a place to dump some of the MF gear. The rest can be used below.

      -4. A craft-able item or some alternative salvaging method for gear that creates an gem/trinket/charm/ with a small percentage of the MF from the original item. I am assuming Blizz is holding off on any charm type items until the expansion, but the gem thing may work.

      Salvage MF item -> Get MF crafting mat -> “imbue” armor or gem, whatever with additional MF stat.

      Alternatively, the gems once “imbued” could simply scale with the gem level, i.e: Grade 8 “imbued” gems = +10% MF in addition to its’ inherent properties.

      Additional gold sink created and your progression gear now becomes your MF gear(over time)as well.

    23. I think they should just remove MF. With NV, they could entirely replace the system.

      Look at all the ridiculous suggestions in this news post. Totally unnecessary.

    24. How about this solution:
      The blacksmith has the power to imbue an item with MF – you place MF gear in 1 slot put your dps gear in 2nd slot pay ( 20k gold * Ilvl ) and bam the mf gear disappears and your dps gear now has the MF ability of the lost item. ( if you try this twice or your gear already have MF only the highest bonus applies )

    25. My educated guess purely based on time, current systems, the state of Blizzard, and not destroying magic find or players who invested in magic find gear:

      1) NValor will be able to increase stacks or a similar magic find bonus will be added. Magic find will cap somewhere that makes sense. They could even make magic find bonuses from stacks time out quicker after the initial 5 stack bonus so killing speed would be important. This would still allow people with magic find gear to have a slightly higher overall MF%, have it initially before any stacks, they keep a little magic find on gear attainable/useful but not required and they still allow people to swap gear if they need to (ex. dual-barb with shield). This is a solution that wouldn’t change much/break anything.

      This next one is not well thought out but is another way I could see magic find working.

      2) All current magic find would remain the same. Each piece of gear has a maximum magic find (duh). So to make magic find gear swapping a non issue, they could add a jeweler ability of sorts to enchant an item using plans/mats that add magic find to gear. This could add another gold sink and players with current magic find gear could upgrade and not be as mad that they paid tons more gold to get their gear with magic find.

      Not 100% sure if Blizzard would consider this a timely option, but it could help. I considered the fact that magic find could become a mandatory stat, but just like gems, if people could craft(add) it to items themselves or it Blizz made it removable(not great idea), I don’t see that becoming a thing.. it would just price accordingly.

    26. Last one is the one I hope does not happen, but knowing Blizzard it could be very close to this scenario.

      3) All magic find not gained from NV will remain the same as when you joined the game or within minutes(1-2) of joining a game. They may do this and add something else to make this more appealing to players looking to get magic find gear, such as having NV boost your magic find by an extra percent to what you’re wearing on top of the bonus it already gave you.. this way you wouldn’t need as much magic find if you just wore some.. or maybe they would just make magic find stats higher or more common.

      Look forward to hearing the real info soon!

    27. 1. Mf from equipped gear takes time to be applied. Say, each 1% takes 2 seconds to apply. This is the “easy” solution that is not perfect.

      2. Mf is applied based on damage dealt to the pack. If you do 80% of the damage at 0 mf and 20% at 200% mf, the net result is 40% mf. This applies to group play as well. If someone has 200% mf but does little damage to packs, their mf does not count as much as other team members.

      • Your number 1 solution slows down game play even more. Everyone who has magic find gear will have to sit in town for a few minutes every time they join a game if they want their magic find to work.

        And your number 2 will make co-op even less appealing than it was. I know I won’t ever be playing co-op again if that happened 🙄

    28. “you can only swap armor in town. Weapons/offhand items are not affected”.

      Simple solution. Prevents people from swapping in an entire MF set before a kill. Still allows people to weapon swap as part of their combat strategy, or swapping in a MF offhand. So at least there’s a small bone for people that want to bitch.

    29. i like the ‘average mf’ solution stated above. clever and simple. have a player’s mf not some solid number that changes on what you are currently wearing, but an average of everything you’ve worn. mf/mf gear would still be relevant, people wouldn’t switch as much(or not at all) and no messing around w/ the precious/awesome nv mechanic. Cool

    30. Chances are they will not remove MF anytime soon, sorry to say.

      Quote from Bash: “Our hope is to keep all the good stuff about it (extra MF) while cutting out all the bad stuff (losing storage, and the labor of swapping gear)”

      So even if I agreed with you about removing MF (which I do, by the way.) the fear of QQ from the people than spent millions on MF gear will prevent the stat from being removed entirely without providing another way to get some value from those items…The alternative then is working the existing MF gear into something viable that players don’t have to lug around with them while giving them something back greater than the vendor price for their(in some cases, substantial) investment, if at all possible.

    31. My prediction? They implement a 4×4 “Horadric Cube” that can be used to hold MF gear in your inventory. The cube itself will grant a passive MF bonus equal to the MF of the gear you place in the cube.

    32. uh, #71, wait.. Wouldn’t that be worse? Because there wouldn’t be any tradeoff between power/mf at all. People would just stick whatever gear w/ the most mf in that thing and forget about it..

    33. just imagine yourself in some random dungeon, questing, and stumbling into a hero, standing in front of chest, half clothed, trying to put on some new gear. Now imagine how much sillier that would be when said hero is in front of a hulking demon on the throes of death

    34. Ramp time for you to get full mf in a game is a nonissue. By the time you get 2 stacks, you will be at max mF. A workaround could be that mf increases more quickly in town. Really solution 2 is the answer. Maybe remove the coop effects, but still, mf at kill is calculated vs what mf you had equipped during different hp % of the fight. Any system with cooldowns or town travel to change gear seems really awkward.

      Having a running total of damage done at some mf value seems logical. Maybe make it simple – your mf value is whatever you had equipped while the elite pack took more than 50% damage. Something with more resolution (ie checks every 10% health) seems fairer.

    35. i still really, really miss weapon switch. full gear switching, not much of a fan..

    36. I feel that the subject of this thread is flawed and I’ll explain why I say that.

      When one is discussing about a solution it is because there is a problem to solve.You can then appreciate the quality of the solution, if it really solves the problem.

      I still don’t see where or what is the problem.
      Can someone be kind enough to formulate what is this problem that everybody seeks to solve ? (Please, don’t tell me to prevent people from switching their stuff before the killing blow, because in fact it is not a problem, nor it is a bug)

      Considering “exploits and nerfing”, I think that it is in the gamers’nature to find ways to gain gold faster, to kill monsters more easily, to drop more treasure, to level quickly, to survive,…
      Everyone is looking for that.
      That being said, you can ask yourself where do we go with a nerfing policy…
      If you remove every bit of the game that advantage X or Y, you’ll end up with :
      1 char class,
      no skills,
      no equipment or the same equipement for everybody (your choice),
      no random dungeon,
      no random monsters,
      no random drops,
      …and then you’ll be sure that every body will get the same loot.

      To summarize, I play for the fun and I ask the game to be fun.
      I don’t see how nerfing can achieve that.

      “Hey Blizzard, let us play as we wish”.

    37. Simple, when you kill a champ pack you get the valor bonus plus 20% (or whatever is reasonable) bonus from your MF gear so when you have all 5 valor stacks you also get a 100% bonus to your MF. So you can still gear swap, but you will lose the bonus from that item if you remove it.

    38. I don’t care if people swap out gear for the last hit and actiblizz shouldn’t either. If I hear one of their stupid ass PR people say: “We don’t think that is fun!” I am gonna scream. The item hunt is the core to this game for me, always has been. I can’t say I didnt switch to a high MF amulet for opening gold chests before the nerf, but there is no way I am gonna switch out a bunch of gear during a fight. But like I said, if a person wants to do that, they should be able to. I don’t like the idea of losing NV because of switching gear, I already don’t like losing it for switching skills. They will do what is in the best interest of the RMAH for sure.

    39. I think MF on a GEM is an excellent idea. It was mentioned above.

      It increases the value of sockets, which are already valuable itself. It gives the player options of how to gear with gems.

      a) Stats, at your strongest, or

      b) gems which give you magic find at the cost of stats, but if balanced well you can still be strong enough.

      c) these gems could be like items with a drop rate of %. 1-10mf could be average, 10-15mf uncommon and getting rarer at 15, then 16-20 steadily rarer still. It would enable MF to be attainable, yet still more difficult to get in the larger amounts required to hit breakpoints in potential loot number drops.

      d) They could even make these new gems have slightly higher stats than what current gear has, say by a 5% range. That way, players who already have just mf gear, will have reason/motivation to attain BETTER mf gear, whilst still making their gear viable, if they want to gear switch at lower MF.

      e)There could be an added mechanic by the means of a de-buff, that lasts 30 seconds, as means of a penalty in gear switching, but still making it viable, with a range of potential risk and the benefit of reward.

      -Switching into a new piece of gear, halves your mf from NON-GEM mf sources, but regenerates by 2.5% a second.
      -The Tooltip could simply read: “Non-Gem MF attributes suffer 50% reduction, and regenerates 2.5% a second”, while displaying a timer
      -This debuff will count down whilst within a certain range of any champion. If you go outside of that range within the 20seconds, you lose the debuff.

      However if you go within the range of that pack again, you re-gain the debuff. Only once the debuff has completed its duration, will that pack no longer apply it to you. If packs are stacked, the effect is shared between them all (so perhaps within a certain radius, or some other mechanic).

      This adds skill to MF switching, without the instant reward. If you are super weak and trying to stay within range of a pack member for 20 seconds or so and not die, then it will require skill.

      An interesting mechanic to add would be attacks reduces the effect by a further 2.5% (subject to proc coeffients perhaps?), making aggressive, riskier play requiring better gear to not die, also have better rewards.

      Just some thoughts. I’m sure it has some flaws, since I’m cooked and am just writing ideas as they come to me, so feel free to criticise and build upon any thoughts.


    40. As a wiz with magic find gear as my primary gear set (200% mf with 5 stack, 35k dps/hp) farming seigebreaker, I think the best solution would be to 0 out mf for 3 minutes or to lose neph stacks when you change gear. You could add a debuff for the 0% mf thing and have that only happen if you are level 60. This would affect my play style the least :).

    41. As sad as it seems a cap seems like the best solution, closely followed by a gear switch where you get to select which 3 (or whatever) pieces you want to switch on command.

      1. There is a cap on movement speed that seems to be working. I would like to stack more, but it has always been there. Maybe NV should add to MS too?
      2. I have a gear switch for certain elites. Losing NV stacks while switching gear will be a complaining from a lot of people. It will also devalue the gear I have acquired for its purpopses.
      3. A cap will not davalue all mf gear, it will actually increase the value of good mf gear because of the user’s abillity to get to the cap. If a cap is at 50-75%, many people who ignored mf completely will now aim for it. The few people who stacked mf gear on all pieces will have their excess mf increase in value.

    42. MF on gear has always been a retarded idea.
      Keep the NV buff, but every champion killed after 5 stacks would stack more MF.
      Dying resets MF to 5 stacks of NV.
      Gear is meant for stats, defence/offence. MF and GF has no place on gear.

      And for christ’s sake, where is the solution to making chests be affected by MF/NV again? It was supposed to be in the blog post.

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