Magic Find and Gear Swapping

The promised blog post on the magic find conundrum is now available for viewing.

After reviewing the article and the proposed solutions, I can’t say that I’m a fan of any of them. The overall affect would be to gut magic find and therefore drops. In the end, this would mean lower potential drops across the board for nearly all the solutions, and they all seems less clear-cut-and-dry than gear swapping (even if the mechanic itself wasn’t all that fun).

If people are having the most fun finding items of potential value, devaluing the ability to do so could have severe repercussions for end-game farming morale. The one light at the end of the tunnel is that, with whatever option they choose, they plan on compensating the difference or potential loss in some way, which will probably result in a buff to the Nephalem Valor system. What is the community’s opinion on the proposed changes – what solution would you pick or else propose in lieu of their ideas?

Since release it has become an increasingly common practice to keep a DiabloWikiMagic Find (MF) set in your inventory, and swap it in shortly before a kill. Philosophically we don’t have a problem with the practice. While players getting more Magic Find for their kills isn’t a game breaker for us, many players have said they don’t enjoy doing it but feel the benefit is too large to ignore. Since the call for a solution really comes from all of you, we’d like to invite you to chime in with your opinion on what the solution could be.

It’s worth keeping in mind that if we do implement a method to alleviate gear-swapping in combat, we’ll simultaneously be looking at ways for players to get an added MF bonus to compensate.

Here are the solutions we’re currently considering, and would appreciate your feedback and opinion on what seems the most reasonable for you, and why:

Option 1: Set a Magic Find Cap

We could set an MF cap between something like 100% and 200%. DiabloWikiNephalem Valor provides 75%, so you would need between 25% and 125% to reach the hard cap. Everyone could find ways to hit the cap for MF% on their gear and then stop.

Pros: Creates a gearing-game around trying to hit the “MF% cap” that some players enjoy. It also solves the swapping issue for people with enough gear to hit the cap. Players who want to min-max and gear swap can do so, and players who think it’s stupid but feel “compelled” can try to hit the new cap instead.

Cons: Depending on where the cap is set, it may not actually alleviate gear swapping, and players who wish they didn’t have to will feel compelled to do so. It also devalues a highly valuable stat, and desired stats mean desired gear, which helps diversify the item hunt.

Option 2: Slowly Adjust Magic Find Over Time

When you equip an item with Magic Find, we don’t let your MF% change right away. Instead your Magic Find slowly “drifts” towards the target Magic Find — potentially something like 1% every 3 seconds. If you open up your Character Details sheet, you can see the number change “8%… 9%… 10%.” Even though you could in theory switch to Magic Find gear for the killing blow and get a few extra percent, it’s probably not worth it.

Pros: High degree of visibility as your stat sheet updates. Still allows you to swap your gear when you get an upgrade in the world without having to feel bad about putting the item on.

Cons: May not alleviate the problem for players who still feel compelled to get a few extra MF%. Depending on the rate, some players may just swap in an item during the last 20 seconds of a fight even though they don’t want to.

Option 3: Use your average MF% or your lowest MF% of the last 5 minutes
We could sample your MF% every 30 seconds or so and create a moving average, or use the lowest MF% the game has seen on your character in the last few minutes.

Pros: A lot of the same benefits as Solution 2, but harder to game. Still allows you to switch gear when you get an upgrade, which is great.

Cons: Difficult to communicate. We’d have to communicate this on the Details page somehow, but during normal gameplay there could be the sense of not knowing what your “moving average” is and wanting to look at it. Magic Find is already a difficult number to feel at any point in time, so hidden rules that modify Magic Find feel that much worse.

Option 4: Zero-Out Your MF% for 3 Minutes After Swapping Gear

When you swap gear, your Magic Find is disabled for 3 minutes.

Pros: Absolutely effective at discouraging gear swaps. Still allows you to swap gear when you find an upgrade, and the 3 minute duration is probably short enough that if you kill an Elite pack and get an upgrade, you can put that upgrade on and have your Magic Find active again by the time you get to the next pack.

Cons: Players who are unfamiliar with the system may open up their details page and see their Magic Find as 0% and not understand why. We could mitigate this by making the 0% MF colored with a tooltip stating the countdown until your Magic Find would work again, as well as what your Magic Find will be when the time expires.

Option 5: Gear Swapping Interacts with Nephalem Valor
There’s a whole class of solutions that interact with Nephalem Valor. For example, we could remove a stack of Nephalem Valor when you swap a piece of gear.

Pros: Stops gear swapping just for the last kill, while still allowing the player the option to do so.

Cons: Some players will lose a stack by accident. We could put a confirmation box in to address accidental loss of a stack, but game-interrupting popups are potentially character-killing. It also causes co-op players to drop out of sync. One person may switch gear and lose a stack or two, and if it happens before a boss they’ll want to clear two more packs before hitting the boss, but the other party members may not want to — causing some tense social situations in co-op play. Finally, it tightly couples two systems together and generally tightly-coupled systems don’t function over the long haul as well as loosely-coupled systems. In other words, future changes to the Nephalem Valor system or the Magic Find system (or systems related to those two systems) become harder to make as both systems would be impacted.

While we’re having our own discussions and tests of how well these options could work, we’re interested to hear your thoughts. We’d mainly like to hear which approaches you like, if there are any specifics you like or don’t like about it, and why. Having the context of how this affects you personally really helps us.

Here’s a vote with the options as presented. Let’s get some numbers on this thing, for science!

Which of Blizzard's proposed Magic Find changes do you prefer?

  • 6) None of the above. Retain current system. (29%, 3,059 Votes)
  • 4) Zero-Out Your MF% for 3 Minutes After Swapping Gear (26%, 2,740 Votes)
  • 1) Set a Magic Find Cap (15%, 1,602 Votes)
  • 2) Slowly Adjust Magic Find Over Time (11%, 1,202 Votes)
  • 5) Gear Swapping Interacts with Nephalem Valor (9%, 909 Votes)
  • 3) Use your average MF% or your lowest MF% of the last 5 minutes (5%, 547 Votes)
  • 7) Some other new system I'll brilliantly explain in comments. (5%, 534 Votes)

Total Voters: 10,593

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Bashiok has subsequently added:

For example we implement one of the options and could… maybe buff up NV stacks with additional magic find, which could/would compensate for MF lost due to any solutions. We don’t want anyone thinking we’re trying to take their magic find away. We’re trying to help alleviate some of the complaints about tedium and loss of inventory space while helping you keep the benefits.
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    153 thoughts on “Magic Find and Gear Swapping

    1. i would be happy with either option 1 or 3. hell a combo of them both would be great

        • No need for namecalling man. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Apoc is a good poster here – have a little restraint before calling people retards. And keep in mind these are the options that Blizzard came up with – not Apoc. It’s not his fault they suck.

          • No, everyone is not automaticly entitled for their opinion. And I dont even know what to respond to your statement ..

            And keep in mind these are the options that Blizzard came up with – not Apoc. It’s not his fault they suck.

            Yet he would be happy with two of them. Well that makes him suck too.

            And what good poster mean to you ..I have no idea. I see him posting a lot of crap, thats for sure.

            • >No, everyone is not automaticly entitled for their opinion.

              Um, yeah, they are. Even you. And that’s about all the time I’m willing to waste on you.

            • Not sure if living in a country without freedom, or a giant troll.

              Pretty sure idiot though.

          • Retards and freedom dont mix and when they do you get pile of pos. Nasty pos. Oh and reality check – YOU HAVE NO FREEDOMS. Yep deal with it.

        • Agree that #1 is a bad choice.

          Disagree completely with your tone. Wish there was a minus button again.

      • “Philosophically we don’t have a problem with the practice.”

        5 CRAP SOLUTIONS. Just dont touch it.Its ok to bring half/inventory of mf items. JUST ADD SWAP BUTTON LIKE IN DIABLO2. What a retarded developers.
        That’s the reason i quit that shit.Brainless people… what’s happen with the real Blizzard developers? Where does they go? What’s their new product?
        I’m tired of idiots.

        • If this isn’t a good reason to bring back the downvote button, I don’t know what is.

      • My question is (maybe it was discussed TL/DR) if Blizz is saying that they are not concerned with swapping then why are they contemplating a change? Seriously (and I really mean SERIOUSLY), who is running stuff over there at Blizz? We nerf gold find, which is now confirmed to be because of bots, but this they have no problem with but we are going to “fix it” anyway? I cannot seem to follow their thought process anymore. Anyway, still loving the game and finally making a dent in inferno. Resists are your friend. 😐

      • I posted this at BNet:

        Sacrilege? Remove MF from gear. Make Nephalem Valor universal.

        Nephalem Valor rules the day (20% stacks for a total of MAX MF of 200%):
        Lvl 10 – 1 stack
        Lvl 20 – 2 stacks
        Lvl 30 – 3 stacks
        Lvl 40 – 4 stacks
        Lvl 50 – 5 stacks
        Lvl 60 – 6 stacks
        Inferno Act I – 7 stacks
        Inferno Act II – 8 stacks
        Inferno Act II – 9 stacks
        Inferno Act II – 10 stacks

        Pro’s: immediately rewards people for Lvl achievements; Allows MF to be based on killing sprees; improves gear search by encouraging people to play Inferno for even better MF %; eliminates item swapping allowing focus to be on killing to find best loot.

        Cons: MF removed from gear; no min-maxing; ??? Others?

    2. “Philosophically we don’t have a problem with the practice.”

      Then, philosophically, I have a problem with you as game developers.

      • I find it quite confusing. They state ‘Philosophically we don’t have a problem with the practice’, the ‘Practice’ being swapping MF gear for the final hit. But all their solutions are designed to make this less desirable. IF they are ok with MF swapping then the obvious solutions would be to make the process super easy and super quick.

        However, MF swapping for the final hit sort of undermines the the balance of the MF stat. It is supposed to be a trade off and, when combined with the balance of other stats, allows for the user to make (hate to use blizz PR speak) meaningful choices. Allowing players to quickly and easily MF swap reduces any sort of decision to, ‘this is the highest MF item of this type that i have found’.

        I, personally, see MF swapping as gaming the system and agree with the direction of the solutions Blizzard have proposed (namely OPTION 2).

        To sum up my view: If you don’t battle and kill the monster with you MF gear then you don’t deserve the better loot.

    3. Yet another set of ‘options’ from Blizzard that attempt to force players into exactly how they want the game played.

      I did boss runs in d2 because I liked the quick fix. I don’t care if the average drop is terrible; I like that I can generate a lot of drops quickly. It’s just how I enjoy the game, and I’m sure I’m not alone.

      Of course, I’m likely nowhere near the majority, and I’m not claiming to represent all players, or anything foolish like that.

      Magic find gear that you can play competently in inferno with is hopelessly expensive for me and anyone else without 80mil to blow on the AH, or real money to spend at the RMAH on this.

      • “Yet another set of ‘options’ from Blizzard that attempt to force players into exactly how they want the game played.”

        i dont see how making the game better balanced is forcing you to play a certain way

        • ARPG is not about balance, it is all about fun factor and all above methods are not that interesting.

        • Its forcing me out of my option to switch the gear on the fly, which i like, and dont mind the “lost space”. its 5 to 11 clicks, geez…whats the fuss all about…i dont get it..

        • do we have uniques(not that they are even good)/uber rares exploding everywhere and I’m missing it? Is there some giant imbalance here that I’ve failed to see? Please do point these things out!

          Doesn’t blizzard have some other things they should be worrying about?

          I don’t see their “options” really being beneficial. I must be wrong though, because if I’m not playing the way blizzard wants me to I am doing something wrong.

      • Blizzard is fixated on controlling how players play instead of being fixated on fixing useless skills.

    4. I was thinking of 3 personally though I thought average of 15 minutes, though lowest over 5 is almost as good. If they make mf affect resplendent chests again it is certainly possible if set at 5 minutes that I might go afk for awhile and come back to click a chest. 2 is good as well, though at 1% per 3 seconds it would take 600 seconds(10 minutes to go up to 200%), I really doubt people would switch for a few percent… I basically get one shot in my mf gear by everything in act 3/4, I wouldn’t risk it for a few %.. Regardless I’d like a small MF buff if any of these changes go through.

    5. I like option 2 the most. A slow adjustment from the old MF percent to the new will make sure that those that replace an item won’t be without a precious NV stack, or without a change in their MF total.

      Communicating this on the character sheet will be the most important task though.

    6. Stop trying to control how player plays the game!! After finishing the game in “normal”, the only fun is to get rare items. Why do you want to take that away from us? we play game to have fun, and getting more rare items is fun. its like a slot machine and hoping to get something better than what i am using. even with swapping MF suits, i hardly can find anything better than the items i am using now. how does this help us?

      Players spend more time and risk change MF suits before a kill, what’s wrong with that? it doesn’t mess the game up or change its balance! 👿

      • “Stop trying to control how player plays the game!! After finishing the game in “normal”, the only fun is to get rare items. Why do you want to take that away from us?”

        they are not taking it away from you they are finding a better way to do it. having a full second gear set in your inventory then switching for the kill shot is not fun at all. who the hell likes that?

        • then don’t do it

          if somebody else wants to play in a less fun way, why do you care ?

          • I’m not too happy with gear swapping causing hyperinflation on the GAH, and I certainly don’t agree that the most effective way to farm should be something as lame as switching gear just before the final kill-shot.

            The whole point of MF on gear is to give the player the option to decide if they want to sacrifice survivability for profitability, something that is lost on all the naysayers. It seems you just want all the profit without any of the risk. Tsk tsk.

            • Why would gear swapping cause hyperinflation. It increases the amount of items in the economy but not the amount of gold (at least not to the same degree), actually lowering the value of good items.

          • The problem is when it is the BEST way to do something while also not being fun. People don’t swap their gear at the last moment to increase MF because its so awesome and fun to do it. They do it to increase the chance of their drop. If you are not doing it then you are not being as efficient as you can be. In games like this where item hunts and killing monsters are the whole game, being as efficient and optimal as possible are give ins.

        • The issue is that every time someone finds a way to play the game that they don’t like, they patch it.

          There isn’t some massive problem with the way people are playing. This isn’t some game breaking exploitation. Its just players finding their way to play. You don’t have to play that way. Blizzard just doesn’t like it, and by gosh if someone plays the way blizzard doesn’t like.

    7. Hey, here are 4 reasonable options, that are a little cooky, oh, and a hard cap, that will make all your MF gear basically valueless.

      Spoiler alert: we were around for the IAS nerf, which also had lots of awesome ways to be implemented that didn’t devalue my gear completely.

      I don’t do MF swap, but I do know this is going to hurt like hell. It’ll be that shitty first choice.

    8. It’s good that they’re exploring so many options.
      I’d be happy with either 2, 3 or 4.

      These could all be easily communicated to the player by just adding a buff icon that says “Your MF will stabilize in X minutes” to your status list whenever you wear an item with MF (including when the game starts).

    9. All of their options are bad if you ask me.
      Ok, so we hate switching to MF because it is a hassle, but damn we like that it gives us more items quicker!

      Their “solutions” would nerf something we brought upon ourselves by our own free will. We CHOOSE to swap our gear, we don’t need to. The game let’s us do what we want in this aspect. That’s great!

      But essentially penalizing us for something that works as intended feel fucking insane. Seriously, what are they thinking?

      • Yes, absolutely, people choose to do it and choosing to do things differently should be fine. I think that’s the part that Blizzard philosophically doesn’t have a problem with.

        The problem is twofold: 1) Many people feel compelled to do it when they don’t actually want to, and 2) the MF mod itself, when working as intended, is supposed to have a drawback in that it takes up an affix slot that could have otherwise rolled something to directly make you stronger.

        Yes the mod normally works fine, but in essence people feel like they need need to perform an undesired behavior which uses this mod differently than designed because it ignores the drawbacks…which is unintended.

    10. I am going to go with option 6: gear switch button. I enjoyed the option in D2 not only for MF, but for build diversity as well.

      • But why? If players have to switch to their MF set every single time they kill an elite pack, why not just do away with that step entirely and buff drops accordingly?

        • …because no one actually needs to switch weapons for each kill? The ability or desirability to use this function does not make it required.

    11. 2 or 3 for me.

      Or 1 only if they raised the base drop rates to compensate for lower MF which would be a buff to everyone.

    12. 4 is the best by far.

      Kills MF-swapping without punishing players that sacrifices stats on their usual gear for MF.

      • I disagree. As a barbarian player, I often swap to a shield for certain elite packs, or put on run speed boots to quickly traverse areas I’ve already explored. I don’t want either scenario to effectively kill my MF.

    13. I like option #2.

      Another option (if MF is limited to combat) is to determine the MF at the beginning of the battle vs. the end. Give the player credit for the gear they were wearing for the first blow, not the last. Not sure if people would get in one hit with MF gear, back away, put on real gear though. Seems like it would be tougher as battles are more dangerous at the beginning.

    14. Perhaps the options are not the best solution to this yet, but at least they are asking for our opinion before going ahead and altering the game one way or another.. A general step forward in my opinion..


    15. Option 2 is perfect. The only potential “downside” is that people still have the option to do a last second swap, but the benefit will be so tiny that it won’t be such a “mandatory” thing to do anymore.

      To those complaining that Blizzard shouldn’t be intervening at all: remember, you do not play in a vacuum. I carry 2-3 MF items around with me and sometimes do last minute swaps…but I’d much rather not. Why do I do so, then? Because otherwise I feel like I’m not getting the same value for my time as those who are doing this. I want to feel on a competitive level. If they make this not a profitable thing to do, then I would be relieved to not cart around a MF set with me everywhere.

    16. I dont like any of these options, here is why

      Only “needing” 25-125% mf devalues mf gear by alot, capping stuff is almost
      always a bad solution.
      secondly it reduces drops for people who where swapping

      Again, some of the mf gear that you have will become useless.
      With 1% every 3 secs it would take ages to get your MF up, this would make
      mf swap gear completely useless

      Very confusing way of handling things, this would mean that you want to use MF gear out of combat and normal gear during champ fights. which sucks even more than the current methods.

      yeah sure, destroy mf swap.

      yeah sure, kill nephalem or mf whichever yields less.

      Ok now please look at it.
      I really like that blizzard presents more than just one solution
      but my gripe is that EVERY solution is a nerf to people who currently
      swap to mf gear.
      If they are ok with mf gear swapping why don’t they implement a “wardrobe”
      where you can equip 2 different gear sets which can be swapped with a hotkey.
      This could also solve the problem that mf gear takes up half your inventory

      • “but my gripe is that EVERY solution is a nerf to people who currently
        swap to mf gear.”

        Well, yes. That’s the point. If your position is “I want to be able to swap and get full MF value no matter what even though I didn’t use that gear for the actual fight” then nothing will be acceptable to you. But that’s your fault, not Blizzard’s.

          • Of course they care. It’s in their best interest to ensure that the most efficient way to play is also the most enjoyable one. Anything else would be bad design, which is why we’re even talking about this in the first place. People generally don’t enjoy MF swapping but they feel like they have to, and that’s bad.

        • No, it’s not the point. I don’t wanna dig it up right now, but they said they wanted us to essentially gain the benefits of gear swapping without the inventory constraints.

          Yes, that most likely means a nerf to MF swappers, but that’s not the point. They claim the point is to take out the unfunness (take that Webster) of gear swapping.

      • Use MF gear as your primary gear. Problem solved. Cannot afford the item? Grind moar.

    17. People complaining about blizzard forcing players to play the way blizzard wants is about the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard. That’s the point of game design. This is 1 step away from complaining about blizzard banning cheaters. “OMG blizz, why u no let me cheat? let me play the game the way I want!”

      Diablo 3, more than any other game has caused me to lose total faith in our society’s younger generations.

    18. Oh please. Gear swapping in last 5 sec is a cheesy exploit of outdated mechanics. I don’t get why you can even switch gear during combat (you can only switch weapon in WoW).

      Any of these options are fine, but I like 4 the most.

      P.S. drops are a whole other issue, separate from MF. The last buff was nice but not good enough.

    19. This is something that needs to happen, but I would just assume they cut out MF altogether as an item stat. It’s simply too problematic.

      I HATE gear swapping but I feel compelled to do it.

      Additionally, gear swapping ability detrimentally hurts item value. Who cares about the primary stat / res all / mf item when you can just get mf on a 2nd item and get the other one significantly cheaper?

      I hope they handle this. Would love to have a reason to come back to D3, but the headache of playing with gear-swaps and all the annoyance they entail is a big barrier currently…

      • reading all these comments makes me feel like such a minority… I’ve never once felt compelled to gear swap Am I crazy for wanting all of my stats to be on a set of equipment that I’m always going to wear? If I want high MF, then I’ll work at getting a set with the stats I want AND MF on it. MF swapping just feels cheap.

        • You’re not crazy, you’re just not efficient. I think this is one of those lessons Blizzard really learned from WoW, because we’re hearing it a lot in Diablo 3. Basically, many players will do whatever is most efficient, regardless of how fun it is.

          So the whole point of this current magic find issue is that what is most efficient (gear swapping) is not the most fun. So Blizzard is looking for a solution to either make gear swapping less efficient (by far the easier option, or a lot more fun.

          BTW, I’m with you. I’ve never felt the slightest bit compelled to gear swap for magic find. Then again, I’ve always played Diablo 2 and 3 in “less efficient” manners (MA assassin, completely non-optimal monk, always completely untwinked and self-found, etc.). But I think the number of people who do chose efficiency over fun is signficant enough that Blizzard will always be on the lookout for un-fun, but efficient, gameplay styles.

      • Exactly my thoughts. The MF stat is too metagamey for my taste. I’d rather they nuke it AND the Nephalem Valor system to make room for something more interesting. Since this option is missing from the poll, I picked #1, with that cap being 0%.

    20. While they always claim they would like player input, it’s a lie. They’ll just do what they want, and ultimately end up destroying another aspect of the game.

      Personally I wish they removed MF item mods from Diablo 3. All it really ends up doing is either taking away inventory space so you can swap out your MF gear, or you end up gimping your characters stats so you have a better chance of loot all the time. Nephalem Valor is a nice idea, but it was just implemented terribly.

    21. HAHA, it is a good idea to ask the players for advice – BUT at the end of the day you are still collecting ideas primarily from the bnet community. Comments so far have been… typical… mostly in all caps.

      Like asking Corky from “Life Goes On” about his preferred method of treating a metastatic brain tumor.

      Option 3 FTW.

    22. My solution is : Removing the MF from item and allow players to stack Nephalem valor no matter the level your character is.

    23. 2-4 are all fine with the right timers. Basically eliminate gear swapping as a tactic without changing the value of MF for normal play, or otherwise impacting the game. Any one would be better then the current state.

    24. None of those solutions seem good to me because I’ve only had a few things half decent drop in the first place, having to rely on the ah makes me feel like the items need better drop rates or better stat generation somehow.

      The gear swapping may almost go away if drops were better, making a game for more drops = more chance of finding something useful, useful in DIII though only means VIT + your class stat…not good enough imo. Path of Exile is not too bad, even Titan Quest was okay.

      Valor would be fine if it were available at slighty lower levels than 60. Plus, blacksmith recipes were more common and had more varients between deadzone of 35-50, you’ll see what I mean if you look at fist weapons in the blacksmith, 15 levels is huge without any extra plans.

    25. Option 5 and Option 1 seem to be the most solid and straight up. My reasons;

      What is the point in having Magic Find with other stats if people can just switch their gear out
      Think about the future of item hunting…..
      6 months to a year from now when a lot of people have perfectly rolled damage and defense gear but no magic find, the gear with perfectly rolled damage and defense gear that does have magic find will be part of that end game item hunt in the months or years to come its just that right now everyone is gearing up for damage and defense because the game has barely been out. Think about the future Blizzard, 6 months to a year from now people will have better gear and want better gear which will include more bonus stats such as magic find. We are already guaranteed rares on champion mobs and bosses – do not give in to these silly entitled players. Cut the whole swapping armor BS it shouldn’t be in the game, stop being soft Blizzard.

      • “do not give in to these silly entitled players……stop being soft Blizzard.”

        I agree with this, but I think option 1 is the worst. A hard cap will devalue mf as an affix and it undermines the whole point of your post. A year from now, it will be possible to have great combat gear that also has lots of mf and the mf cap will become a problem at that point.

        I voted for option 2, but I also think it might be best to just leave it the way it is. Maybe balls-to-the-wall efficiency shouldn’t be fun.

    26. This is total bullshit. Why do they care if people swap gear? If a person wants to go through the hassle, by all means let them. I don’t really care for any of the options, especially one that has to use some kind of timer or build-up over time mechanism. MF should be cut and dry, you have what is on your character. I think they hit the nail on the head with NV, it’s a great idea. It allows me to still have MF and not worry so much about trying to get it on my gear. I really hope they don’t totally screw this up.

    27. I like option 4. Kills gear swapping seconds before a kill but still allows you to do so if you want to sacrifice the time spent waiting for it to come back.

    28. Can’t they just make it like d2s weapon swap…but with a whole new set of gear…just press w to switch to your alternate hear.

    29. An other solution could be to create good items with good MF on it, like this players won’t have to swap. As simple as that.

    30. – Option 1 does not solve anything and will devalue items and the MF affix. So “NO” to this option.

      – Option 5 is completely ridiculous and should not even be considered an option. So “HELL NO” to this option.

      – Option 2 I can live with, but if Blizzard’s goal is to completely stop gear swapping, this solution will not prevent what Blizzard wants to prevent.

      – Option 3, while it would be better than Option 2 at curbing gear swapping, as a non-gear-swapper, “NO” to this option. If I find a new piece a gear with MF that I can incorporate into my equipment setup, I certainly don’t want to wait 5 minutes for the game to recognize that my pathetically small amount of MF went up., which on some of my characters could be read as “doubled”.

      – Option 4, zeroing out MF for 3 minutes on swapping gear, this option is almost as bad as Option 5, to the point it should not be considered as an option either. So “HELL NO” to this option as well.

      – tl;dr – If an option is to be forced on us, I vote Option 2.

    31. Option 6:

      Add a new item called “Greed Stone” it is legendary in color and drops off the first Treasure Goblin you kill. This stone works as a UI element like the old Cauldron of Jordan. You “sacrifice” items to the greed stone to increase your MF/GF%’s. 1% per item unless the item has MF/GF% on it. If an Item has MF/GF% on it you will gain 1/4th of the GF/MF value on the item. bam MF/GF swapping issues alleviated + an item sink. At this point a hardcap on MF/GF% would be alright however it still would have to be high.. like in the 600% range maybe.. Or just Hardcap the % on the greed stone itself.

      Option 7:

      Reinstate the Mystic Artisan NPC. Have her enchant gear with MF/GF/Health Globe/Pickup Radius to a certain amount per item. (1 stat per item) Have it cost a large amount of gold as you get closer to the max cap for that bonus on an item. Bring back the Charms system. Small Charms (1 slot) and Large Charms (2 slots) can be a drop from mobs in the game. To increase the bonuses on them (thinking the same bonuses as the enchant options. no main/dps stats) you bring the charms to the Mystic and pay money+items to increase the bonus on those charms.

      • Greed Stone. I like that idea. It would give the player good reason to pick up white items. This could be on a percentage/timer so it will always require a certain level of ‘sacrificing’ to maintain it’s MF bonus.

    32. Not really a fan of any of these. I guess in retrospect, they should have just left in the weapon switch button and caused all armor switching to drop the NV buff. But, they knew better, right?

      I’m sure there’s a Jay quote out there about how they don’t like people swapping gear all the time, yet now they are trying to provide a solution for it.

      If i can’t even change a skill rune without losing a 5 stack, why should i be able to change my whole wardrobe?

        • well making a fun game gets in the way of creating an stable and profitable rmah 🙂

          do you remember the fishymancer from d2 ? no ? he was dirtcheap super effective and super fun. maybe he wasnt the most insane killing machine but weaknesses for every class are to be expected. why do I tell you this ?
          Well the fishymancer would have never existed in d3. because he does not need expensive items ; thus he does not need to use the gah / rmah. thus people would all cry OP and blizzard would be pissed of that no one uses the rmah.

          also all skills and Items are streamlined and dumbed down to a degree that there is no incentive left for any serious d2 player to farm gear. all skills work and interact in the same way with gear – its horrendously boring and imbalanced and uninteresting.

          i dont see myself farming 50 hours of inferno so i can buy those gloves for 50 million gold on the AH which grant me a horrendous upgrade of 20 resi 3 crit and 50 dex.

          wow that upgrade will sure change the entire game for me …

    33. Penalize for switching, no MF for three minutes.

      Keep D2-like MF gear alive – having good stats AND MF makes gear godly.

    34. Dump MF on gear entirely. Add more depth and complexity to the NV system. Tie MF into actual achievement instead of die-loading wankery.

    35. Rats, the topic over on reached it’s post limit before I could add my two cents to it, so I’ll add it here instead:

      I would personally prefer a way to encourage creativity and inventiveness among players. I don’t feel any of the choices currently do much along the line of that, but instead, level the playing field (penalize the creative players) so that everyone’s magic find will be accessible the same way.

      As it currently is, the extra magic find bonus, from swapping out gear at the last minute, is a ‘price’ to pay for higher payout. I think this is totally fine. It teaches players that ‘if I want ‘X’, then I need to put the effort into ‘Y’ to get it. I would like see more options along this line of thinking.

      I would vote to either leave things as they are right now, or instigate some kind of gear swap system to compliment what players are doing -not penalize them.

      Edit: They just extended their post limit, so I was able to post over there after all.

    36. Ok I’ve had enough. I will probably sell my account and quit this game if they do the same thing again which is likely. Why would you change something working really good? Oh dear…

    37. Hmmm… Option 2 looks like beeing on the right track, but still not quite there yet. Thus:

      Option 6: Give mf/gf-items a boost over time worn. Let the bonus be substantial for longer periods, for example +50% to mf/gf-value after 25 hours of not swapping out the item. (edit: Meant was 25 hours ingametime…)

    38. Wasn’t an issue in D2, not really an issue in D3 so I say leave it alone.

      You if want to take the time and the risk of gear swapping in D3 I say Blizzard should let you. I did it for a while but stopped since it was so much of a hassle as melee and instead just looked for good pieces of gear that had MF on it but I don’t think that just because I don’t feel like gear swapping that others should be punished. We don’t need to be protected from ourselves in this instance Blizz.

    39. Seems like most of the posters here and in the Bnet forums vote for the “Leave our MFin MF alone” option.
      Either that or they came out of the woodwork to get that option in before everyone else.

    40. What about something as simple as “Your lowest MF hit on an enemy determines your drop (read, your lowest MF on an enemy is your MF for that enemy)”?

      This eliminates a lot of problems, the most important of which is that players can’t use this unintended (should-have-been-foreseen) exploit to avoid the intended gear-equipping penalty of trading off some other item affix for MF.

      On the other hand, players who run into a pack that they think they can handle with their MF gear are free to go for it – they just need to switch their gear and go into the battle. On the flip side, players who run into a pack that looks too difficult (or who find that that pack they thought was easy is not that easy) can switch to their god-gear at a penalty they understand.

    41. I certainly reject option 5 ! NV its all around your skill choice, your experience you “training” then you figh ennemies champion and got bonus. Then you find items and equip … and you should be “blamed” for equipping them ?! absurd !

      If the point is to get less inflation, just make MF swapping-for-last seconds- a slower method. So i would say : option 2. Im not sure about the values they gave tho.

    42. I’m really trying to think of how these options make the game more fun, but I can’t. Nothing here improves Diablo 3’s gameplay at all.

    43. Option 1 with cap – it’s pretty simple becouse in same time it gives much bigger diversity in gear you can wear. Right now we are forced to swap gear just before killing blow – it’s pathetic – or be forced to get very special gear with mf/primary stats/all rez – where is freedom here ?

      Same goes for “rez all” stats it’s should be hard capped – it’s just stupid when as melee we need every pieace with that.

    44. I’m with Nizaris – thse options all suck. Most of them are nerfs (if only slight ones) to MF, and none of them add anything to the fun. The ones that add extra ‘dead time’ are especially horrible.

      These options are like having a choice between getting a root canal or a kick in the balls.

      What’s wrong with just allowing us to equip 2 sets of gear, and swap between them with a keypress? Similar to weapon-swap in D2, but with a full set of gear. Hell, it would encourage players to buy even more stuff on the AH. Seems like the most logical and intuitive solution – which is probably why there is no chance Blizzard will implement it.

      • This is an unintended exploit that goes directly against the explanation the devs gave (during development) for why they were okay including the already controversial “magic find” modifier in the game. That explanation was that people who opted for magic find affixes would have to trade off some other damage-dealing or mitigating modifier.

        This is not some fun-to-play, part-of-the-game option, it is gaming the game and if you don’t do it, you are at a disadvantage. The problem now is that the need to find a way to get rid of it without pissing off the obnoxious and loud, but likely very-in-the-minority players who don’t get that games have to have parameters to be fun.

        • Is this satire?

          MF was “controversial”? Wow. I’ve said it before, but I get the feeling from time to time that the D3 devs either never played D2 or they didn’t like it. I think MF is one of the best item mechanics in the game. It forces you to make choices and increases gameplay variety.

    45. Anything but option 1, people who have actually gone through the trouble of finding good gear which also provides them high mf and thus never swap shouldn’t be affected. I’m all for killing gear swapping (at least for mf purposes), and then they could make it so mf works again on chests and such since the reason they removed it was to stop people from taking 2 minutes every time they run into a chest to swap their gear.

    46. I see lots of people voting for option 2, yet I was the first person to vote for it? (Page 4.) Or did my browser download the votes as soon as I arrived at the page?

      Option 2 is really the only one that doesn’t ruin something else.

      I really dislike having to have an inventory full of “magic find charms” which need to be activated before any meaningful kill. Blizzard has always said that players will choose “optimal” over “fun”, and they’re right. I appreciate that they’re trying to make the optimal, fun.

      • Of Blizzard’s options, only #2 is tolerable.

        Jedouard’s suggestion above regarding “using the smallest MF% that hit the enemy for the drop calculation” is hands down the best solution.

        Everyone can continue to swap without any penalties, and the system cannot be “cheesed” by swapping to higher MF for the last few hits. Basically, if you swap to a higher MF gear setup, which you would still be able to do, you’d be required to fight the battle from start to finish using the higher MF gear setup to gain any benefit. This is how it should have been in the first place if you ask me.

        (Keep in mind, Blizzard already nerfed chests/breakables. So there is no need to prevent gears-swapping for this, though I did not have a problem with people doing this in the first place.)

    47. I voted 7: I would prefer there was no MF/GF at all except from buffs. Having multiple set of gear is kind of annoying, I would rather have one set of gear for everything with the exception of pvp/duel, pretty much like in Diablo 1.

    48. I posted this on the official forum, but it looks like it might get lost in all those replies. The simplest solution wasn’t even listed as an option.

      Option 7: Change the point at which the game checks our magic find % from at the time of the killing blow to a random point in health/life for any given elite.

      Pros: Fixes the problem since nobody would know when to switch out their gear.

      Cons: Some people might still switch out gear before a boss battle, BUT they would then have to deal with the trade-offs in properties (as the game design intended).

      Also, something similar could be done with barrels/chests. Just randomly sample our mf% during play & use that value for them (but not monsters) instead of a “current” one. Once again, nobody would know when to change out their gear to up their mf%.

      • Upvoted. That is a really, really good idea. Most players wouldn’t even notice a difference and mf swapping would be useless. I like.

    49. Im leaning towards option 1 a hard cap that players can work towards plus one additional game mechanic: “dynamic” nephalem valor buff

      “dynamic” nephalem valor buff
      You get different amounts of magic find and gold find depending on how fast you killed the elite pack.

      Purely hypothetical and subject to balace:

      You kill an elite pack in:

      under 15 seconds, you get a NV stack that is 40mf/40gf

      under 30 seconds 20/20

      over a minute standard 15/15 or tweaked to give 10/10 to help encourage the party or player to develop better skill builds/party synergy and items to hit the tougher time targets

      So if you killed 5 elites under 15 seconds each you get 5 stacks totalling 200mf/gf

      After you got your 5 stacks, the 6th stack will replace the oldest one, the 7th will replace the second oldest one etc etc.

      So with this system MF and GF will change with every elite pack. It challenges the player to balace kill speed with mf gear so they can build towards consistantly hitting the time limits depending on their gear and budget. It also rewards players that go for pure kill speed as well. Ultimately, the player that can kill the fastest with the most mf gear on will be rewarded the most.

      Additionally this will also promote more group play since as long as the group can kill fast enough even with zero mf gear on, they will be rewarded with a high NV stack.

      Thoughts? Feel free to pick this apart.

    50. Wow this opened a can of worms. It seemed like people were complaining big time about having to switch to magic find gear before drops among SEVERAL other issues. This then brought up arguments where melee classes felt like this was borderline exploiting normal game play and was not fair since they would die when switching to MF gear as opposed to ranged classes. I am not sure how badly melee classes are effected by this but do not think the game needs all classes to accomplish the same thing as well as another class. AND I think the argument is stupid, because melee classes could still work magic find into their build at a steeper price.

      I personally hadn’t started switching to magic find gear before drops as I was still upgrading my DPS/Survival gear, but would start MF switching a lot in the next week or two.

      Now that being said, I agree with Apoc and am a little confused on why everyone hates option 1. I read option 1 as you would need less magic find (a finite number) to achieve maximum results. I assume the majority of people assumed it meant magic find would be nerfed and everyone would have less rare/unique/set drops because of this. I would need Blizzard to clarify on whether the magic find cap would still give us the same drop value or better by having a cap, instead of Diablo 2 style magic find that diminished after 350-400%.

      If people are assuming that the cap would give relatively the same drop values as high end magic find before, at a lower capped number.. the only excuse for their anger is that people want to be GGGG over everyone at some point with an extra 100% magic find through bugged gear or combinations of gear that no one would use for anything but a last couple hits and couldn’t kill a monster with just that gear.. I hope I am making sense 😐

      Blizzard seems to be trying to get input since they know everyone is on edge with every change they make.. so how about make reasonable suggestions or accept that it will take a while for them to make changes to fix the core problem.. which is itemization. They could start by making unique items better in general and rolling stats that actually guarantee to help a specific class (not randomize shit making them useless).. example Intel and Strength currently never go together.. I’m sure there are plenty of example uniques that show how the random affixes can ruin most of even the good ones.. Leave that shit for rares..


    51. I don’t like any of these ideas… they all feel like blatant MF nerfs, and I find it hard to believe that any of these ideas would be received well. We all saw well the IAS nerf was received, don’t repeat the same mistake by introducing another blanket nerf to a popular game system – especially one that isn’t particularly gamebreakingly overpowered (just annoying).

      Why don’t they introduce some kind of MF token or enchant system. For the Tokens (similar to the follower tokens), introduce new item slot(s) where we can find MF tokens and equip. It’s sort of like the Charms in D2 but doesn’t eat up inventory space.

      For the Enchant system – basically allow us to enchant each armor piece with a MF bonus. Make it increasingly expensive for higher MF enchants like gem crafts. They could also make it a gamble system or require some kind of rare material. This would also introduce a gold sink into the game that isn’t as overt and demoralizing as repair costs.

      The big con with either of these systems, however, is that they’ll have to completely remove MF from current and future items. They can alleviate that by compensating us with the corresponding MF token/enchant. Another big con is that there’s a lot of work required to overhaul the huge number of current MF items.

    52. Little rant incoming: when I see this, I ask why, of all the things to fix with the game, do they choose to focus on this right now? What is this really adding in terms of fun, endgame, enjoyment, balance, etc.? It seems to me like the kitchen is on fire, and they are worrying about the leaky faucet. No doubt this needs to be fixed at some point, but I feel like there are much more important things to focus on than some gear-swapping (add an endgame, PvP, class balance, itemisation, etc.). It seems like they are more interested in dropping the hammer on things like chests, goblins, and MF – nerfing them to the ground at legitimate player’s expense, instead of fixing underlying issues with them, such as botting and exploits.

      Gear-swapping kind of sucks, but it does take at least some degree of skill to pull off effectively, and there is a fairly large penalty of having 1/4 of your bag constantly full. Plus, it looks to me like all these solutions will hurt legitimate players (again) who have bought/found MF gear with decent stats, and people who need to swap a shield in and out (lose stacks for changing gear WTF you serious!?).

    53. I believe to have a fairly simple solution. It will punish noone. It will encourage to get gear with enough magicfind, without swapping gear. It will also add positively to the overall comfort or service features of Diablo 3. And ultimately being still useful even after the average player has good enough gear to not feel dependent on special Magicfind gear.

      1. Allowing and implementing a second set of gear, switchable just like it was with the second main and offhand in Diablo 2.

      You really focussed on being able to play every Class with as much variation as possible by making the skillsystem as experiment-friendly as it is. Why not allow players who enjoy the mechanic you introduced frequently to have a whole second set of items to switch to? It opens up inventory-space, it encourages player to think about using their class totally different to get the maximum out of their second outfit. It is also a great to use the second set for setting up your PvP equip. Also include the option to leave items from your first set, to stay in place, if nothing is in the 2nd set. Making it easy to keep for example the mainhand weapon in place, if you want to use it in both gear setups.

      2. Granting a small mf/gf buff for % of mobs killed in the current aera.

      example: if you kill 20% of the mobs in an area, the buff will grant you 20 [Buff Name], where each stack represents 1% of a valor buff or any other kind of buff you find appropriate.

      This promotes the way it seems you want to see Diablo 3 to be played, which is clearing areas instead of short runs of any kind.

      3. The buff expires on item as well as area changes and possibly after a certain duration

      This way, if you feel like using your second set as magicfind set, you are without hassle free to do so but it still makes it very attractive to get gear good enough you feel comfortable not having to switch to a second set of equipment. It also discourages people to port back and forth between areas, to reset champion packs. But every time by giving something extra to the player, if he is “good” and not taking something when he is “bad”, which is in my opinion essential to all gameplay mechanics (especially to the ones implemented after release 😉 ).

      Other Thoughts:

      If you want to encourage player to “stick” in their normal gear, even when faced with an elite pack in the beginning of an area, increase the percentage of clearance an elite grants.
      If a pack grants for example 10% clearance hence 10 buffstacks, noone would want to lose those 10 stacks right in the beginning of an area. Since after the kill you would want to switch back into your regular gear, which would reset the buff.

      Since the buff resets after each area anyway, it is by far much less painful to wait/fight for another few minutes until entering a new zone to clear, as for example the reduction of valor stacks or even completely removing them, just because you finally found a cool item you want to equip. It would simply be terrible to punish a player because he wants to use different items in a game that solely evolves around items. But there has been more than enough feedback about the offered “solutions” which by all means, feel pretty loveless.

      With the introduction of PvP a large number of players will inevitably want to acquire a 3rd set of gear. Making the switching option even more convenient and user friendly but also making the space more valuable, since switching gear for any reason is really annoying after a few times.

      Sorry for my slightly complicated style of writing and wrong grammar, greetings from Germany!


    54. One thing that I miss from D2 is charms, although I feel that charms could have been done much better. To me Charms seem like the perfect fix to gear swapping for MF and it could also open the door for more specific types of item mods. To me the perfect way to implement charms/talismans would be to allow a set number of slots for them, allow them to stack infinitely and provide a small boost to certain stats. This takes care of the reason charms were not in the game, which was to not eat away inventory space.

      If this was done they could remove MF from items all together and just put MF on the charms that have their own inventory slot. Players that choose to not use MF in one of their slots could forsake it for something else, and those that want to play the most efficient could stack that slot as far as they can.

      Charms could also be used for more interesting mods like different bonuses to skills. Each one could give a small increase to the proc chance of a skills ability, such as the DH hungering arrow’s ability to pierce, or the damage ability of the Barb’s Earthquake, or how many zombie dogs you can have. They could also be used to increase gold pickup radius or as a pure stat increase.

      They would only be able to have one modifier on them but the more powerful ones could be rare items or even legendary. The base item could provide a minuscule bonus such as 0.1 or 0.01 or something, and the rares and legendaries providing a much larger bonus. To make it simple each charm has no range but a set value since it can be stacked infinitely, and there could be a diminishing returns system so that each one you find after a certain point only adds a fraction (i’m thinking 99.9%, or a very large fraction) of the previous one.

      Being able to sell them on the auction house would make them commodities where the buyer inputs the stat they are looking for and how much and the seller can post a certain number of stat points to sell of that charm and for how much per point. It would work like commodities but with pure stats instead of named items.

      I feel this system would be a much better way to handle the specialty stats as well as adding a way for people to become better over time, it would eliminate the need to swap gear, while adding another way to diversify your character and having a constant sense of progression as every time a charm drops it could be an upgrade.

      This would not be an instant fix for the system but more of a long term way to handle magic find and some other issues such as class balance, since they could add a bonus to each skill finding enough of some charms would make every skill viable.

      This is just my two cents.

    55. These are all terrible solutions. A nerf is not the same as “fixing”. I think this all boils down to the poor item affix balance.

      • Sometimes a nerf is all that is really needed to fix a problem. Though I do think they could have come up with better solutions that wouldn’t feel weird, like the “minimum MF used when fighting the given monster” solution suggested earlier, or “weight MF based on damage dealt while wearing that MF”.

        MF was designed as a stat you need to take into account in your gear. Gear swapping is an overpowered un-fun act that was not designed nor intended and thus needs to be nerfed. Preferably without affecting those who don’t exploit it.

    56. Haha, “Some other new system I’ll brilliantly explain in comments” is THE best option ever. 8)

    57. Best solution in my mind is to completely untie Magic/Gold find from equipment affixes. Tie those things to something else (Neph Valor is a good start). It reduces the affix pool pollution and lets Blizzard implement a new unique system.

      Maybe have enemies drop magic/gold find orbs that give an additive boost over a certain period of time. That way you could safely allow magic/gold find to effect environment as well without worrying about people dressing and undressing.

    58. The proposed solutions are AWFUL

      What they need to do is to give AN INCENTIVE to keep the gear on
      For example and extra 1% magic find per minute when using the same gear (until hitting let’s say +100%)

    59. If you voted ‘magic find cap’, you really don’t understand how bad arbitrary caps are for game systems.

    60. Soooo we have 5 incredibly roundabout, convuluted, user-unfriendly solutions..

      or there’s the other, very obvious, simple solution that is not only already very familiar to most users but also doesn’t attempt to pile in a very artificial framework to discourage magic find gearing (why? is this really even sensible or justified?).

      Gear swap button, similar to D2? SIMPLE. For the life of me, does Blizz have some outlandish philosophy that considers this terrible too? I can’t think of anything myself..

      So please Blizz, stop overthinking this stuff. Why reinvent the wheel? “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”

      I’m a UI/UX designer myself and… ugh.. yuck.. those solutions all sound prettttty prettttty weak. just flabbergasted really

      • Gear swap button is not a solution. It’s just streamlining an already lame mechanic instead of removing said lame mechanic.

        • Acquiring a second set of armour for magic find is a lame mechanic? If anything I’d have thought this enriches the item hunt, not the opposite. Find a blue with a high MF? That’s ok because it’s still worth something.

          In any case – A second set of gear is something people are ALWAYS going to have, for any number of different uses, magic find or whatever. Seems like an absolute no-brainer to streamline this behaviour rather than continue to deny that it exists (it does and always will).

          Implementing a semi-hidden, very convoluted.. and just plain WIERD solution like the ones proposed is not only difficult to communicate in a meaningful manner to users (tooltips everywhere?!), it lacks the obvious simplicity of gear swaps.. which also happens to be a system players are mostly already going to be familiar with. ugh

    61. Here is the system I am proposing:

      (link to Forum thread:

      Apply the mf bonus cumulative every time the monster takes damage. This has all of the advantages and none of the disadvantages of the suggestions above.

      It is impossible to game.
      Because switching even switching gear at any point will only affect your mf bonus to a fair magnitude.
      It allows you to use any gear you like in any situation at any point of the game.

      More details in the thread and please recommend for my comment if you like it so this gets some attention.

    62. I agree on Option 4 , but i would like some slight improvement as well.
      Option 4 :Zero-Out Swap In Item MF% for 3 Minutes
      The Zero-Out MF% is only reflected on the MF% of item swap in. For example, a person having originally with 50% MF from items suddenly swap in an extra item with 25% MF. the new item with 25%MF will not be consider into 50%MF after 3 minutes. To sum this up: +%MF item buff will only be consider into character after a 3 minute period.

    63. Just drop MF entirely. I know it sounds extreme, but NV is good enough. Many will hate this idea at first like I did, but the more I consider it, I realize MF isn’t important enough to keep. If it was gone, we could focus on solely good gear affixes.

      But anyway, I stopped playing for now since even with my 300% MF, the item hunt is boring and I don’t feel like suffering through Act III Inferno. So my actual solution is tell people to play Torchlight 2…but I digress.

    64. How about MF being calculated from whatever gear in which you do more than 50% damage to the monster? So, if you have a baddie with 1000 HP and do 520 total damage with 35% MF and you swap gear to 125% MF for the kill, you just get 35% MF. That way, MF swaps would still be an option–but you’ll have to wear your MF gear for a little more than half the fight.


      Each monster has a MF score, which is a running average. Whenever a monster is dealt damage, your current magic find is averaged into its MF score.

      Say a monster is reduced to 40% HP while you have zero MF, then you swap to 60% MF gear and deal the last 40% damage, you get 24% MF on the drop. (24% = 40% of 60% MF)

      For lootable objects, I think what might work is to give the player a running MF average as well, and average in the MF score of monsters you kill.

      • yes now 3 people in this comment section alone (see my comment and the reply above) made this proposal.

        Should we start a petition?

    66. Get rid of MF affixes from gear altogether and also remove the NV cap, so the more you play the same game the higher your MF gets. To avoid exploits, have the NV reset unconditionally after X hours.

      As to having a gear switch button sure ok, but don’t necessarily see this as tied with MF. You can have it for switching gear in order to deal with certain bosses / champions / rares, etc

    67. out of the options, i think #2 is the best.

      however how about when equipping items, much like how the id item or TP animation is, you’re standing there defenceless while the progress bar is moving along, so lets say 10 seconds to discourage you to do it mid fight.

      this way at the end of a fight you can change gear as needed and have “instant” MF stat change without the number to count up. for a MF stat which builds up, the MF stat needs to be visible on the main screen imo.

      i dont think anyone has the balls to change over lots of gear when you’re vunerable for 10 seconds per item.. it’s only the really determined who will run a mile to get enough distance to make a safe change but wouldn’t that mean they start to run the risk of the enrage timer?

    68. The best idea would obviously be to remove MF on gear alltogether. Buff drop chances accordingly and never again waste the player’s time with a stat that doesn’t help good gameplay at all. 😕

    69. Not sure if this has been suggested, but I would favour a modified number 4. Instead of zeroing out MF for 3 minutes, I would prefer to zero out the MF on the changed item for 3 minutes, instead of all MF (if that is what they’re suggesting)

    70. My solutions,

      1)Let the players have two equipments, principal with dps/vita/resis/etc and secondary with MF. The MF on secondary add MF on principal while play with principal. Problem solved.

      2) Let the player do a socket in every item on the game and create a rune/gem like Topaz with increasy MF in every item. Problem solved.

    71. I liked the solution posted for a player in the same post of Bashiok:

      6) Increase legendary drop rates, make legendary items useful and have MF.

      More edit:
      Honestly, there would be little/no issue if there was actually useful MF items that weren’t godly rolled rares.

      See diablo 2 had SKILLS that LEVELED, and thus you got more powerful without having to gear for it.

      That let people get MF and still kill things.

      Diablo 3 you need to have the stars align and get uber godly gear just to MF properly because your skills do not scale except with items.

      That is your flaw.

    72. OPTION 3 + 5 i guess

      add %MF when NV refreshes.

      let say 0 NV buff and 25%MF . ON Kill 1-> 25%MF (okay you can still swap gear on first kill :p or we need to start sampling your MF on login)

      => 1NV (kill stuff with 1NV or with 1NV and 25% gear on)
      KILL 2 => 1NV + 25%MF * ( (% Time spend in your MF gear on NV refresh ))
      ex 15 min on 1NV stack on my second elite kill i spent 1 min in 25%MF gear (swapped)
      ON KILL 2 DROP => 1NV + (25*0,066) => 1NV + 1,6%MF
      ex 12min with %25MF GEAR ON REFRESH
      ON KILL 2 DROP => 1NV + (25*0,8) => 1NV + 20%MF

      They can calculate the avg MF for the period to a NV refresh.

      Just a quick idea , could be full of errors and useless don’t shoot me.

    73. What terrible ideas. Really?

      I thought there’d be lame “mf” equipment slots or something. My fault for thinking like a person instead of a Blizzard.

      And seriously, Item Find should have been its own equipment slot from the start: “Charms”. Gold find. Claw find. Item find. Magic find. Gem find. Isn’t that more interesting than a 1 millionth additional armor slot?

    74. The penalty for easy Higher MF is lost inventory space and slow equip.

      If you get godly gear with MF then you don’t need to swap.

    75. Allow nephalem valor to stack more than 5 times, and travel between acts, and be available from level 1.
      THEN apply the slowly gaining mf up to the new total (option 2). It doesn’t penalise anyone using the system as intended, and doesn’t affect those changing their gear for other reasons.
      MF when you have 10 stacks or more is over 150% anyway, so changing gear for a few extra % at the cost of survivability will seem pointless.

    76. just add a gear swap key and give the character a second gear set screen similar to diablo 2’s weapon/shield swap

    77. I have the most fun running act 1 and 2 inferno with the best equipment I can currently equip, so my item hunt begins following the first 5 stacks. I personally don’t enjoy the idea of running around with a gimped character for a greater chance at finding rares; I’m very grateful that Neph stacks exist.

      But some of these “fixes” are incredibly clever. I’m an ex-modder of Diablo 2, so I’m startled at how much they can change the game following release, without an expansion required to do so.

      If they included a debuff icon and tooltip, and a subtle animation or aura around the character, I personally think zeroing out MF for 3 minutes is the best solution. It would make it effective in preventing item switching during a magic find run, and make it apparent enough for the gamers who may fail to realize a new system is in place.

      I’ve been watching some incredible gamers on recently, and I’m blown away at how fast they’re able to switch their gear. It’s made me understand how gear swapping, for these pro-level gamers, is a requirement during their play. And I definitely see how it’s not an intended or enjoyable tactic to do so, even for these players. It’s like the guy who defrags his hard drive every day in order to maintain its optimization, and then there’s the guy who’s doing that and scrubbing down his heatsink every day as well. It should be unnecessary to delve that much deeper into the function of the computer it removes the user from the use of the computer entirely. That’s how I feel gear swapping is for the Diablo gamer, regardless of their skill level. It removes them that much more from the actual gameplay experience, and sends them to the part of the game that is reserved for time out of combat. Sure, it’s great to dust the inside of your computer occasionally, but it shouldn’t be done an excessive amount, or especially be done while the computer is on and running.

    78. I really think CAPS are the problem now. Like a level 60 CAP. Make no cap or atleast 99 CAP but make it very very hard to reach, crazy hard. But that way you feel like you are always moving towards a goal. Now its to easy to hit the cap and then you feel like your done. Gaining experience from a kill is part of the fun of the kill, not just gold and item drops.

      If you CAP MF people will just hit the cap and stop looking for better MF items, therefore making ITEM hunting a little less fun cause there is yet another junk stat that you will never have to improve on.

    79. MF is stupid to begin with.

      Logically, shouldn’t the mob already have the items it drops when you encounter it? Why should what you are wearing influence that at all?

      OK, so let’s suspend our disbelief for a moment and stick to the mechanic: a complete pre-kill gear-swap is immersion breaking and has nothing to do with how [i]good[/i] you are at playing the game, but how good you are at performing tedious tasks.

      Not fun.

    80. “Logically, shouldn’t the mob already have the items it drops when you encounter it? Why should what you are wearing influence that at all?”

      It’s not that the mob already has it, it’s weather or not you can find it on them. like all the sword carrying skeletons, you dont find swords everytime, but they must drop a sword everytime. Most of the time they must not be noteworthy enough to be recognized as LOOT by the Character. So we can assume MF works the same way. That MOB might have a ring on for example and the character might just thing its jewelry but with MF on you character see that it is something special.

    81. I just skimmed the replies, so forgive me if this has already been posted.

      I wouldn’t mind see a variant of option 4 (zero out magic find). It seems a little harsh as is, but if only the gear swapped was zeroed then that would be fine. That way switching your wrists to “better than average chance of rare droppage” doesn’t interfere with your “boots of near certain magical loot”. 😆

    82. As a single-player, I’d like to see another version, namely:
      for all the useless gold (or found unique items, sets, rares, whatever) let me be able to buy attributes of my choosing on my weapon.

      To match with Blizzard’s concept add these to the idea too:
      – the basic item (white/superior/lowquality) must be found yourself
      – you must buy all the attribs you want the same time
      – the very best options could simply be unavaiable (highest tear of named attrib, either suffix or affix), so remain “only by found”

      On all the offered official possibilities:
      1) That already exists. I mean there are only so many items you can put up. Ok, this’d make a wider set of builds avaiable… But then it’d be just a nerf.
      2) Dead time in a hack&slash? Actually the idea wouldn’t be bad, but the entire concept of Diablo-games should be rewritten for it, so unlikely it could be done.
      3) This’d just invent “i do the last hit” builds (and along it appearance of bots)
      4) Instead of this why not just eliminate MF% entirely?
      5) Seeing this I wonder why they even asked the question when they already decided what they’ll do?
      6) LOL

    83. I think the best option is whichever one will affect those who don’t mf-swap the least.

      Option 1 (which I think most of us will agree is by far the worst option) clearly affects people who have no interest in mf-swap.

      Options 2 and 3 don’t affect non-swappers too much. I voted for 2.

      Option 4 will hurt players who swap on the fly for tactical reasons. For example, a melee player might swap from dual wielding to a shield in particularly hard fights.

      Option 5 has the same problems as option 4, I think, at least with regards to those who don’t mf-swap.

      I do have another idea, though. How about we can only change gear in town? This does have the problem that tactical swapping will be difficult, but I think it will make mf-swapping so cumbersome that no one will do it. Or, maybe it will just make the most efficient method even less fun. If this was coupled with a reintroduction of a weapon swap, then tactical swappers would be covered. Also, basically everyone will get a hassle-free watered-down mf swap if they want it, but no one will bother with a full gear swap. Any thoughts on this?

      Edit: Oh yeah, just leaving mf as-is is fine too.

    84. If blizz are such cool guys, why they haven’t put a 6 option that sound like this: “well, we are fuked by vivendi and can’t do a thing about this situation but plz,plz fan people, forgive us for being to greedy bastards”

      SOLVED !

    85. Nice idea, SnickerSnack!

      Although I still don’t get it why they don’t just leave the system as it is or implement a gear switch button.

      If people don’t enjoy gear swapping mid-fight (god knows I for sure won’t do it in HC), then they can simply leave it be, can’t they? Why should they feel cheated to those who do gear swapping? If it’s more fun for them, then be it that way…

    86. I think much of the groaning surrounding MF ultimately has more to do with lack of drop chances, and lackluster pre-60 gear. I’m absolutely against buffing Legendaries as end-game gear (did anyone actually enjoy 8 chars in every d2 game wearing some combo of the same 10 uniques?), but increased base drop rates on high end loot in Inferno, and seriously buffed (and here’s where the legendaries come in) 1-59 loot is the real solution in my mind.

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