Did you ever wonder about how a DiabloWikiSorceress calls forth her Lightning Bolts, or how a DiabloWikiTown Portal really works? We have gone through a massive amount of lore concerning Magic, spells, casting, planes, schools of magic and a lot of other things. While there really has been no place where you could get this info in a nice and summarised form before, we sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading about all the things that are magical in DiabloWikiSanctuary. We present:

    • The Massive Magic Mayhem Guide!

    There are also a few related pages made or updated for the DiabloWikiMagic article, and several articles that will soon be available, that gives a more detailed picture of different types of magic. The difference between Holy magic and Demonic magic, or even Primal and Elemental can still be explained even further, and such a natural thing as mana still needs to be added. The overwhelming majority of information gathered came from the DiabloWikiDiablo I Manual, the DiabloWikiDiablo II Manual and the DiabloWikiDiablo II: Lord of Destruction Manual, which is still quite accurate, besides a few details and the counting of years. We also updated sections in the manuals with navigational links, so if you ever missed getting a manual with your game, check them out as well. Below are the DiabloWikimagic-related articles that also have had different recent updates:

    And another two more that are slightly related, in terms of actual Diablo 3 gameplay:

    I hope you haven’t missed our latest few other massive Diablo guides that has come out in the last week or two, made by contributors to the Diablo 3 Wiki:

    You can also see a lot of other game terms and other updates in the last weeks DiabloWiki update. So far this week, we have had updates from Widus, Asteria, Mrguy, RedSky, Jeda, Milkman and IchiroMihara (besides a few talk page questions by new users.

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